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  1. Does the game load .dds textures now? I'd have converted them myself if I knew.
  2. These should be updated now (run on liquidfuel only, changed heat stats), let me know if I've done something wrong. New engine and heat systems are new to me obviously. The new heat system really messes with the thermal animations, I'll try and take a look at improving them but it'll be a while. I recently reformatted my PC and all my old project files are all scattered and disorganised.
  3. Kommitz

    [20/11/2014][0.25] FTmN Atomic Rockets

    Oh dear, what's happening in here? I'll give the new part configs a look and see about rebalancing everything. I have otherwise been distracted by modding different games, so hi after however many months it's been.
  4. Kommitz

    Nuclear Rockets [WIP]

    Time for some necromancy. This is just playing around with an idea I had (and not really important enough for the actual thread), but I thought I'd let you bask in the warm, radioactive glow: Failure states! Mostly meltdown themed, I think nuclear engines could really do with soem focus on their risks and unique properties past just having great Isp. Maybe I'll look to contracting a plugin dev one day.
  5. Kommitz

    So are you practicing "Pointy Rockets"?

    You'll probably have to look more to real designs for inspiration, but that's not necessarily going to mean you'll have to scale things down; there are some fantastically huge Russian concepts around. http://andegraf.com/rockets/rus_never.htm
  6. Best planet pack I've used so far (I'm actually keeping it installed!). It all looks so nice. Plans for an Iapetus styled moon at all?
  7. Take a look at this, you'll need to get familiar with the edgesplit modifier to get your meshes looking right. The shader isn't the issue for your parts at the moment: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Edge_Split The reason the top image has incorrect shading is that your part is being smoothed as a whole, and that simply doesn't work very well when there are right angles involved (from the sides to the top).
  8. Kommitz

    [20/11/2014][0.25] FTmN Atomic Rockets

    I'm just sorting out some switchable baseplates for these (when I'm working on them...), using Firespitter of course. So I should be able to offer a 1.875m option easily enough :>
  9. The 4N is 3.75m, 2N is 2.5m.
  10. Simple parts that do what you'd expect; work like multiple LV-N style engines but conveniently stuck together as one part. Update to an old engine I made years ago. LV-4N: 3.75m, 280 thrust, 185-800 Isp. LV-2N: 2.5m, 130 thrust, 185-800 Isp. All rights reserved.
  11. Procedural parts is a fairly niche mod to begin with, I wouldn't be surprised at a muted response to addons for it. Plenty of mods fly under the radar. Not too sure about the forum being 'weird' though, on the contrary people generally seem to be helpful and friendly with other modders.
  12. Kommitz

    A.M.U.R.E Pod

    If you're still running into problems later you could post an image of the wireframe, it does just look like a weird smoothing behaviour so it should be easy enough to fix. Also are you using a normalmap?
  13. Kommitz

    Yamato Online KSP MMORPG

    Hello! We love ideas guys here so much that there's a subforum dedicated to hosting your great ideas! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forums/19-General-Add-on-Affairs Try posting there instead! This subforum is generally dedicated to stuff that is being made!
  14. Kommitz

    [25/03/2014] Octagonal Truss Set

    This is actually a completely different set of parts, but the tri-heaxgonal set was cool too.
  15. Kommitz

    [1.1] RLA Stockalike 13.4 [25 Apr]

    Hmm, pointed 3.75m tip and flared base suggests a buttload of large rocket parts. Are you trying to penetrate KWs rocketry monopoly?