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  1. can i recomend makeing a two meter one for the people to launch it by rocket first people is going to ask at some point. thanks for reading my post
  2. that makes sense thanks for that feed back and i agree on the rainfall thing
  3. The quality of your models are out standing, easy mix and match, not overpowerd and fun
  4. Are the parts mix and mached to make rockets of ones imagination
  5. I like the modaling you did with the cargo shuttle but there are some bugs need fixing and some thing that need changeing. 1. The fairings think there stack decouplers and decouple like them 2. Can you make the main engine unit not a pod please but an engine please 3. can you scale it up se you can fit 2.5m parts with room to spare for solar panels please Im not trying to be mean i'm only makeing sergestions to make it a bit more playable thanks
  6. The Joolian Colony Project Anounced by Jool Corp included flags for the diffrent fractions created in Hello Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Princess Venus and this is the Jool Colony Project. What does it mean? This is my attempt to create what NASA calls Fractions for different missions type (in this i mean different celestial bodies) it's not for competition it's for fun and to test your teamwork capability’s and to show your building skills working with other designs from someone else. Best of all I’ll put you in the game with the crew manifest plugging and its going to be a kick starter for my cooperation also we decide on what mods we could choose as any cooperation would do. Ill include some flags for each moon and the cooperation flag. Ill start on a application forum for joining so I can get to know you a bit better Aplication Forum Here
  7. happy to say mechjeb compatability is a go it works so mechje users of 2.0.8 or 2.0.0 or in the middle it works so enjoy his wonderfull mod and stay lucky