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  1. I didn't know today was thanksgiving?
  2. No, it's not. Mainly because it's not a picture. And it isn't upside down. If anything, it's sideways.
  3. Buy it from KSP.com. It gets more money to the devs. However, I do recommend that you then get a steam key and get the game on steam afterwards, because autoupdate ftw.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_gravitational_parameter "The value for the Sun is called the heliocentric gravitational constant or geopotential of the sun and equals 1.32712440018×1020 m3s−2." I don't know what this equals for kerbol, but I guess that would be the keocentric gravitational constant.
  5. You can't do this even with the regular version. The best you can do is keep backups of old versions.
  6. Fine, I'll admit it. It may have been a *bit* broken, and I *may* have said otherwise. But in my defense, I never make particularly unstable rockets. >.> <.< >.>
  7. I skipped about 30 pages because I didn't feel like reading this all the way. However, I did some testing and I can assure you that, as long as you add a few reaction wheels, the system works just fine. It has four reaction wheels, but that's because it's asymetrical. If it was symetrical, the pod's SAS would have sufficed. If SAS was off, that rocket would work more like a ferris wheel.... A downward going ferris wheel. Apologies for the big picture by the way.
  8. I think KSP updates are going to become the new HL3
  9. I always just thought of the orberth effect as this: When you're firing prograde, you're increasing your altitude in the opposite point of your orbit. Therefore you're not increasing it anywhere else, increasing the efficiency. If you do it at the periapsis, since you're increasing what is already the highest point, it becomes even more effective because you,re not needing to go that extra mile per hour to increase up to the apoapsis. However, if you pointed, say, away from the barycenter, you'd be increasing your orbit more uniformly, thus not increasing it nearly as much as if you'd just spe
  10. An okay player is someone whose launches don't crash or malfunction. A pro player is someone whose launchers always malfunctions, but they find a way to make it work anyway.
  11. 2.0? Bro, this isn't 2018 yet. I'm pretty sure you mean 0.20.
  12. Maybe the devs are actually kerbals from kerbin who are here in a secret quest to find out how humans would react to the kerbal race: if we were to kill them, they'll obliterate us. If we were to treat them well, they shall share their morphing and FTL secrets with us. If my theory's correct, the human race is a goner,
  13. I live in offensive and I find this message Rural Kentucky.
  14. They're probably gonna be a hecka lot more useful on career mode. The main reason NASA uses those is because they're cheaper to make than liquid fuel boosters. So you can expect these to cost like 100 of whatever the currency is while liquid boosters (fuel+engine) might cost up to 1K.
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