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  1. Lifeforce87

    Opt-in Prerelease for 1.1!

    Go to you Steam KSP installation, right click on it - properties - betas - select 1.1 which isn't out yet
  2. You don't need a expensive motherboard. Just aim for one that you can afford wich has enough USB / PCI-e slots and a socket that fits your CPU. Speed comes from the CPU / GPU and the ram. Not the motherboard. Edit: And look at things like "Asus PRO GAMING or Asrock EXTREME bla bla. These words are just marketing tricks. Even a 50$ motherboard can be pretty damn good.
  3. Lifeforce87

    Opt-in Prerelease for 1.1!

    Thats why i've got a copy on Steam and the store
  4. Lifeforce87

    How to have two KSP saves, one modded and one stock

    Just make a copy of your KSP folder and download it agan via Steam. - - - Updated - - - It should be located under C:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/kerbal space program
  5. Lifeforce87

    What kind of Hardware do you use to run KSP

    CPU: i7 5820k @6x4,4ghz GPU: Zotac GTX 780 RAM: 4x DDR4-2400 4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 DIMM CL16 Quadchannel Board: ASRock X99 Extreme6 SSD: Samsung SSD 840 evo 128GB HDD: 4TB Seagate SSHDD
  6. Lifeforce87

    You guys are epic

    This is indeed the nicest community i know. Just look at our friendly nightboarhood mod, i've never seen such a chilled moderator on any other community.
  7. Lifeforce87

    Multi thread

    Okay, a overpriced laptop ^^ But seriously, please check your CPU and maybe also your GPU temperature.
  8. Lifeforce87

    Multi thread

    Could you please download "Coretemp" and tell me your CPU temperature while idling and while on maximum load? For stresstesting i would recommend "Prime95", and yes, booth programs are free. I have a feeling that your thermal paste is too old or not correctly applied. Greetings Lifeforce87
  9. Lifeforce87

    Is KSP the greatest video game ever made?

    The best game ever made? No, thats Homeworld 1 for me. Sure, KSP is awesome, but it would be much better with unity 5 and physx 3.3.
  10. Lifeforce87

    new control surfaces weirdness

    I don't see any problems there.
  11. Lifeforce87

    How long you play KSP i mean the version

    0.13 here, and still every update gets me back playing for some months!
  12. Is this caused by a mod, or is it an easter egg?******* Today i found this when iv'e entered the tracking station. Could anybody explain what this is?
  13. Lifeforce87

    What would you want in the next update (0.90)?

    This + Oculus Rift support would be soooo awesome!
  14. Lifeforce87

    .25 x64 "unstable" thread?

    I' using the x64 version with FAR, Texture Replacer, Real Solar Systems, Kerbal Joint Reinforcements, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Interstellar, Chatterer, ModuleManager.2.4.5, New skybox, Kerbinside Full, USI Exploration Pack, Treeloader and Rasterprop Monitor, and it all works fine for me. I only had some startup crashes when using Debrefund or Trajectories.