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  1. Idont understand why ppl dont just use BDA, the stock exuses for weapons are so ugly and laughable.
  2. All my spacecraft are named either rocket1, car1 or plane1 (numbers my vary), or Untitled spacecraft.
  3. I Didnt use Mechjeb for years, got used to do everything manualy and never expected to use it again. I thought that KSP withot MJ is more fun, i was wrong. I just installed MJ day before yesteday, because my daughter had troubles to fall asleep and only slept when i held her, wich meant that i had only one hand free for playing the bloody game, so i was not able to steer the rockets, and i just decidet to keep MJ. It is much more enjoyable when i dont have to steer every ship manualy. So THANK YOU MJ DEVELOPERS.
  4. Ok played a bit with the new DLC, and.... Is it really a DLC ? And the price, isnt it bit high for what it offers? It is just few new parts, and mission creator tool that does not even work with career mode. I dont complain, i got the DLC for free, so no harm done, but paying customer might be a bit upset. For the pricetag i see on steam, i would expect something like All the Near Future mods + Firespitter, combined (+ the mission creator if you want, but i dont see the point of the mission creator).
  5. I tried DMP with some blokes i met on the internet, i wasnt impressed. DMP is full of issues. For example you cant see other players vessel on launchpad untill he lauches, and then you start seeing it when it is about 100m above the LP, i usualy saw other players craft exploding while they reported they are ascending ok, docking two payer wessels was imposible cause each see the crafts oriented differently, etc.
  6. 2-5 player coop, only admin can timewarp, timewarp aplies to all. Then ill buy a new copy of KSP for my wife, and we´ll play together. Happines ensured.
  7. DMP mod was in the friends folder copy. Anyway, the problem is solved, it was a mistake on the server side. It is customized dedicated server hosted by 3rd party, and they have no knowledge about KSP or DMP.
  8. Hi i cannot connect to friends server how i set up the ksp for DMP : 1. uninstal ksp from pc 2. make steam instal KSP again 3. copy KSP folder from steam 4.paste copy of KSP folder to another folder in the same disk 5. rename the ksp folder to "Kerbal Spaceporgram Multiplayer" 6. download copy of friends gamedata folder so we have exactly same mods 7. paste the contents of friends gamedata folder to my gamedata folder 8. run KSP 64bit 9. try to connect to the server 10: this:
  9. Oh i thought that this is thread for wishes and speculations. I wasnt informed that wishes that are not aproved by Codraroll are not alowed. Please accept my sincere apologies, i will be more cautious next time. And 90% of players? wow! Seems like i missed something as iam not aware of any survey that would try to find what percentage of players prefere what kind of gameplay, and most people i know actualy want lifesupport and the other pesky realism things in the game. But then i probably know the wrong people. Again my sincere apologies.
  10. I wish for proper Lifesupport. With food, water, oxigen, radiation, waste, co2, heat/cold etc. Also proper heat management. I have lot of satelites, spacestation on LKO, surface base on the mun, and i never had to use a single radiator. I also wish for FPS wiev in EVA, and bigger zoom in map view. Setting precise landing of new modules for my munbase is impossible when i cant zoom close enough to see where the hell am i gong to land. Oh, and Helicopter and BOAT parts. I know i can build from stock parts, and i use some mods for this, but so far even the best stock helicopters a
  11. Hi I have folowing problems: 1.st Game freezes almost every time i click on any Antena/dish in Comm catalogue in SPH/VAB 2.nd All my Craft keep "rocking" (or wobling?) along the long axis when SAS and RCS turned on, wich vastes lot of monopropelant, and makes precise landings very hard. When i turn sas or rcs or both off, the craft just spins slowly. Unfocused crafts are spinning. Wich makes docking really interesting (in a bad way). it makes me constantly switch betveen two crafts while docking, to keep the crafts docking ports at least somehow aligned. 3.rd Sometimes i lo
  12. As streetwind said. You guys doing somthing wrong. I did seven randevouses, and five dockings yesterday building my orbital station, and the autoswitch came every time just the time i needed it.
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