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  1. So sorry for posting that if it was already posted. I did go through the recent pages and only found the different-color-waves bug. I will try disabling edge highlighting. EDIT: No dice.
  2. ARGH. I installed this just to be met with this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=567909012 I'm running an AMD r9 280x LC, AMD fx 8350, tried in both dx9 and dx11. What might be causing this?
  3. Please, check the last post date before replying. Moderator, close thread?
  4. EDIT: Ignore this, I hadn't read the entire thread. I'm becoming one of those people.
  5. You've probably forgotten to divide by 20.
  6. Sandbox does all those things already.
  7. can confirm that's hotrockets messing that up.
  8. Move the COL back. Fuel has weight, and thus the COM shifts, changing the relative position of the COM to the COL. sometimes the COM will end up behind the COL because of this.
  9. What he's saying is wait until your mod is done to release it. Don't make an empty thread, wait a bit, then release it.
  10. I think you may have switched up the words "vacuum" and "atmosphere" there, joe. Good job, though!
  11. May I enter with AJE installed? It modifies the stock jets, using NASA's enginesim algorithm.
  12. Hello, forum users. I have started developement on a plugin that will allow you to have motors, engines and other mechanical devices. The system they will be using is simple: a few wheels feed off an engine/motor, which feeds off of a power source. This engine has a resource named "BHP" which, of course, dictates the power of the wheels. Different engines have different BHP levels. The wheels all feed off of this BHP, reducing the output per wheel with each additional wheel. ex: 4 wheels will have twice the power per wheel, but not nescessarily the same grip. I also want to accomplish wheels that have grip values, like infinitedice's ICE mod. Now, here's the tricky part: I am completely inexperienced with C#, C or even C++. I could probably figure it out given a bit of help, though.
  13. Well, once upon a time, as a 9 year old, I found this game called "Roblox". Being 9, it was quite appealing. I wanted to make an account. I decided my username should be something "cool", like jet. I enter jet in the username box. It's already in use, of course. I try again with jetter. Still in use. Maybe if I put two "x"es on the ends? that worked and I would up with my screen name. I've been using it ever since.
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