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  1. Can anyone link me the kethane mod for the current update, i cannot seem to find it.
  2. First look at a new planet[ATTACH=CONFIG]33269[/ATTACH]At Jool before ever seeing Minmus[ATTACH=CONFIG]33270[/ATTACH]
  3. With 0.17 on the horizon i am just curious as to what planet you are aiming to land on or orbit first?
  4. I have only recently started playing KSP and i am really enjoying it. I was wondering, having watched many youtube videos with differences, is there a better launch profile that is very fuel efficient. I guess it probably changes depending on your destination but generally what is most fuel efficient way to launch a rocket if say you are heading to the mun. (At what altitude do you begin a slight gravity turn? When do you turn completely parallel to kerbin and other such things.
  5. I have a problem that when i launch my rockets and have the SAS turned on it is as if it is not doing anything and even when its on and i manually try to orient the rocket is moves as if the sas is off. I don't know how to fix it, i have added an advanced sas module as well as having no sas module at all and i still get the same results, anyone know what im doing wrong, help would be much appreciated.