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  1. Would you be able to reference documentation for configs, or provide an example at all? The bare metal look could be quite good for the Apollo CM itself.
  2. Any progress relating to BDB in Colours? Apologies if this seems naggy
  3. @Barzon Kerman The National Space Center in Leicester, a fantastic place (if a bit small compared to museums elsewhere) Upon returning home from the museum that night, I crafted this (7K-OK) in game thanks to Beale and @Drakenex's fantastic Tantares in Colours... should probably put 'em all up for public download sometime...
  4. Interestingly I've been trying to do an empirical analysis on this using a mean average of the ratios of real life to Kerbal, applied to most BDB crafts and multiple of Tantares crafts; 4.375 would indeed be the approximate scale, with only 1.40% error, Titan II GLV is currently the winner at only 0.25% error If anyone wants to see my working, it is visible on a Google Sheets document
  5. For when you want an Atlas LV-3C but in Soviet glory...
  6. Getting this to work in RSS (or any variations) seems to be a struggle, especially if using KSCSwitcher... I'm having large incompatibilities on 1.6.1 and Quarter-RSS and I think it's due to the PQS map deformities. Beside that, I'm having to use the KK editor to reposition a bunch of the assets such that they aren't lying in the Atlantic.
  7. Seeing that the engine for the Europa 1 rocket from ETS (Blue Streak IRL) has been produced, are there any plans to produce the parts for the rest of the ETS Europa series of rockets?
  8. Perfect timing to see this: I put on Public Service Broadcasting's song Sputnik, get an urge to launch sputnik, so I proceed to check the forums to look for the R7 launcher files, and what's the first thing I see? Looks beautiful; what part have you used for the satellite itself?
  9. I have placed the asset down and set it as a launchpad, but when I am in the VAB and I select the LC-40 and proceed to launch, the vessel loads on the Squad launchpad. Any help please?
  10. @TiktaalikDreaming's MEM lander is a bit too part intensive for my liking, so I prefer @Angel-125's somewhat more stockalike DSEV MEM-style lander.
  11. I don't suppose you have any partsto resemble TESS? Would be quite nice to play with it right now...
  12. I do not know whether this has been mentioned or not so apologies if it has. I am noticing that the bluey effect transitions to a slighlty more orange/yellow effect at an altitude of 100km. Is this intentional or not, as it somewhat looks a little off?