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  1. Perfect timing to see this: I put on Public Service Broadcasting's song Sputnik, get an urge to launch sputnik, so I proceed to check the forums to look for the R7 launcher files, and what's the first thing I see? Looks beautiful; what part have you used for the satellite itself?
  2. I have placed the asset down and set it as a launchpad, but when I am in the VAB and I select the LC-40 and proceed to launch, the vessel loads on the Squad launchpad. Any help please?
  3. @TiktaalikDreaming's MEM lander is a bit too part intensive for my liking, so I prefer @Angel-125's somewhat more stockalike DSEV MEM-style lander.
  4. I don't suppose you have any partsto resemble TESS? Would be quite nice to play with it right now...
  5. I do not know whether this has been mentioned or not so apologies if it has. I am noticing that the bluey effect transitions to a slighlty more orange/yellow effect at an altitude of 100km. Is this intentional or not, as it somewhat looks a little off?
  6. I'm literally checking every hour to see if this is released yet. I cannot wait to play with these parts. You inspired me to design something of my own;
  7. Thank you, I had a peep at it for the basics but most of it was already under my belt. Didn't stop me from making a spreadsheet to do all the effort for me though....
  8. Since I play a lot with TAC and I would like some support I may make a config for it.
  9. wallum61

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    I tried bunging it into my current mod compliation but it appears not to work. I shall test it with SSRSS and RSS and let you know, but with QSRSS and SSRSS it would be a very nice analog to Centauri.
  10. wallum61

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Apologies if this has already been asked, or if it seems a (very) stupid question, but does this work with any versions of scaled RSS, or any ideas on how to make that be a thing?
  11. You're changing. Becoming... one of... them.
  12. Indeed, I've played with his parts before on many a time, but this particular example was a timeline of my own thought, one not quite as divergent as ETS, hence the Spacelab I was referring to was indeed the ETS one.
  13. MET: 00:01:32:25.36 UT: 03:40:51, 27/09/1988 Shuttlelab Expedition 01 Following the cutbacks of the Apollo Applications Program and the cancelled Spacelab, Gerald Ford's ambitious Space Shuttle program speared the development of space exploration in Low-Kerbin-Orbit and Near-Kerbin-Orbit. The Cancelled Spacelab hardware was hence appropriated into the quickly conceived Shuttlelab, using the AAP technology combined with STS engineering to develop the Shuttle-C; an unmanned launch stack. Shuttlelab is expected to provide a new era for science in micro-gravity and provide the ability to develop skills necessary for orbital construction and ISRU technologies. Shuttle parts by the amazing @Pak Spacelab parts by the dazzling @CobaltWolf