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  1. I was tinkering other day and the Universal Storage parts work very well for a Block III SM, especially since there are dedicated Apollo style textures
  2. Hey Just asking a little bit of a question; shoot me down if daft or previously asked... Given the new stock "magnetometer report" experiment, are there plans to convert all previous "magnetometer scan" (bd_magScan) experiments to the stock experiment? Cheers in advance
  3. Any word on those configs or

    1. wallum61


      Coincidentally, I'm about to push them to my github now;


      The main thing to note is that the patches are in a relatively early alpha, generally all-round. Out of interest, are you playing on stock kerbalism?

    2. Starslinger999


      Im playing kerbalism with restock and PET with some other mods not any modded planets or anythin

  4. Hey I'm working on a custom patch for my own playstyle to add in the MOLE experiments, in particular those that are added to "payload" parts via the manifest. Looking at the experiment definitions, there are "requiredPart"'s such as the M.O.L.E. or the Bigby OW. I'm wondering if there is a simple way to add (for example) the Skylab OW from (BDB) or Tantares labs to the required parts list? Could a ModuleManager patch like below work?
  5. Yes. Edit the LaunchSites.cfg within the RealSolarSystem folder. The syntax is pretty straightforward.
  6. Something weird I am noticing on 1.11.1 using V1.5.2; The RP-1 administration box does not open when in a Sandbox gamemode. I stripped everything out bar the essentials, and the box simply doesnt appear when clicked. In Career, it looks fine, but for a "dont worry about money or science but just play as you want with stuff like LS and Admin" playthrough, a bit problematic.
  7. This is certainly an incredible feat of science in the public! I wish you luck at you AMS conference! Regarding the ~220 mods you tested with; is there a list such that we can ensured drag-the-files compatibility?
  8. Hey Various Delta2 parts are not showing up for me in the parts list, such as fuel tanks or the RS27 engine. I can load vessels with the said included parts, but not utilise the parts in new designs. I looked in the part configs and noticed that the category for various of the parts is "none". Not sure if I missed something but is there any particular reason for this? Cheers
  9. Likely may just be a problem with my extensive mod setup, but when flying the Skylon craft provided in the download, along with FAR and KJR on a 0.27xRSS setup, the fuselage wobbles longitudinally. Just wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem?
  10. There is an even quicker fix. Use Notepad++ and open all the craft files at once. Do a find and replace for "version = 1.10.1" (or whatever versions happen to be there) and replace with "version = 1.8.1". There is a button for 'find and replace for all open documents'. Much easier to resolve version incompatibilities.
  11. No worries Unfortunately, is that related to a current problem I'm having? I had a recent build (from just before the Blok D revamp, and when I get the most recent master build, no fuel tanks/engines show up?
  12. Will you be releasing an absolute last version for <1.10 (featuring the revamped N1 parts)?
  13. Sorry for the long reply; I been dev'ing a test config, and success! (so far). It seems to be working okay; I'll test it some more then I'll publish the files and fixes to make compatible for RSS
  14. Mods needed are standard setup for a base RSS installation, the versions I'm using are as follows; Kopernicus 1.8.1-1, RSS-18.0 and RSS-Textures (res doesn't matter), then bung CNC in as well. My GameData folder then looks like this: Inside of the CNC folder, my config file is used. I have tested it both with and without the "RSS_CommNet_Stations.cfg" in the RealSolarSystem folder. Cheers for providing assistance
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