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  1. Plyaing around with USI-LS; it appears that the Skylab parts nor the Apollo Block IV hab have support for USI. Is a compatibility patch planned, or would it be useful for me to create one for myself then share?
  2. It's nice to see BREXIT making more progress than Brexit. Or British space programs.
  3. I went to the Munich Air Museum a few weeks back and saw the beauty in real life... I did not expect to be playing spot the difference.
  4. I assume that with the upload of the Proton 2&3 stages, that the first stage is under development? With the mild incompatibility and duplicates of most parts, trying to separate the 2 for future use is very complicated.
  5. KScale2 16th April 2017

    I like how this mod is currently coming from the future..
  6. Distant object enhancement still appears to be bugged when working with Outer Planets Mod 1.6.5
  7. And then it goes boom.... I fear for the exploration teams of that star.
  8. Would it be possible for you to add textures for Astronomers Visual Pack? Otherwise, nice work
  9. Bug report incoming. Well I hope it's a bug and not my incompetence. I have : OPM 1.5.2, and the 1K-2K textures Texture Replacer 2.2.5 AVP Interstellar Distant Object Enhancement 1.5.2 When I have a satellite in orbit, occasionally, at every point in an orbit, the skybox re-appears to full visibility when looking at the sun. This doesnt occur when OPM is not in. If more information is needed, I can provide.
  10. I have modelled my part and done all the texturing, but I have now got to the bit where i wanna customise my part, so how do I go about adding a crew hatch?
  11. (WIP) (Big Images!) Genoyian Star System!

    when is the first releas gonna be then haha?
  12. (WIP) (Big Images!) Genoyian Star System!

    Excellent. And if I may suggest one feature which would be brilliant to add; Karbonite compatability. Either way looking forward to the first release.
  13. (WIP) (Big Images!) Genoyian Star System!

    It's looking good so far. When can we expect the first download?