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  1. You're changing. Becoming... one of... them.
  2. Indeed, I've played with his parts before on many a time, but this particular example was a timeline of my own thought, one not quite as divergent as ETS, hence the Spacelab I was referring to was indeed the ETS one.
  3. MET: 00:01:32:25.36 UT: 03:40:51, 27/09/1988 Shuttlelab Expedition 01 Following the cutbacks of the Apollo Applications Program and the cancelled Spacelab, Gerald Ford's ambitious Space Shuttle program speared the development of space exploration in Low-Kerbin-Orbit and Near-Kerbin-Orbit. The Cancelled Spacelab hardware was hence appropriated into the quickly conceived Shuttlelab, using the AAP technology combined with STS engineering to develop the Shuttle-C; an unmanned launch stack. Shuttlelab is expected to provide a new era for science in micro-gravity and provide the ability to develop skills necessary for orbital construction and ISRU technologies. Shuttle parts by the amazing @Pak Spacelab parts by the dazzling @CobaltWolf
  4. Are any of the other engines appearing? What about the Saturn fuel tanks, etc?
  5. If you go onto the BDB Github, accessible in the original post and download the master file it contains the new parts that you can use in your saves. The wet workshop is a patch for the Skylab which has been released but the new parts are those designed for Apollo Venus Flyby; not yet released.
  6. When using the rescale.cfg it appears that the Skylab parts are not rescaled equally... I think I've amended the config on my rig; shall I fork it on GH? Another point is that the H-1C/D engines do not have enough thrust to take off. Yet again, I think I've added a relevant fix. See previous question.
  7. Any plans for the Voskhod module to be created in the stockalike style?
  8. Apologies for the false alarm; it turns out there was an incompatibility with Textures Unlimited it seems. I'll follow this up with the respective mods.
  9. I've also found another potential glitch/bug. .. the saturn petal adapter seems to collide with my CSM in any configuration. I've attempted to change the payload force, however this did not resolve the issue. I am running with the rescale config.
  10. Sorry, I should have probably mentioned that but yeah, I am running the rescale.cfg on SSRSS.
  11. Can anyone else verify if I am having an issue with the Saturn-IV command probe? When building the Saturn I, the part does not appear to the be the stated 2.5m that should fit inline with the fuel tanks; more in the region of 2.9m?
  12. Plyaing around with USI-LS; it appears that the Skylab parts nor the Apollo Block IV hab have support for USI. Is a compatibility patch planned, or would it be useful for me to create one for myself then share?
  13. Im interested in your builds too... could i get a PM too?
  14. Is the Ares vehicle the one from Baxter's Voyage?
  15. It's nice to see BREXIT making more progress than Brexit. Or British space programs.