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  1. Hmm, when I bought the game it was much different than it is today (version 0.16). I remember the connection joints were a lot weaker, which meant you had to use a lot of struts. So I was trying to build a rocket that did not shake itself apart after launching.
  2. Thanks guys! In case anyone else had this issue, here is the path to that folder: C:\ksp-win64-1.5.0\KSP_win64\GameData\Squad\ODeprecated
  3. Direct download zip file (not Steam), installed to it's own folder with no problem. The only change was using -popupwindow with the shortcut to launch the game. In the VAB all the new skins are appearing both in the parts list and when building a craft... except for the 1.25 diameter liquid fuel tanks. However, the FL-T400 skin variants DO appear, but no new skins for the FL-T100, FL-T200, FL-T800 tanks. It's no big deal for me, I just thought it was really odd... and it triggered my OCD
  4. Pi_

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    I definitely like testing stuff first, and building rockets that look like they'll fly in real life. But rational? Not so much.
  5. Pi_

    Good space station designs?

    Hmm, that seems like an invitation. If not, then don't click this link https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/164941-stock-iss-approximation-wip/
  6. Pi_

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Introducing KSP 2... now with multiplayer! Inb4 "Dude, there's a mod for that."
  7. Pi_

    Number of parts until yellow Timer

    Yes exactly. Sorry, I should have explained that better... instead of just saying "there is a pause when entering physics range". I took it for granted that players knew about physics not loading outside 2200 meters. And btw, if your rendezvous target has a high part count, try not to be in time warp as you cross that physics loading threshold. Sometimes off nominal things can happen.
  8. Pi_

    Number of parts until yellow Timer

    As I was building my ISS replica, when part count reached about 500 I began to see the MET clock digits flashing yellow... but mostly it was still green. I just checked the completed station in orbit, the game clock is steady yellow. The ratio is 10 seconds in game time to 12 seconds in real time. There is no gameplay lag while working at the station, like when docking a Soyuz or doing an EVA. However there is a noticeable pause on approach to rendezvous when entering physics range. KSP v1.4.1, no mods of any kind, all stock parts Part Count: 959 Computer: i7-4790 (non-K), 16GB DDR3 Ram, GTX 970 video card
  9. Yes I still have it. I actually loaded it up and took those pictures during my flight to the Mun.
  10. My first version was 0.16 (2012). Of course back then it wasn't on Steam, so I don't know how many hours I've got. I'm sure Das & EJ have more, but I've got... many. And since I don't use Steam, I've got nearly every patch release saved as a stand alone game. I hope Take Two doesn't implement DRM. Sorry for all these pix, I just wanted to share what early KSP was like. Kids these days, they don't know how good they've got it. Clicking Start Game took you directly to the Space Center. There was no option to load previous saves... no Save Game system at all. You could only do Quick Saves. Space Center: SPH, VAB, Launch Pad, Tracking Station. This was the only viewpoint, no ability to move the camera in this scene. Upgrading facilities was not a thing yet. Vehicle Assembly Building: You can see the launch pad through the door which is East... same as the current version. However back then, the default orientation of a new craft inside the VAB was dorsal side facing West instead of South. But when you went to the launch pad the dorsal side would automatically orient South like the current version. Space Plane Hangar: I didn't remember that the SPH was also labeled as VAB (see top of parts list panel). Btw, that first tab of parts was already selected by default when entering the VAB or SPH. Tracking Station: This image is interesting because of what it does not show. Hint... camera is fully zoomed out. Launch Pad: No flag pole, but check out that launch tower. It had no function, just eye candy. There were launch clamps in the game, they looked the same as today. And like the current version, rockets would launch fine without clamps. In case you can't read the Kerbal names, those are indeed our beloved Jeb, Bill, and Bob. Sorry Val, back then it was strictly a boys club. Mun Mission: The staging list displayed fuel draining for each individual fuel tank. So each of those 4 boosters had two tanks. When the first tank was empty, a new fuel indicator appeared for the next tank. Booster Jettison: I'm sure most of you have heard, back then the atmosphere model was very different. To get into orbit you had to go straight up to 10k altitude before starting your tilt to the East. If you tilted too soon, reaching orbit was a struggle. I am tilting to the East here, but there was no control authority for the roll... despite having SAS on. So you just had to ride it out. Reaching Orbit: The basics of getting into orbit was the same... push your Apoapsis above 70k, cut throttle and coast, start burning again at the Ap. Like I mentioned before, there were no upgrades. So you got patched conics right off the bat (blue trajectory line). But maneuver nodes were not yet in the game. Another quality of life feature not yet added... no right clicking the Ap & Pe to lock the display on screen. Notice on the navball, you'll see the pink "Y" marker for Anti Target. However there was no function yet to be able to set anything as target... like the Mun. Also concerning the navball, there were neither Normal/Anti Normal, nor Radial In/Out markers. Circularizing: Manual flight was very "exciting". To orient the ship, you first had to turn off SAS. If you left SAS on, pressing WASDQE did nothing. RCS was in the game, but we had little use for it as there was no docking function yet. Also missing from the game was any requirement for electric charge. Patched Conics: Yes we did have patched conics, but there was no option to display anything beyond the first encounter. So to see the predicted trajectory back to Kerbin, you first would have to get into the Mun's SOI. Obligatory Screenshot: No planting flags, EVA reports, surface samples or science of any kind. And of course there was no contract system. On the bright side, we did have jetpacks. False Reentry: So for this attempt I set my Periapsis at 33k, which in the current version is a safe altitude for reentering from Mun distance. However with the old atmosphere model it was not low enough. I skipped off and went back into space. Reentry heating FX were not yet added. Also no function for physical time warp (if you're below 70k time warp is disabled). The next attempt I set the Pe to 20k, which worked perfectly with no issues. Home Safe: Chutes were very forgiving back then. No worries that you were going too fast. There was no semi deployed state, or chute settings of any kind. You could stage the chutes 100 meters above the water (or land), and they would instantly be fully deployed. You can see above that during that first reentry attempt, Jeb as usual was having a great time. Bob was terrified, and Bill was in shock. I thought it was funny that as soon as I popped the chute, they were all in shock. So I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, as well as the partial list of game features we didn't have. But we sure had fun with what we did have.
  11. I was in the same boat for the Jebnik 1 portion of the mission. Not the part about a dV readout (because I've never used KER), but for sure the part about no Revert to VAB. My workaround was to make a hard save before entering the VAB. So after building the rocket and then launching, if the rocket needs changing you can reload the hard save and get back into the VAB.
  12. No, see... he was being facetious when he answered that guy. There won't be any extensions. And unfortunately, even if they did extend it another month, you would still miss it by eight months. June 2013, July 2013, August 2013, September 2013, October 2013, November 2013, December 2013, January 2014 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Of course, maybe you were also being facetious. In which case, never mind
  13. Pi_

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    Quick question, if a dV display was provided in the VAB, would not players still need to consult the "subway map" for it to have any meaning? I didn't see it in the OP, but I guess his idea is for the subway map to also be included somewhere in-game? Full disclosure: I'm one of those who started playing KSP in the old days (v0.16). Personally, I enjoyed the trial and error method... having to go back to the VAB and make changes to accomplish whatever mission I was attempting. Granted, I already had a basic understanding of how spaceflight worked, so that probably helped. Someone mentioned that the T & E method takes too long when dealing with bodies outside the Kebin system... which is a valid point. However, using what we used to call the cheat menu (Alt+F12) is great for jumping to a given body and testing a ship design. And yes, I get that you would still have to use time warp for testing the transfer stage, or multiple stages in the case of a grand tour type mission. But like I said, that is part of the fun for me personally. And as it turns out, as someone also previously mentioned, after playing a while the T & E method will pretty much teach you what you need to get a particualar payload to a particular location. Of course it comes down to what helps a given player get the most enjoyment out of the game. Or I should say, get the most enjoyment out of KSP... because it's really half game and half sim. So for those who want to make it as close to a full blown sim as possible, you should definitely install all the mods. I don't disparage anyone in the slightest for using as many mods as they want. But for me, stock-vanilla is great... and, I don't have to worry when a new patch comes out that my mods won't work.