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  1. No, thank YOU for all the work you've put into Tantares! I can legitimately say I wouldn't have played Kerbal nearly as much if it wasn't for your mod.
  2. Thanks for all of your hard work, Nertea! I love these little pods.
  3. This is what an in control landing looks like. I swear this is perfectly fine!
  4. When your orbital spacecraft is just the bare minimum: Only a few Tantares parts, but they add a nice touch!
  5. Out of curiosity, has anyone seen "Salyut 7: The True Story of the Soviet 'Apollo 13'"? It's a Russian film about the rescue of the Salyut-7 space station. It is highly dramatized, and definitely cares a political message. "True story" is a laughable claim; this is basically Soviet propaganda. That being said, it is dramatic and entertaining. Plus there are a lot of beautiful shots of Soviet space hardware, which is always a treat. If you've got some time over the holidays it's probably worth a watch, although be discerning and read about the actual mission as well: Salyut-7 on Amazon Prime.
  6. Something like a Soyuz 7K-VI Zvezda in Munar orbit: Thanks! And oh gosh, there's another thing I need to start doing again!
  7. I recently started playing Kerbal again after about a 2 year hiatus. Glad to see Tantares is still going strong! First thing I did was make a little space outpost:
  8. Beale, your D2 was great! A fantastic little interpretation of the spacecraft.
  9. Does this mean we finally get a stock Soyuz? I've been wanting that since 2011.
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