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  1. My personal KSP playlist is based mainly on the Cosmos and Stellaris soundtrack, along with works from Christopher Tin, Vangelis, Daft Punk, and other soundtracks/albums. Here's my playlist along with one called Space Themed Classical Music that I found while building mine.
  2. You have realize that the guy who said that "Laythe is Kerbin's ugly, poisonous, volcanic, and radioactive younger sister" is NovaSilisko, the dev that originally created Laythe, so that's what he had in mind when he created Laythe. So that said, Laythe is very volcanic and radioactive (it has to be if it wants to have liquid seas that far out from Kerbol), and also likely very poisonous to Kerbals.
  3. Well, for realism the obvious one would be Realism Overhaul, but there's also FAR, Remote Tech, Deadly Reentry, TAC Life Support, Real Fuels, and Kerbal Construction Time. For rocket parts there's AIES, Tantares, FASA, Near Future (more for advanced engines/power generation), KSO shuttle, US Probes Pack, and a bunch of other recreation parts packs. As for resources, the main mod now is Karbonite, but Kethane is still around. There are also mods such as KAS/KIS and MKS/OKS colonization that allow you to do more on the surface/EVA. And finally, there are also beautification mods such as EVE and Better Atmospheres that add such things as clouds and city lights. But all you need to do to find new mods is to just check the released add-ons section, they're all there.
  4. I highly doubt there will be a release for at least the next 2 weeks. After all, this is the 1.0 release, and Squad themselves have said that it'll take longer than usual due to bugfixing and assorted rounding out of different features. Putting any sort of rush on this would be illogical, and a mistake, on their part.
  5. Mechjeb's landing autopilot has the ability to predict landing and aerobrake trajectories (without activating the autopilot part).
  6. Actually, having four assembly bays (with 1 door each) allows more room for assembly. For example, they could set down the Shuttle SRM's on the launch platform/crawler in one bay while they take in and process the ET and Shuttle in the two other bays all at once. I can say firsthand, it's huge. Even looking up from ground level to the top can make you dizzy. Along with that, it's something like the 2nd largest interior space in the world, and was the largest for about 10-20 years after construction.
  7. The current stock launch clamps perform their jobs well, but they aren't aesthetically pleasing for me. Personally, I prefer something more like the FASA launch clamps- lots of umbilicals, piping, walkways, and trusses.
  8. It doesn't give you a single part solution, but Infernal Robotics has hinges that might help you with this.
  9. This is my first orbiting rocket from the .13.3 demo: And here's my first attempt at large planes from .15:
  10. Wow, this is actually really cool. Hopefully they'll update the rings from Better Atmospheres to use this.
  11. Here's the flag I've been using since .18: Imgur link due to large size. United Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Association I originally got the background image from somewhere else, I just put the "UKASA" and the bottom text on.
  12. This sounds like an epic idea for a mod. As for the smaller Kerbal missions, you could just display the highest priority position (Commander over Medic, Pilot over Scientist).
  13. Just change your patched conics settings if you want to correct it.
  14. I hope you can find an easy fix, otherwise I'm looking forward to it. Also, if it's no trouble, can we please have some pictures whenever possible?
  15. That's not a model, it's a special photography technique called tilt-shift. It basically makes real-world photos look like models.