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  1. Awesome! I realy think TAC needs some new models, and this look verry neat. Specialy the radial components look great! Only i noticed the flamable sign on the oxigen tank, shouldnt that be an oxidant sign?
  2. yup CS is an awesome amateur organization! even though they are "amateur"the keep deliver provisional looking products. and i hope that they do it again in today's test!
  3. I love this idea! To be honest, I think this is one of te most interesting idea i saw on this forum since KASjoint here back in 2012, im sure im going te folow this thread araud for awhile
  4. you are right, as is the rest. this capsule looks dangerous and without doing any math or test you can probably conclude that this isn't the best idea. but if you start looking a little bit closer you see that it's not only about getting someone into space with this, but learn from why not to. by actualy making and testing something radical you know why it doesn't work and how to make something that is worth trying next time. I think by doing what they are doing and how they are doing it, copenhagen suborbitals deserve respect, and definitely our support
  5. v1.1 update out now! added heat 1X hybrid rocked booster, and a decoupler that fits nicly
  6. I don't know how it is with the rest here, but i usualy do stuff for the jurnay, not the destination:D
  7. Sorry for the late reply, the storm that was raging europe has riped out my internet conection :l I dint make any progress with the plugin, bet as soon as i get my internet back, il be able to release the heat 1x
  8. for some good news in the mean time; here's the heat 1x in game! it is almost done, just tweaking it
  9. hello, I'f got no direct anser to your first question, but i suggest for general tutorials for blender and unity you can look on youtube. but for modding ksp and the way you use unity for it there are litle video's abaut it. for that you could look for forum treads. In order to use the animations that sqad mae you would need to extrackt them from the .MU files, wich is not verry effecient. here's a good tutorial for making emissif engines. for you last question it depends on how sufisticated your animation is. if you're just using solid seprate parts(like a hach) you could easely use unity. the only thing were i find unity akward to use is when animatng with bone's I think in general you could use blender beeter for that. to get animations into ksp, you can almost always use the CFG file. the only case that i can rhink of is when you want your animation to play at a certain event(eg if your part gets near the sun you want its color to chance). and last but not least, here is an list of usefull ksp modding tutorials, if you havent seen it jet.
  10. nope, i cant get my head araund it neither I gues we sould try to contact sfr himsel abaut it :/
  11. I did.t test that directly, but whis i replaced 'kspPosition' with part.transform.position' the IVA did show up like in the origonal, but again in the wrong place
  12. I runnign into the same problems as you, either the IVA works as espacted and the kerbal is not isible from the outside OR you can sea him but the IVA gets displaced. also i don't think the plugin spawns a kerbal, i suspec that it somehow makes it visible to the main camera's(wich are two, one for close range and one for far away)
  13. I updated the file, the .zip file size is now 1.3MB. it takes 13 MB on diskspace. aso the capsule is now orientated corectly.
  14. I think il do that, but firs im going to finish this + the heat 1X