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  1. kerby1883

    All craft from my Constellation mission vid

    So far my personal recreation is slowly getting there... my goal is to use *updated* parts and not the old parts. Some parts have been removed over time so I might have to make things work without certain things. This rebuild will be the most rewarding thing I have ever done on KSP! I want this to work so bad with the new parts out there. <3
  2. kerby1883

    All craft from my Constellation mission vid

    I vote +10000000 to have this pack updated to .24. I will make an attempt on my own to update it but cannot promise anything. I LOVE this video and idea. The best one I have seen ever!
  3. kerby1883

    SpaceX falcon 9

    Large Starships Facility is working on a detailed ISS replica. We are also building a dragon 9 system and will attempt to replicate this mission!
  4. kerby1883

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    This International Space Station replica is the product of the Large Starships Facility!
  5. kerby1883

    Apollo moon landings recreated in KSP...

    Major WOW factor achieved! Great work using your imagination in such a fantastic way. This Saturn V is THE real deal!
  6. kerby1883

    [STOCK] Worldship

    I believe it has to do with the fuel lines just by looking at it I will download the craft and check it out.
  7. kerby1883

    Space Station Prometheus

    Love your take on the Prometheus starship. I have a similar version that I was working on for a while and released today. > lol You can find it under the post called "Large Starships". Please don't take this as me stealing your thunder... you have an amazing ship too! I just wanted to share with you since your a great builder and we think large scale.
  8. <-- Confused Kerbalnaut. How are you connecting the large fuel structures? I don't see any couplers holding it unlike my design.
  9. You are one ship building master! If you need another large starship builder then let me know. I would love to work for 42i