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  1. Nice mod! Any chance of updating your mods to the last KSP update?
  2. Lovely! How did you make that lander? I’m still trying out the parts mechanics of this mod but love this mod Arthur’s work! Curious do you have a craft file for just the whole lander?
  3. Does anyone know how to activate the squadron mode in the mod called throttle controlled avionics? Like for formation flying with planes or replicating the Falcon heavy side boosters landing. Does anyone know how to activate that mode?
  4. How do you go about making winged fly back boosters? I know how to make SpaceX style first stages and want something new to try to do. That would be a cool challenge.
  5. Why does ascent Inclination change rapidly? For instance with vector engines it oscillates like crazy from equatorial to minmus plan. I can just change planes while in orbit or deal with the final inclination but for building stations it isn't fun.
  6. Eh What is the point of KSP? If someone tells you making shuttles or starships is useless or catching asteroids is also useless or reusable anything is useless in the game? I thought it was a sandbox. For me I do enjoy building with sensible rockets like launching station modules on smaller rockets and have some sorta crew craft of my "own" design. Some times I do like to do bonkers things like everyone else which is fun. What are peoples reasons for telling people that?
  7. True! Should I get a headset for webcam use instead? I imagine they would sound much better I presume. I’m wanting to give the multiplayer genre a try. Would I then need a headset with mic?
  8. Curious what would y’all recommend for a decent pair of gaming headphones? I’m looking for something with a decent build quality also I’m looking for something that is wired as Bluetooth isn’t quite there yet as well as I’m looking for something with good sound quality for the mic. Any recommendations for under 60$?
  9. Two questions: How do you use squadron mode to simulate the Falcon heavy style double side booster landings also how do you go about using the rendezvous mode to rendezvous with a selected target in orbit?
  10. Mechjeb overheats during ascent gravity turn is more of a effecent mod but mechjeb helps with rendezvous.
  11. Has anyone plan on making a expansion pack for the tundra exploration mod to include the Starship Munship? I’ve tried KerbalX stuff but they’re impractical as they use the fairing glitch and excessive parts clipping. Would be a cool edition to KSP specialally if it where modeled in the same asthetic and is compatible with the tundra super heavy.
  12. Does anyone know how to do a Mars Direct style mission to Duna? I'm just not into doing all in one Lander on bottom of craft like the Apollo style way of doing Interplanetary missions like YouTubers do. And I figured the Mars direct approach is the most minimalist way of doing it. So any good tutorials on how to do such missions? Also pics are for examples.
  13. Yes! Another space plane to check out! Would be cool if you could make a 2.5 adapter for the next release.
  14. Love the concept of the mod! One problem I encountered was when I try to register a docking port I can’t seem enter in my name for chosen docking port also it doesn’t highlight it. How do I mitigate that issue?
  15. I’ve seen his Tesla craft file, he has a link in his video for it.
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