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  1. Will at least you can do a sea dragon attempt. Ferrying the rocket out to sea.
  2. Is there a mod out or a mod being made that adds in a fully featured ocean launch site? Using kerbal konstructs & something similar to what SpaceX wants to do for their starship project.
  3. Is anyone working on a mod inspired bye the HL-20 lifting body? I’m looking for something stock alike in looks & stock characteristics. And am looking for something that I’ll fit 2.5m parts or at least I’m looking for a streamlined adapter that would fit on the 2.5m parts to the MK2 parts at the very least.
  4. Does anyone have any idea on how to build a starship/super heavy class vehicle with the breaking ground expansion? I don’t know how to emulate starships actuating speed brakes that actually works nor do I know what a good wing design is for those brakes nor how to do the back to back docking nor how to make a crew variant. I’m looking to attempt to make something like this for a next step after Apollo & shuttle recreations. I know of the tundra mod pack but it doesn’t nearly have enough cargo capacity though that pack renters how I like it to do so. ButI’m looking to do something with the big 3.5m or bigger making history tanks. I’m looking for tips/inspirations or possibly craft files.
  5. I want to see a SpaceX themed pack with Falcon 9 & Falcon heavy decouplers & crew dragon & nose cones for side boosters & of course starship in a KSP update. That’d be a cool update.
  6. How do you go about making a box wing craft Design? Sorta like the one from Star citizen I.e the Origin 3000. Am wanting to make a air breathing SSTO with that wing design. And curious how will do they fly?
  7. How do you go about wielding & bolting parts in KIS/KAS? And how do you go about assembling a rover via KIS/KAS as well?
  8. Are they’re any mods that add in different size crew compartments? That would be useful for making your own starship replica.
  9. Is they’re any chance the KSP shuttle mod could be revived? This mod hear.
  10. Is their any mods that add in scorch marks like what you see on the Falcon 9 & heavy when they reentering for landing. Just like the launch heat you also see on the delta heavy rockets etc.
  11. Would be cool to see a attachment point on the extending docking arm for a docking port.
  12. Thanks! I like tundras mod though I’ve had a hard time reentering his starship replica hoping for something slightly easy to fly.
  13. Nice mod! Was sorta disappointed that the craft didn’t come with exact actuating fins like the SpaceX starship was hoping to do its reentry's maybe possibly add that in the next update? Oh I’d love to have a craft save file so I can fly the craft already. Any way have a good week!
  14. Cool mod I specially like the Cygnus inspired craft! Oh have you thought of making.a SpaceX starship for your pack hence sorta inspired bye SpaceX with logos etc? Anyway hope you have a good week.
  15. Is their any mods out their that’ll give the island runway a paved runway & booster landing pads etc?