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  1. Cloakedwand72

    Crew R&R Mod?

    How does the Crew R&R Mod work? I've installed it the right way but no tool bar or pop up window's & nothing in the astronaut complex what's wrong?
  2. Cloakedwand72

    Between the gravity wells of Kerbin in the mun?

    Does pricipia work with kerbalisim? Also does it kill a laptop even a pretty good one with good ram & a good GPU?
  3. What's the altitude the vary edge of the orbit of the Mun when you leave Muns orbit also what's the absolute highest orbit around Kerbin? I want to do a L1 type station & I also want to do a binary thing but with space stations orbiting the Mun binary style is that efficient/viable?
  4. Any craft files for the Sobol SLS rocket & the variations?
  5. Why does Shadow works SLS Goes wonky during gravity turn auto pilot ascent & even with auto strut mod?
  6. Cloakedwand72

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    Cool! I don't like or have time for elitism. I had a very happy time on Kerbal groups!
  7. Cloakedwand72

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    Yeah does Squad & Take two have any thing to saw about hostile community's? I will stick to the reddit/YouTube/KSP official forums!
  8. Cloakedwand72

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    Yeah but folks should still respect ones politics & religion but gaming isn't a place to chit chat about that. True. Its hard to leave folks in the physical world though.
  9. Cloakedwand72

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    Has anyone had positive or negative energy from the some parts of the community on other KSP support & fan sites like this one on Facebook? Like on this group over at Facebook ? I've been kicked form the group with out reason several times & I asked one simple question then everyone attacked me no physical threats just lasted out at me all high & mighty.
  10. What's the best orbit for ships leaving the home world would I want to put the ship at the lowest possible orbit if it the TWR is around 1 or so? And would 115,000 miles orbit be the minimal for Stations & resupply outpost?
  11. Cloakedwand72

    Lunar lander mods?

    Would be cool to see a lunar lander parts mods in normal stock size KSP. Landers like these but that can fit into a 2.5m variety?
  12. Cloakedwand72

    Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator?

    Can you pls show me & are they small I need small parts & how do the servos work & arm joints are there good documentary's explaining this?
  13. Has any one made a Dextre robot arm part?
  14. Would love to see some ODST inspired personal drop pods & Pillar of Autumn Escape shuttle with a ISS Berthing port in a Black & white NASA paint scheme. or a Biconic capsule re-reentry capsule?
  15. Has anyone made a Lunar Lander out of the Gemini parts already in the KSP game?