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  1. Cloakedwand72

    Uploading Gameplay photos on the site?

    How do i upload Game-Play photo's on this site? Or is it like drag & drop like in Twitter or Facebook when you wanna show a sunrise from your camera roll?
  2. Cloakedwand72

    Avoid this facebook KSP Group.

    And use twitter. Agreed. It was they removed me & let me back several times i don't have time for toxicity.
  3. Cloakedwand72

    Avoid this facebook KSP Group.

    Avoid this KSP Facebook group I've been knocked out of the group This group isn't really a good Facebook group. Stick to these forums & Reddit.
  4. Cloakedwand72

    BFR three fin update?

    Can you mabye put it in tintin or planet express textures & cool! Does it do back to back refuiling still?
  5. Cloakedwand72

    BFR three fin update?

    Ok cool how does it fly with the actuating fins in the game? And should be a cool early virtual birthday present! Would their still be a cargo version & would you pls add the tanker version?
  6. Cloakedwand72

    BFR three fin update?

    Anyone working on a BFS Three fin two canard update?
  7. How do i launch these peaces on traditional rockets?
  8. Any Bahamuto Dynamics critter crawler updates?
  9. Why doesn't the critter crawler work in KSP 1.4.5 wanna send it instead of rovers.
  10. Cloakedwand72

    Simple construction update?

    Any Updates to Simple Construction maybe a little bit more contained but with launch able parts?
  11. Cloakedwand72

    Is multi-port docking casual nowadays?

    Something I wanna try in the future.
  12. Enjoy this parts pack bud. Any way you could look at adding multipart docking part mod into this stock-alike parts pack?
  13. Cloakedwand72

    Actual Time warp in VAB/SPH?

    Yeah. Agree.
  14. Is their a mod that combine's both Clamp-o-Tron Sr & Clamp-o-Tron Jr into one so I can dock a MK2 ship to a 2.5M fuel tank?