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  1. Why does Ckan sometimes say already running in instance even though its not?
  2. Why do the controls lock up sometimes even though you have no mods installed? Also it happens sometimes when I try to reach orbit even though I also don't have comm network requirement enabled. I sometimes can't close the game normally also & can't turn on the SAS buttons. And wondering if its something to do with the unity game engine or if I'm still missing something..
  3. Yes though its not updated. And not sure if theirs any balance issues with that mod on 1.7.3 of the game.
  4. Is anyone planning on working on a mod that adds in built in retro rockets in the stock command pod? That can be used for landing or as a escape mechanism.
  5. Will the new expansion be free for people who have making history & also bought the game in early access? Also what are the features of the Expansion? I briefly saw it on Steam news.
  6. I turn off the satellite network requirement & play the game as normal. After launch while its outta atmosphere it locks complete control of ship and game and I can't revert to VAB or SPH or main game screen why is that? This is happening in the new update.
  7. Cool I seen a tutorial on this on YouTube. Would mods like Transfer window planner work with features like this?
  8. Feature request: TD:LR Would love a feature where we can use mods that worked from 1.4.1 & 1.6.1 version of KSP to say Compatible. Specially for part's mods & utility mods.
  9. Ok. Sorry I thought I'd reply in comments rather than PM. I Just get confused with the quotes part on this forum format.
  10. Any chance of making a larger service module to fit this & the updated Linux guru gamer updated version of the capsule?
  11. Looks great! Btw the mod pack is missing some Inline parachute packs in the 2.5 & 3.5mm Variety.
  12. Cool. Thanks. Is the Delta V accurate? Do I need to plan it after i send a space ship in low orbit? Or can i pre plan my flight in the map window at the KSC?
  13. Nice. Sounds pretty much like what Transfer window planner used to do. Does Astrogator Integrate with kerbal alarm clock?