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  1. Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator?

    Can you pls show me & are they small I need small parts & how do the servos work & arm joints are there good documentary's explaining this?
  2. Has any one made a Dextre robot arm part?
  3. Would love to see some ODST inspired personal drop pods & Pillar of Autumn Escape shuttle with a ISS Berthing port in a Black & white NASA paint scheme. or a Biconic capsule re-reentry capsule?
  4. Has anyone made a Lunar Lander out of the Gemini parts already in the KSP game?
  5. How could I find a safe landing spot with Scan sat & select a landing spot with Mechanical Jeb? Like how can I find a target spot & make sure its flat be for I set up shop their?
  6. FlexCraft & in orbit support craft?

    Yeah exactly what I mean a whole new parts mod with compatibility with all three mods I mentioned.
  7. FlexCraft & in orbit support craft?

    I don't know how I go about making parts or mechanized stuff or coding.
  8. Would be cool to see someone make a Flex Craft with other on orbit construction support craft. Would also be cool to see one with Inferno robotics support also KIS/KAS & module manager support.
  9. Yes it is an interesting concept I would love to see a mod part for the BFR payload I just found another one like that that has a Mars ascent vehicle & hanger for a pressurized rover I would love to see parts like this thank you for continuing this mod.
  10. Cool I just used the BFR cargo to get a Duna Rover to Duna I just found a good use for the BFR cargo. I like the Modular system you had for the BFR Maybe could you please make other BFR concepts like this one
  11. CobraMRV.

    Could anyone please make a Cobra MRV I just found it in Nasa documents and thought it looked cool . It kind of looks like a scaled down version of the ITS fitted for the SLS?
  12. Hi everyone do you have any tips on how to make a proper multi stage rocket with out accidently making it into an SSTO with both squad stock parts & modded rocket parts?
  13. Spacedock?

    Its up and running for me now I thought the site was a goner like the space dock one a few years ago.
  14. Spacedock?

    Is KSP Space dock working or did it went the way of the Spaceport mod website?