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  1. Cloakedwand72

    [1.4.x] Transfer Window Planner v1.6.3.0 (March 18)

    Is the mod dead for the newer KSP Versions? I feel like its needed for interplanetary transfers & its good for telling when you need to go with Alarm clock & Delta V.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I'm sorta thinking of parts like a hollowed out nose 2.5m nose cone with cargo doors. Or some inline cargo delivery system that I can slap on my third stage of my rockets. And horizontal inline landing legs & engines.
  3. Cloakedwand72

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    Ok. Is it at least AVC compatible? And does this work with latest game version?
  4. Anyone know of any good payload mods that can help deliver a rover in a 2.5 or 3.5 size?
  5. Cloakedwand72

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    Any chance of uploading to Ckan?
  6. Any chance of adding this to Ckan 1.6.1? All the dependency's are updated & are on Ckan. Also how do you stage this?
  7. Where would they land? Wouldn't the pots or something be floating like oil rig escape pods?
  8. Agreed dude. Hope they put the hop test & re-entry test this year on Live stream for those who don't live in Texas. Cool that looks pretty Kerbal!
  9. Cloakedwand72

    Actuating fins.

    Any plugin that adds that feature into the default & modded wings so I can use wings as speed breaks?
  10. Do you think this 2018 version of the Space-X super heavy/Star ship would actually work out? And do y'all think their re-entry skydiver method would pan out? Or would've the 2017 version have been a better option?
  11. Nice! Is it on Ckan yet? Cool. What about the 2016 ITS design planning on working on that version? And how can I find the 2017 BFR? And how does the 2018 BFR Reentry work in the game? Is it a good explanation on how i'd reenter In real life?
  12. Any good places to stay near Kennedy space center? And Any good spots to watch the Atlas & Delta heavy & Falcon 9 & Heavy launches & landings? And also any good places in cocoa beach & also how do you get to PlayaLinda Beach? Like the place you see some people watch launches from? And how early should you arrive of manned launches or big rockets? And Where would be a good place to see a Dragon In flight abort test?
  13. Cloakedwand72

    SPELDA dual launch system

    Cool would this do good for a Apollo style but with satellite missions? Like a small refueler on top & a lander on bottom?
  14. Cloakedwand72

    SPELDA dual launch system

    Any chance of someone making a SPELDA dual launch system so I can launch two satellites at the same time? And would like to have one that can fit with in a 2.5m payload fairing. Or any tips on how to make one with stock parts?