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  1. Have you thought of placing a faring around the space plane or putting fins at the bottom?
  2. What are the reentry & flip instructions for the Tundra Aerospace StarShip mod? It’s virtually impossible to do the flip maneuver like how easy it looked to do in the YouTube videos with out it flat spinning. Any tips?
  3. Can you make a version that’s balanced for the stock solar system? So we don’t have to do back end confining with the mod? And am used to the stock solar system.
  4. Wow congrats on the release! Will be perfect for my possible career mode bundled with the Tundra Aerospace mod. Is your space plane mod balanced for the stock solar system & can you fit the jumbo max tank in the skylon?
  5. Have been enjoying using the venture star mod! Just two things why is their lack of control while orbiting? And also what should the fuel balance look like & reentry profile look like for this SSTO?
  6. Is their a mod that someone is making or has made something that resembles the NASA HL20 space plane lifting body vehicle?
  7. Is there any mods that add in the lander proposals from the Artemis program? Like a lunar landing version of starship & the dynetics Lunar lander & the blue origin lander.
  8. Thanks! That was a easy explanation. How do you get that colored slope map on other planets you seem to only get on Kerbin? And how do you find ore deposits with scansat also? Am thinking of doing a all in one probe mission to different planets when I get transfer windows.
  9. How do you find landing spots with scan sat mod on the planets & moons. Then how do you go about adding in the Coordinates into mech Jeb then auto land at said landing spots you want? Or at the very least how do you go about setting a waypoint via scan sat to selected landing location?
  10. Will stage recovery work just fine with out the dependency's installed?
  11. Will at least you can do a sea dragon attempt. Ferrying the rocket out to sea.
  12. Is there a mod out or a mod being made that adds in a fully featured ocean launch site? Using kerbal konstructs & something similar to what SpaceX wants to do for their starship project.
  13. Is anyone working on a mod inspired bye the HL-20 lifting body? I’m looking for something stock alike in looks & stock characteristics. And am looking for something that I’ll fit 2.5m parts or at least I’m looking for a streamlined adapter that would fit on the 2.5m parts to the MK2 parts at the very least.
  14. Does anyone have any idea on how to build a starship/super heavy class vehicle with the breaking ground expansion? I don’t know how to emulate starships actuating speed brakes that actually works nor do I know what a good wing design is for those brakes nor how to do the back to back docking nor how to make a crew variant. I’m looking to attempt to make something like this for a next step after Apollo & shuttle recreations. I know of the tundra mod pack but it doesn’t nearly have enough cargo capacity though that pack renters how I like it to do so. ButI’m looking to do something with the
  15. I want to see a SpaceX themed pack with Falcon 9 & Falcon heavy decouplers & crew dragon & nose cones for side boosters & of course starship in a KSP update. That’d be a cool update.
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