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  1. Yes! Another space plane to check out! Would be cool if you could make a 2.5 adapter for the next release.
  2. Love the concept of the mod! One problem I encountered was when I try to register a docking port I can’t seem enter in my name for chosen docking port also it doesn’t highlight it. How do I mitigate that issue?
  3. I’ve seen his Tesla craft file, he has a link in his video for it.
  4. Is there any mod that adds in a drivable Tesla roadster & or a Cyber truck? It’d be a cool way to bring kerbals to the pad with walk about mod combined.
  5. Has anyone or is anyone working on a space craft inspired by Lockheed martian star clipper? Similar to this clip on YouTube from orbiter 2016. Or at least a wrap around tank part pack that adds in a similar style wrap around tank? This looks far easier then a ‘Normal’ space shuttle.
  6. What’s the point with KSP again? I still have trouble creating shuttle like craft they all still keep flat spinning once they bleed off speed right after reentry. And yes I have big rear rudder & yes I still need a non SSTO style space plane for a mid 2000’s part of career mode play throughs. And no I don’t like using rockets for space station cargo or sending fuel tanks. Any tips on how to prevent this stuff? Also what’s the point in KSP if I can’t make a space plane? Also I hope aerodynamics improve in KSP 2.
  7. Yeah no problem it took me a while to figure out how to send pics. And I noticed how light the MK3 fuselage & how heavy my engine is. Should I switch to a vector engine or something similar? Also I can add some ore tanks in the front to balance this. And wondering if y’all have similar designs like this that I can barrow. And I’m pretty adamant when it comes to making stuff like this with cargo bays it just makes it realistic sending gravity rings or unity node modules or fuel tanks with something like this or traditional shuttles. Btw what should my tail section look like?
  8. Hear is my Space plane COM/COL fully fueled and not. Yeah and I'm still sure I want to make space planes. Only way to send up specialty modules with being rockets look silly bye doing so.
  9. I’d try to show you a a image of my space plane but imgur is being finicky with the copy & past of photos so I can’t until I figure that out. Wish the forums made it easy to show photos. Btw my col/com is near the rear.
  10. Love the starship themed parts been using them for a while! Btw is it possible for you to increase the payload inventory requirements to be allowed to carry bigger parts like the hitchhiker module & science lab & similar sized parts? To be able to build a base with KSP’s new update. Also btw it’d be somewhat realistic as that’s what SpaceX wants to do IRL.
  11. Why does my space planes always flat spin right during reentry? I've tried STS/Buran style designs also a MK3 robotic space plane with two side detachable boosters & it also flat spins. Any tips?
  12. Cool thanks! Oh btw will you eventually add in the National team & dynetics lander also?
  13. Can I use the stock air brakes to help simulate the sky diver maneuver? With out using the breaking ground robotic parts. And does the stock air brakes generate enough lift/drag for that?
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