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  1. Are hall sensor’s really needed for flight joysticks? That’s one of my deciding factors on a HOTAS.
  2. Any stick and throttle with a hall sensor? I’ve been too used with that on my old stick.
  3. Oh I heard lots of mixed things about this set up also https://youtu.be/2Alj15nyi3o.
  4. Curious how do the switches feel? Do they feel plasticy also thinking of the thrustmaster TWCS HOTAS. Also does the X56 have hall sensors?
  5. Nice might look at that setup! I’ve hear QC issues on Logitech brand but can not afford virpl etc. Also want something with hall sensors.
  6. Thinking of dipping my toes into the HOTAS would I do t want to spend several hundred on the Winwing or Virpl and Warthog sticks right yet. I’m a intermediate flight simmer I’m thinking of grabbing the X52 Logitech system and Maybe rudder pedals. I’m not interested in yokes as I enjoy flying helicopter’s also, Any recommendations?
  7. Can I successfully do the bellyflop landing with the starship expansion mod and also use a flyby wire and PID controller mod as well to do the bellyflop maneuver?
  8. Oh during the launch attempt is the LAS armed in case of rocket explosion during ascent?
  9. Thanks for clarifying it for me! I've read that about the SRB stuff. Oh off topic nice spaceships on your KSP images.
  10. If NASA misses out on the launch window on September 5th and October would they have to dismantle the whole rocket? If they do I think they should just use the falcon heavy for two lunar flyby’s and use other commercial rockets.
  11. Does anyone know what good size I could make for a duna rover and still keep it small enough I could fit under a lander? Also I want it to be crewed. Any tips?
  12. Just saw a faint trail of the second stage of crew-4 when they flew past Jacksonville! Curious why can’t I see the second stage plum with my naked eye but only my GoPro camera?
  13. I do want some mass in the front of the ship & when I mean explore I mean I can dock two of these things to a mother ship and transport them to planets and they would have a cargo bay for a rover or use the mining stock alike expansion mod for mk2 mining parts etc.
  14. Does anyone know how to make a good MK2 shuttle? With the COM in a good position. I want to make a well rounded exploration shuttle that can dock to a Joolian interplanetary ship etc.
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