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  1. That's what I'm planning on doing is focusing on my specs rather than the blinking lights. Also thanks for the good advice! Also is their any heating/temp problems with the Ryzen CPU's from what I read on the forums? Also do they work well with current gen Nvidia GPU's? Also I'm planning on going with a Ryzen 5 3600 current gen a long with a RTX 2060 or a GTX 1660 super or a RX 5700 series card I'm playing off the 900$ build list specs videos. Also do you know any good ordinarily mid tower or normal tower PC with out all the RGB stuff? That would fit normal sized parts & that would still be easy to work with & that has good air flow? Also what Motherboard & PSU would you recommend that can be bought on Amazon or Newegg?
  2. Yes I do play games sometimes. And am willing to spend between 800/1000$ but that’s it.
  3. All righty. Would B9 aerospace parts pack work with the new KSP version? Same with mods for 1.4.1 version of the game?
  4. Are gaming PC's worth getting into? Also are they're games that take advantage of the hardware modern PC's have?
  5. All right. Are parts mods & dependency's comparable with the latest version of the game?
  6. Any tips on how to make a piggy back air launch system like WK2 & Spaceship 1 does?
  7. Is their any mod that you can mirror a part of the vessel you like in the VAB so you can have a exact duplicate of it? Like how simple rockets 2 does it?
  8. Hi am wondering if their is any good space station parts pack for KSP 1.8.1? Specially for the American/ESA segments that are normal KSP stock scale.
  9. Have you used Routine Mission Manager & does it work for 1.8.1? Also how do you program a routine flight?
  10. Is their any mod for the current KSP Version. Where you can record a routine flight to Kerbin or Mun orbit for keeping a resource supply change going.
  11. AVC sometimes isn’t reliable when a you test a old mod & it says incompatible. But I like that AVC checks for stuff that needs updating. Also do all mods have a version file?
  12. I currently use CKAN to handle my mods & individual updates & dependencies. Though it has a few bugs that makes me uninstall KSP for a clean install. What do y'all recommend do it via CKAN or all manuals? And is their ways to keep track of mods that need updates other than CKAN?
  13. Does it fit the MK3 scale shuttle parts?