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  1. Cloakedwand72

    MK3 Inline landing legs?

    Yes it would! I will go to the MK3 Expansion pack dev & ask! I'd be perfect for rover landings!
  2. Cloakedwand72

    MK3 Inline landing legs?

    Any mod that adds in Inline landing legs for the MK3 size? SO you can land it on a planet like the USS, Voyager from Star trek?
  3. How do they actually assemble the rocket then attach the satellite/station or moon base module inside the fairings? Also how do they make multi stages like the Soyuz & Falcon heavy & The delta heavy> Any good documentaries on this subject? In KSP when you build the rover or space base it'd say attach payload hear on the Fairings. And any whom how would they do that if the payload had a rocket engine like the old lunar lander did? Would they use a berthing module for a space station?
  4. Cloakedwand72

    Transfer window planner mod?

    i think its a positive for me it keeps me occupied on mission component building then mission phase thinking then Hoffman transfer time. I like that it gives the Dv that I would need. Also can it plan conjunction class Duna short stay & EVE Fly bye missions?
  5. Cloakedwand72

    Transfer window planner mod?

    Any news on a Transfer window planner mod update? Also is astrogator a better alternative to Transfer window planner? Is it the same thing.
  6. Cloakedwand72

    Automated Forum Birthday Well Wishes Email

    I hope I get a Happy birthday notification I got mine from a few other forums through GMAIL.
  7. Mech-jeb puts heating effects on your ship when you leave orbit.
  8. Cloakedwand72

    Is this a good simple plane design?

    How should My LG look like? Any whom that red RCS thingy is to give a empty fuel idea. So I can see where I'd like my COL. And I use current COL mod. And maybe other mods like wind tunnel in the future. Thank you! I'm a huge air-plane fan. I have those mods installed bye default. I'm thinking about wind tunnel mod but that's way in over my head. I use a structural fuselage then a MK1 jet fuel with a basic jet engine & the Default retro MIG looking engine. Any whom how do I show screencaps from imgur & link my KSP photos? Any whom how is my COM/COL correct & how should my tail set up look like & wheel base closer etc. ?
  10. Finally! Any whom how do I manage action groups with the LES on this ship & any chance of uploading to ckan? All the dependencies are updated on their & how can I upload photo's of the craft i come up with?
  11. Cloakedwand72

    Stock-alike service modules?

    Where is the SDHI forum your talking about? And the Re-direct mod sounds neat.
  12. Cloakedwand72

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Star man bye David Bowie & country roads take me home.
  13. Cloakedwand72

    Stock-alike service modules?

    Its not updated. Meshes might need a working. They have dragon v2 & v1 parts though.
  14. Cloakedwand72

    W.i.P. 1.4.3 Venture Star X 33

    Cool cool how did the venture star fly? Is this mod going to get canceled like the real one? Or us kspers gonna get a chance to fly it?
  15. Cloakedwand72

    Stock-alike service modules?

    Any current service module mods that add parts to the default capsules like a the CST-100 & the Orion stuff but concurrent KSP version?