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  1. I’ve been thinking would the hot stage method on this coming starship second attempt help it achieve orbit as well as the deluge plate help with minimal engine out?
  2. Hi Kerbal community! Do y’all know of any decent interstellar travel mods for KSP1 that would be perfect to be used with add on planet packs? I’m gonna skip on KSP2 till at least science mode is available in the new game, Any recommendations for good believable propulsion mods for KSP1?
  3. I do know of the controversy surrounding the KSP2 launch but I do hope they improve on it. And I do know they will increase the price to 60/70 bucks once they get near the interstellar update and full mod support. I do have an I5 & 2070 super so do you think the game is kind of worth getting into?
  4. Should I avoid people who only date people who have drivers licenses? I don’t drive for safety reasons and being on the Autism/Asperger’s spectrum. I know a friend can be anyone but I really don’t feel comfortable being friends with people who only date if you have a drivers license or not. I also know people don’t like chauffeuring people around all the time but there’ is public transportation and rideshare fo a reason. I just don’t feel comfortable with people like that just want to be around real and genuine people. Anyone have similar issues?
  5. Hi everyone I got KSP running flawless on steam deck! And is there any way on emulating the Xbox official controls to the deck?
  6. Curious how have you moved around then? Do you think rideshare is safe maybe electric bike?
  7. Would be cool to play some emulators and bring some of my Steam library on the go so do y’all think the basic steamdeck is worth getting. Have any of y’all tried it?
  8. Should I ignore the friends zone stuff? I also don’t want to try to play therapist for 30 females and try to keep up with all there problems and abusive relationship complaints etc.
  9. Am I screwed for not owning a car I don’t drive because I’m on the autism spectrum also don’t like all the extra stuff that comes with owning cars. But can manage a decent job and have decent looks and some traits women like.I know driving is a right of passage and maturity for some. But I feel double boned for being autistic and vehicleless.
  10. Hi everyone! Curious what are the best ways on going about dating now a days post Covid? Also how do you go about asking a cousin or friend if they know any good single people? I know this is an odd post but at least it ain’t doom scrolling post etc. Thanks a bunch everyone and happy holidays!
  11. Do y’all know how to make a decent non SSTO crew taxi that would be good for carrying to interplanetary ships/stations? Like something like the Orion or dream chaser?
  12. Does anyone know of a decent mechanical RGB Keyboard that is wireless? Preferably south of 150$.
  13. I live in the space faring state called Florida!
  14. Found T flight pedals for around 100$ heard mixed things about them but the good thing is they both have plane/car mode and can interface with my FCS pack. But not really sure how much I’d use them but would be good to have something that can be used for sims and racing games hence space constraint and simplicity criteria.
  15. Wow! Curious is the only place I can buy ch from eBay? 90% of them are used should used pedals scare me away? And can you link me a pair for south of under 140?
  16. Good info! Where can I get CH USB pedals that aren’t overpriced? Oh I found t flight thrustmaster pedals for around 100 bucks new unopened on a deal on Newegg is that a good deal? I like the duel use function of both t flight and ch pro pedals. I don’t want separate pedals for different game styles so I think either of these two are good.
  17. I got the Thrustmaster T16k and TWCS pack with out the pedals. Reason being is I’m not sure how much I’d use a set of pedals though it’d be nice to get the T flight pedals or CH pro pedals hence they both have a accelerator and brake mode which is imperative for my needs so I wouldn’t have to have two separate pedals occupying closet space and wouldlike a simplified setup.. Also don’t want Logitech/crosswind/Virpil/Winwing stuff right away just want a set I can use with racing and sim to minimize storage space and simplify my gamer pit. Any recommendations?
  18. Will the delta V and atmospheric values remain the same for KSP2 with the stock solar system? Also will the bellyflop maneuver be better produced in the sequel?
  19. The dongle could be both a pro and a con. Means it’s 100% wireless connection.
  20. Any chance of adding a Susie capsule? With lifting body capability?
  21. I’ll check it out! Does it work for PC/Switch/Game systems/IOS devices?
  22. Do y’all know of any decent headset with mic? I prefer wireless. Any recommendations?
  23. Are hall sensor’s really needed for flight joysticks? That’s one of my deciding factors on a HOTAS.
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