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  1. Just played and that's what it was. Thanks a lot!
  2. Aaaaah mf thanks a lot this might be it. I was really raging!
  3. i recently started playing again and I really can swear I remember there was a "focus on part" function. I can't find it anymore and it's making any kind of land docking with robotic parts a real pain. In short I simply need the camera to focus on one part of a ship, usually a docking port. Or any way I could focus the camera freely around a ship, I'm all ears!
  4. I swear I plundered the Farside Crater of all its Mun Stones looking for a a Mun Crater (mission control says they should be there). I know the trick of zooming out so you can see a shadow to spot formations, but it quite literally always brings me to a Mun Stone (barring maybe two instances. I gathered probably 30 Mun Stones already and getting a bit frustrated.) Any tip besides "just keep trying"? (I mean.. in other news I have become extremely proficient in the spotting and subsequential recovery of Mun Stones. Ask me questions.)
  5. Pretty routine Mun landing with a 1-kerbal crew.. or so I thought. somehow I mess up the landing and realize I'm gonna crash. Hard. No vehicle around has the capacity to rescue the now soon to be dead Kerbal (unlike a lot of players I tend to take deaths badly). EXCEPT a 10-year old miner ship I kinda forgot about. Outdated and very awkward to maneuver... well it's either that or letting that dude crash unceremoniously. I managed to reach the fast-falling ship - while switching back and forth between both ships to use the little fuel I had left for adjustments - match velocity,
  6. To be clearer, I think it's a good idea to do things manually and reliably without the use of MJ. When a new version rolls about I usually don't use MJ at all until I'm sure I can still do everything perfectly. I'm also very much from the school of "crash 100 times and learn" instead of "learning from MechJeb" because sometimes that leaves us with a lack of curiosity, exploration and experimentation that, to me, are very "Kerbal". If I do something the wrong way 20 times, and I slowly figure it out, that's super interesting, whereas just imitating MJ can not only be dull, but also flat ou
  7. Back when the Mun was the only and absolutely penultimate goal... I remember trying SO hard simply to achieve orbit, let alone actually get there and back. I didn't know jack excrements about gravity turns, hohmann transfers... newfound respect for the pioneers of space exploration. Funnily enough I don't remember the frustration as much as the thrill of learning stuff.
  8. I think it's a fantastic tool. Once I did the same liftoff to orbit with the same ship a hundred times, I'm glad MJ is there. Same goes for the tedious rendezvous or any routine endeavours like docking. I'm not interested into repeating over and over stuff I'm proficient in and I'm glad there's a tool for that. (I still land all my ships though, I don't trust the mf.)
  9. I used to send rockets straight up as far as possible before burning sideways for an orbit, and thought that was super efficient.
  10. I'm gonna chime in and repeat, you don't need to know anything but you'll have to learn stuff by trial and error! One of those: there are no straight lines in space.
  11. 200k is way overkill, you can use your fuel better by going to 10k-25ish and escape westbound to a kerbin orbit from there. As far as rescuing, fuel-wise you're overall better off with a high, Mun-like orbit than an orbit around the actual Mun - that's terrible advice. If you leave your craft around the Mun you have to account for capture burn, rendezvous burn, escape burn and back into kerbin atmosphere. Waste of a fuel.
  12. I usually land a miner of sorts to explore almost any body besides Mun and Minmus. Much less of a pain than to carefully plan dv...
  13. Are there right now any mods geared towards finding anomalies through contracts in career mode? I found an old one that doesn't seem to work anymore. I think anomalies have a great potential for storytelling and would love for a "campaign mod" thing to happen unless it's already a thing...
  14. Ah I came here to check about that and now feel like a dumbass. Usually I never fickle with fuel capacity!
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