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  1. thanks for clarification. Look for the icon in the bottom right corner below:
  2. Did the option to hire research team got removed or is my install broken? I get du in flight ad reliability increases with it but no "engine r&d" menu in VAB - RO/RP-1 install
  3. given current development rate there will be ryzen 6000 about by the time we will see beta tests and ryzen 7000 when it gets released Yes I mean it will take another 3-4 years!!! and intel will be still pushing 14nm 500W comet lake rehashes lol
  4. speaking of CPUs, ryzen 5600x gives whopping 33% shorter load times than 3600x . RSS+RO+RP1+90 other mods. 2m45s vs 4m10s start to menu. 39s vs 65s - 259 parts MIR loading. £80 well spent
  5. debris fields + kessler syndrome, why not add n-body physics to simulate it properly. 30 000 000 body n-body simulation on 8 threads takes 2s per frame to solve on 2012 server CPU. Assuming it was 2012 xenon it would run 10 fps on ryzen 5800x and yes you can do n-body physics on parallel threads, first papers on that are from 1996, probably earlier, but google doesn't know them.
  6. Try reverting back to Principia version from before persistent rotation was implemented, 5-6 versions back from the top of my head. If I remember correctly that's when atmospheric forces started being used by Principia. If this improves your experience then try raising an issue on GitHub, with logs and all. Imho atmospheric flight can be left for FAR to be dealt with, and Principia's rotation forces and all should kick in outside of it.
  7. 7 years old laptop CPU must be highlighting computational burden of principia. On similar speed wise setup(AMD FX-8320) more than 6-8 ships in orbits was struggle too, 1000x time warp was fastest it would go.
  8. WOW, I left USI for a moment (2 years lol ), to play RSS+RO+RP-1 and s***t loads of new stuff came out. Maybe with WOLF fully self sufficient Duna shipbuilding base won't become a 0.1 fps KRAKENtm magnet. maybe after manned mission to pluto...
  9. Never noticed that with full RSS+RO+RP-1 install on Ryzen 5 3600+rx580+48GB ram machine. Check console for warnings/errors, must be some other mod conflicting, persistent rotation is not compatible, and unnecessary with principia for instance. Stage recovery can be laggy in stock especially after dropping of 9 strap on boosters - at least it was laggy on my old PC.
  10. Thank You.Great Job!!! I could translate to Polish, but despite it being my first language I have no idea how to name most of space related stuff, I learned it all in English. Besides what's the point if you can't have anything else in KSP in Polish.
  11. First line on that link: This page reflects changes implemented in 0.50, but prior to 0.50.9. Some of the ratios may be off unless noted otherwise from git hub: USI Kolonization Systems v0.50.9.0 @BobPalmer BobPalmer released this on 5 Jan 2017 · 448 commits to master since this release well over 2 years, nearly 3 behind, is not up to date in my books But if it's close enough then fine, i'll work out exact ratios as i go.
  12. Is there up to date wiki/ tutorial anywhere? didn't play MKS/OKS since 0.4xx and need some refreshing. Is 0.50 stuff is still close enough?
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