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  1. Is there anyone not using mods in this game to orbital dock, travel to other planets and land. Almost every video i've seen on you tube has a plethora of mods or unlimited fueltanks to get their ships to their destination. Subtext to the question is: Am i just crazy for doing all this manually using stock parts? I have 12 active flights if you include one kerbal stranded in muns orbit. (The recovery vehicle caught his pod but one of the landing legs i used to trap the pod broke and it slipped free again. After the 2nd attempt's claw broke off i scrapped the recovery program, just too difficult
  2. More like it broke me, so who do i overcome this nuisance?
  3. What is it about hitting 6000M that causes a spike in G forces? Every rocket I've built today has flown well, until it hits 6000M, then a little cloud puff appears and instant failure.
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