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  1. A capable hydro foil, a previous iteration would reach 200 m/s, but it wasn't a success as deceleration only has one result. Deconstruction. This iteration cruses nicely at. 94 m/s and can reach upwards of 150m/s and still decelerate if done correctly without going end over end.
  2. Maybe talk with the damned robotics guys. Because I was thinking after posting, that a two position system would be ideal. Similar to how a C-130 doesn't open its door all the way while doing air drops because of the fact that doing so could send the plane into a nose dive. Picture related. Also, thanks for liking the boat.
  3. Can we get a cargo tail section that has an editable opening to it? I love this mod so far for making bases and transporting things across terrain using Tohou's wheels and even made a boat version, but for the boat, the stock cargo tail tends to give me issues when on and off loading rovers.
  4. I've always loved playing around with your wheel mods. This new one is a lot more fun especially with the ability to add or decrease the top speed of your vehicles. I was wondering if you were going to add the ability to recharge batteries with the mono propellant and the fuel engines like a normal car Engine.
  5. Can I make a little request? Can we get a version that only has the ability to alter what the control surfaces can do and not the aerodynamics of the game?