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  1. That's what I did to get rid of the mods that crashed the game on startup. Now that the game doesn't crash on startup, I'm at the point where the error is caused by a conflict between severak mods, and since there are hundreds/thousands of ways that mods can be loaded or not loaded, the time spent vs. reward decreases significantly, hence why I came here.
  2. I've been trying for about 3 hours to get a new Realism Overhaul career going, but I just can't seem to get everything working. I've changed the version to 1.2.2 and weeded out a few mods that crash the game on startup, but I still can't get it to a usable state. The Real Solar System mod literally just isn't working (i.e. still the normal Kerbal universe) despite it loading on startup, Kerbal Construction Time crashes upon going to the space center, and the biggest issue is when I'm in the VAB/SPH I can't switch part tabs despite clicking any/all of the buttons. I've tried both manual installations and CKAN installation. If anyone actually has a working install I'd definitely appreciate knowing what you have loaded/if you can share your gamedata folder that would be great. Thanks!
  3. Actually, I can help with this one. Go into the KCT settings/presets (in game at the space center), and you will see the Simulation button is not activated. Simply press it and you should be good!
  4. Ah, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks! It's always great to see a mod author working and responding with players so closely. Keep up the good work!
  5. Okay, here is a new output_log. I loaded the save and went into the VAB. Also, forgot to mention I have Interstellar Extended as well.
  6. I don't have the Toolbar mod. Here is the dropbox link to my output_log, sorry for not including it in my first post.
  7. KCT doesn't seem to be working properly for my current mod setup, the popup at the beginning doesn't appear and there are no changes to building vehicles. Here is my mod list: -Station Parts Expansion -Community Tech Tree -All Near Future Packs -B9 Aerospace -OPT Space Plane Parts -Chatterer -Kerbal Alarm Clock -RCS Build Aid -KW Rocketry -Docking Port Alignment -Infernal Robotics -Tweakscale -Planetary Base Inc. -Kerbal Inventory System/Kerbal Attachment System -Kerbal Engineer -Scatterer -Environmental Visial Enhancements (EVE) Are any of these known to cause issues preventing KCT from working? Thanks for any help.
  8. What he said made perfect sense... He said that he didn't want SET MISSIONS for money, such as "Go to Minimus, collect a few rocks, and get awarded x amount of money"; he said he wanted to do whatever he wanted and get awarded for the accomplishments HE did... so if he decides to randomly go to Jool he wants to be awarded for going to Jool, not forced to go to Moho by some mission. Not sure where you're confused, as the science system in the game right now doesn't make you go anywhere, you go places and you get science from going to those places.
  9. Wow either this is the biggest coincidence ever or there is a God and he answered my prayers... I was just posting a thread about how there are no games that deal with humanity's transition from modern to space-faring, and the page timed out because I was AFK. I closed it down, and then was about to start the thread again when I saw this, clicked on it, and it was literally EXACTLY what I was asking for. I HAD EVEN REFERENCED CIVILIZATION IN THE THREAD I WAS WORKING ON!! Talk about coincidences.
  10. I know many people are in the same boat as me: we don't really have anyone to play with. So what does multiplayer mean for us? For many people, I'm sure multiplayer will be extremely exciting, and also it will make for some great YouTube content. However, I don't really see myself using the multiplayer functions at all to be honest. What do you guys think?
  11. Sorry, but I generally dislike your idea. You don't need the game to make you RP (role play a space program step by step), you can simply do it yourself. That is what I did in .22. Sure, I could get 3000 science in two missions, but I don't really want to. I launched a bunch of different missions increasing in complexity and it was quite fun. I really don't like the concept of all of the universe being completely closed at the start, feels way too restricted and I'm not in control. Here is the thing: KSP is a singleplayer game. If you want to zoom through the tech tree, fine it's your playthrough, if you wanna take 200 missions to max it out, that's fine too. Maybe what they could do is have certain parameters for a mission that would get you more money (when they add money), but you are in no way restricted to those parameters.
  12. I don't know what all the discontent with the progression system is. We have to remember, Squad is not attempting to develop a Human space program simulator, but a Kerbal Space Program. Sure, humans made probes first, but would Kerbals, the same guys that strap SRBs to chairs, really want to send up boring probes before sending themselves into outer-space? I think it works great with Kerbal mentality.
  13. I disagree... I lost 3 hours, and the game deleted most of my progress because of a save reload barreled back 6 flights and nuked everything in between. I'm fairly certain that would be considered a bug, especially if the developers aren't aware of this (I'm unsure if they are, but I don't think they would want it to work this way). I guess you've overridden my powers (kinda sucks as I've been a forum member for 14 months, I'm just not a guy who's big on typing, more of a reader) and now in suggestions. Oh well, hopefully it will still get addressed.
  14. So, I don't use quick saves too often, only right before I come in for a touchdown. So, I was landing on Minimus, and naturally I quick saved before I began my decent to the surface. About 3 real hours later, I finally got enough parts and I was going to go to Duna. This time, I forgot to auto-save, and I had a rough touch down. The craft wasn't flyable anymore, so I reloaded a quick save, forgetting that I forgot (heh). My idiocy isn't the point of this post. The point is, upon reloading (f9), I was sent back to the quick save on Minimus... I immediately closed down KSP in an hope that it wouldn't save, but nope. My old save was 'poof' gone, and I was sent 3 hours back, same tech as I did before the Minimus landing. Really quite infuriating. An easy fix would be to have quick saves missions specific. Also I should note that this 3 hours was over the past 15 hours, so I did open and close the game many times before the incident occured. Hope you guys can work something out, and I'll work on getting those 3 hours back.
  15. Not a bad idea for way down the line for RP recovering ships, however this has been suggested a lot in the past. Try to see if the thing you are about to post already has a post about it.