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  1. I cannot find the fixed fairing part only the ones that are ejectable
  2. well after two days of playing with this mod , all I have to say is that the idea is nice but I think that given the limited amount of parts that were given in ksp , this is kinda overkill also sometimes ive experienced loss of control authority while in flight for no reason at all in the end all Im saying is: the new dynamics are appreciated but maybe we can get a "toned down" version of it considering we are limited in the construction way of things
  3. I would like to know how to set up flaps on my airplane , step by step if possible thanks
  4. I have no clues how to take off lol http://i.imgur.com/RINyN.jpg
  5. Ive been trying to chain up those square lift surfaces but for some reason my spaceplane tends to drift left when on takeoff so I was wondering if you guys could share any tips for creating large wings so I can host 4 to 3 engines on each side thanks