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  1. kudos to this man but um i think the ore collecter should be like a vaccum cleaner and sucks items up from a kinda of distance not by alot but enough for the drill it to collect stuff near the drill instead of driving over it cause it causes problems anyways keep up the work also might you try to use toshs cart mod for your vehicles use it as a base for your own mini vehicle and include the plugin in the install and the its amazeing what you can do
  2. darn and i was hopeing to see the rat done soon anyways keep up the good work the drop pod idea is brillain btw bobcat are you russian cause the channle you use has alot of russian stuff in it
  3. GENIOUS THAT IS BRILLAINT *cart is wraped in bow* from kerbin with love AHAHAHHAHAHHA oh that is halarious
  4. nvm i got it its actually quite fun jebidah slammed face first into the moon and still lived LIKE A BOSS from like 4000 meters above the surface that was during my bail outs
  5. nicely well done just what i needed for my big giant pod something to move it around and make it into a miner for kethane but erm on a note i cant disable motor or disable steering for me so those non powered steering axles if they come default would be great
  6. hello everybody i decided to finally upload one of my rockets this one if you keep the rcs on and press the toggle sas button it will almost freeze on the spot but i havent added any decouplers yet here a image link http://tinypic.com/r/j9arz6/6 also it is designed to be able to go into orbit and back into kerbin with alot of fuel to spare decouplers and parachutes will come soon [ATTACH]33741[/ATTACH] (tell me if i messed anything up / isnt stock
  7. well i do what you say but nothing and for my mechjeb stragety i do 200 orbit altitude *not 200 meters of height* and then i got on a transfer to mun and then i completely miss also schools these days dont teach us grammer and punucation and capialzation so anyways i need some serious help
  8. hi ive been trying to make it to the mun but i cant get there at all could somebody tell me a way i could get there also i tried mechjeb it always makes me just go into space not on the mun so could anyone help me
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