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    Keep in mind that many of the limitations of the editor are not enforced in the craft files. Additionally, they contain floating point values, which might end up slightly different on processors with different architectures. I am no expert but I suspect tablets do not use X86 based processors? If more than one program for creating these files would exist, much care would need to be taken to keep the files compatible and consistent. If you cannot trust that the craft files from the tablet app work and are the same when transferred to PC, what is the appeal? Sounds like asking for trouble for not much benefit tbh...
  2. I decided, if there are 2 categories to race in, I race in both. So I fitted Wheesley engines to the Fusion R2. I had to remove 2 repulsors because the Wheesleys were unable to support 4 at once. I also removed the ram intakes as I don't really need them. Thus the Fusion R2.w was created. W is for Wheesley instead of ... well... Whiplash. I am that stupid. Shut up. Race: Time: 2:29.96 I figured there was no rule against picking up speed before starting the race so I did that. I discovered later that this burned to much of my batteries so I had to adjust some repulsor settings mid flight to avoid running out of juice. Managed to make it across the line though so all is well.
  3. I use 2 control surfaces with a rating of 0.18 each. One for pitch and one for yaw. They are near the back clipped into the tank for lack of a better place to stick them. Control surfaces will only help to recover from a flip, not avoid the initial impulse though...
  4. As 2 engines are allowed, I use 2 Whiplash Turbo Ramjets. Gotta go fast! Behold the Fusion R2: Time: 1:38.18 I use Kerbal Foundries beta 1.8g. The repulsors in 1.9a seem to behave really weird for me. In any case, due to the higher speed and higher fuel mass for 2 engines, I had to increase the number of repulsors to keep the craft from hitting the ground. I decided to arrange them in a wing like configuration near the center of mass to avoid the tail-strike front-flip effect that can occur with repulsors that are far behind the CoM.
  5. Well I did not technically copy your design, I merely used the same basic formula that is cockpit, fuel, engine, two repulsors somewhere, air intakes as needed, nothing else. In any case, I would not have felt comfortable entering a race in it anyway. I had some trouble balancing the intakes after I went from one to three. I had them fairly far back, which as it turns out makes them act as stabilizers due to the lift force they generate when at high speed. This was a problem with just one at the top, keeping me from turning tight. I did not realize it was the air intakes fault though, thinking it to be an inevitable result of being very fast. With 3 at 120° around the craft however, it kept the thing dead straight, yaw and pitch, when at speed. As this had not been the case with just one I realized this was related to the body lift of the intakes. Moving them forward so this force has less of a lever around the CoM reduces their stabilizing effect to near zero, instead, they limit drifting, which is nice. Additionally, if you look closely, you will notice that my intakes are placed backwards, which does limit their intake a bit, but reduces air resistance to almost nothing. If oriented this way, their air resistance is even lower then when they are closed. The limited air intake seems negligible compared to the lowered drag, at least at or near sea level. Finally, the repulsor configuration follows from the simple fact that there is no other place to stick them easily. At least not without adding extra parts which will add drag and weight. Additionally, it seems that the wing configuration increases the shock your craft can take because it is easier to hit the ground with both at the same time. With a bicycle configuration, you will usually hit the ground back first. Also of concern is hitting a bump only with the back repulsor because this can lead to an inconvenient front flip. Objectively, between the two cardinal twin configuration, wing is just better. It might be harder to fly and balance out, but if you manage to it will be faster. In the end, there is bound to be an optimal design and it is bound to consist of a very limited number of parts. There are only so many ways to stick them together My craft is made up from 12 parts: 1 cockpit 1 battery pack 2 small tanks 2 sas units 1 whiplash turbojet 2 repulsors 3 structural intakes I probably could exchange the small rocket fuel tanks for one liquid only tank but it would entail a complete rebalancing so why bother...
  6. Damn you're quick. Had to build a new speeder, the red one has to much crap hanging all over it, no way it could go that fast... Took some inspiration from one of your earlier videos, seems there is not much room for design at this level. To beat that time the craft has to go up to 400m/s without problem and much faster on the straight. Could not find a general design that would fit the bill better than yours. The result is this: I tried my best to get as much ground contact as possible, but it was pointless. Could barely make sure to touch down once between gates. I made it through in 1:38 (0:22 to 2:00) like this... (see edit below) Top speed across the plains towards the finish line got up to 834 m/s, this design of yours is crazy fast Just to clarify: I'm leaving town on Thursday morning early and will not return until the 9th of August or so. No access to a computer that can run KSP during the trip unfortunately. So if the challenge goes up next weekend, I can't be in it. If it goes up in the first half of the week I think I can work something out. Edit: Tried to reproduce the time of 1:38 and couldn't, the craft simply won't go as fast as it did in my earlier attempt. It tops out at 440m/s when it went beyond 800 before. I'm not sure why but I suspect the cheat menu to be involved. In the video I took, the infinite fuel cheat seems to be active. In any case, did 2 more laps confirmed cheat free and made it through in 2:02 and 1:58. Both laps were legal within the drafted rules, with at least one ground contact between each gate and passing the gates lower than the line between the tips of the pylons. One more Edit: I figured out why the infinite fuel cheat made the craft go faster, the engine was not getting enough air without it. I have fixed that and got my time down to 1:41 again. BTW how did you time yourself to a tenth of a second? Video: Now I realize I'm airborne like half the time, but what can a Kerbal do?
  7. Entry: 5 min 44 seconds. I originally planned to make it a nice cargo plane like thing, however, the big wings suck at combining them so I gave up on that idea... You don't need that many parachutes to drop 72 tons
  8. I just found out that I will not likely be able to compete in next weeks race However, I already built a craft that is legal within the drafted rules and tried how fast it will go. Made it through the Black Krags course in 3:23 using stock Aero. I present, the R3b-SC Land-Speeder: As I may no longer use fairings to hide the repulsors away, I had to get creative. I tried to avoid clipping parts into each other as much as possible while still make it look good. Red paint is to make it faster. Additional speed enhancements include but are not limited to playing to the pilot continuously.
  9. Hey, thanks man! I managed to get it working! The problem was that mk1InlineCockpit is still named Mark2Cockpit in its config file. Thus MM patches that are aimed at the new name will not be applied to it. I managed to work that out by going through the KSP.log Your explanation how the mask works is most helpful as well. I assumed this is how it would work but it is nice to have some confirmation. Additionally, it seems that the masks have to be upside down, not sure why, maybe my dds importer flips the original textures? Is not a problem though, easy enough to fix. Thanks again!
  10. Can someone explain how to change the mask a part uses? I made a mask for the standard stock inline mk1 cockpit that should not paint the cockpit glass, but in game the part continues to use baseall_paint. I can't work out where this comes from. I have looked through all cfgs in the Kerbpaint folder, none mention the part(mk1InlineCockpit), a few mention baseall_paint but all for different parts. I made my own cfg and put this in it: @PART[mk1InlineCockpit] { MODULE { name = ModulePaintable Texture = mk1InlineCockpit_paint Shader = BumpSpec DeepReplace = true } } No dice Additionally, what colors to put into the masks for primary, secondary and tertiary? Is it Red, Green and Blue? I tried to Google this but I keep ending up on the op of this thread Cheers.
  11. I'm using Nvidia Shadowplay or whatever its called. It is part of the experience software that comes with the driver. However, I have basically no idea what I'm doing. It took a bit of tinkering to get it to work but now it does what it is told. I have decided to leave it at that The files are very large so I assume they are uncompressed, my 20ish minute video was about 5 GB. I use Movie maker to do some very basic editing and export which brings the filesize down considerably. I believe this is achieved by applying magic.
  12. Next race at Black Krags sounds awesome! Dunno if I will stick to FAR though, 2 control surfaces only is harsh. In any case... Race you there! Everything that qualified for round one goes. Last one at Krags buys the Food. I'm serious, my time is 19 Minutes 14 Seconds from KSC Runway to Black Krags Start Gate. PS: Don't
  13. Please don't rule out all control surfaces. While that may work, its a horrible solution to the problem. In other news, I seems that kOS a: can load files on launch now and b: a script that limits thrust based on radar altitude is apparently not hard to write. I just tested one and it works well. From 0 to 10 meters above ground you get 100% thrust, above that it fades to 0 linearly at 25 meters. It does not rule out powered flight, but I want to see the pilot that stays close to 10m radar alt at full speed without hitting the ground Script is here, copy into a new file: boot_thrust_limiter.ks in KSP_win\Ships\Script and select as boot file on a kOS module. (like so, works only if file name starts with boot) This is all that needs to be done to activate this, apart from installing kOS of course.
  14. I just had an idea: use kOS and make a small script that puts all engines thrust limiters to 0 whenever the repulsors are not repulsing. That would make powered flight impossible and give you an incentive to stay on the ground, but still allow jumps. It would add another mod to the list and complicates the launch of your craft somewhat on the other hand. At lease if kOS modules still can't auto load scrips at startup.
  15. After much trail and error, I present the Dartshark: I'm not sure if the craft is legal to be honest. The anti-grav pads are shielded from the airflow behind fairings which is a bit exploity but allows breaking the sound barrier. Additionally I have a couple of AV-R8 Winglets on there... I am not sure what their lift rating is. I don't think this applies when you use FAR. I need them to keep the craft on the ground. This thing is capable to take of from a plane surface on body lift alone, at high enough speeds even against the down force provided by the winglets. Engine remain 2 down-scaled turbojets. In any case: my time in this, should it be legal, would be 3:40, highest speed 510 m/s.