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  1. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    Hello fellow engineer. Keep at it. Let someone know if you get stuck, and also post if you have success. Grab some craft files from kerbalx and do a lil copying "inspecting."
  2. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    Yes it does ride a little rough right now. There's gotta be something a little more realistic too. I had lil cubic struts on there first for their lightness, but they contacted the ground edge-on and it required more power, like having a square wheel. But we're approaching the limit where more power makes balls pop out of their sockets sometimes. Also it's got to slide a little so I can turn. So compromises were made. BUT Verners might make a nice foot, overlapped or alternating. I'll try something different on the next go - might be a while. The hope is to have 2 seperate tracks independant without a crazy part count. If someone else wants to give it a go too, please do!
  3. This is for @Majorjim! and @Redshift OTF, whose tank track projects I have picked up and continued. Here was version 1. The tank has been rebuilt with less parts and is far less prone to breakage. Even performs well too! Included in the video below is @Castille7's lava rock sample test bed he so kindly supplied for me. KerbalX
  4. 2-6-2T Steam Locomotive

    Well I aint as young as I used to be . - Ok, lets do a bridge quick or heck, just smash em together for the slowest accident yet.
  5. steam locomotive

    Thanks for the kind words earlier. Space? Ain't nobody got time for space Maybe just a canadarm, even though there's already a few available. I think I get more of a kick making useless stuff. If you have one really specific request I might be down for it. Making stuff reattachable for timewarp can be tricky.
  6. steam locomotive

    Not bad. Ivy bridge i5 but KSP is on a regular old hard drive. I first got this word from making a custom map for the original starcraft long time ago. They had a whole section of doodads. So I blame Blizzard. I JUST saw it on kerbalx. I have not kept up with the WIP and had not seen it. I can understand that it will probably hurt viewership. In an alternate timeline we could have released same-time and it would have been better for both of us. Odd that this has happened twice now, and it looks like I did it on purpose, but I have too much respect for you to undermine your work. You're the reason I'm here anyway. I'm sorry it happened, and although competition is good, I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen. I'll probably message you before the next big thing. Might be a while. Now I gotta go download your craft and pour over it. I'm sure I'll take away something I can use. Hopefully someone can take away something from me too. K
  7. KerbalsAreKute on kerbalx.com likes the train stuff I've done and requested some functional running gear. After greasing all the bearings, here's what we got. There is no steering and no reaction wheels. 562 parts makes this craft pretty laggy for me, especially during staging. I split it up into many stages to give the computer time to catch up. KSP still crashes pretty often. I wanted to recreate a somewhat realistic drive wheel setup. IRL the 2nd wheel is the first one driven, which makes the connecting rod longer so the angles are less extreme (I learned a few things I guess). Then a rod couples the rear driven wheels to the front so 4 wheels are powered. Sounds great, and I kinda made it work, but adding all the complexity of powering a 2nd set of wheels, in KSP, with sloppy bearings and the kraken watching, well lets say 2wd works WAY better. Delete the 2 RCS pods on each side per the description below for 'coupling rod' to disable 4wd. Since the connecting-type rods are virtual you'll have to use your imagination for now. So each piston is pushed back and forth, right. Same on the other side, but 90 degress out of phase, so I get a pulse every 90 degrees-ish that transfers through the solid axles. So kinda like a 4 cylinder. Probably not realistic, but I wanted to make it work. Oh, and to get enough oomph I had to stack a bunch of junos right on top of each other. Slop in all the bearings adds up, and makes valve timing difficult. I added one tiny turbine underneath to help keep the valvetrain taut. It does end up helping with locomotion a tiny bit. Button 2 turns if off, but power will be lost through poor timing and surging. I went all out on the knick-knacks (except for the cab) and added steam lines and a cattle pusher and doodads all over. The leading truck was added last to help bear some of the weight because this unit is front-heavy and was bobbing. If it breaks down, at least it looks neat. Enjoy KerbalX
  8. Building Games

    Brick Rigs looks fun. Build/drive/fly/destroy brick *coughLego* things. Multiplayer maybe? Gonna get it.
  9. radial piston engine

    No, but that's a good idea. If it offers improvements I'll update.
  10. Just on the heels of Azimech's awe-inducing V4 is my no frills, 12 cylinder radial. Inspired by Azimech o' course. It features -realistic radial engine motion -active cooling -6.5 rads/s-ish top speed -see thru cylinders -stop/start anytime I'm pretty proud, so I wanted to share. (Also, I used to be a good speller, but I've had to google so many words lately. You know you can tell when they don't look right, but still gotta look it up.) KerbalX
  11. V4 & V8 Diesel Catamarans

    Upwards and onwards thanks to your nice gears and working cams. Thanks for the mention too. That spinning crankshaft gif really does it for me. The exhaust looks very proportional to the size of the whole engine. And the heads/cam covers have a very realistic shape. Tru dat. Good challenge.
  12. We had put chains on Castille7's Diving Vessel for the crane and anchor. Worked pretty well! I don't have a closeup pic, but its RCS balls inside thermometers on a cubic strut, repeated for each link. Awesome project - keep us posted.
  13. This might just be a thing helis do IRL. Maybe @EpicSpaceTroll139 could give us the short explain? That is sure nice looking. Doing the Quitessa bearing inside there?
  14. Try the long wings gman was talking about and put a little weight at one wing tip to act like a lever to counteract some torque. I know more weight aint great for a plane, but it'll work at all speeds (when parallel to the horizon anyways. And upright). If you just use one blower you can put it on the side that needs the weight. I did asymetric weight on 2 lil planes, but they were just for cruisin level mostly. GL
  15. If you place wings individually, instead of mirror or duplicate, you can give one a little twist - or do it with wing flaps or even elevators instead of the whole wing. If you twist just a tiny bit it won't show.