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  1. Replies to look into your specific issue may be limited for a few reasons. KSP used to only be available as a direct download (still is), and its addition to steam is recent (I guess that's relative). So a bunch of us still update the old fashioned way and didn't/won't migrate to Steam, so we don't/can't use the Workshop. @katateochi has had KerbalX online for many years, was there for us before the Steam Workshop, and is a KSP fan. That biases some of us towards KerbalX since he's been with us for so long and has kept up with all the updates on a donations-basis only (and participates on the forum). I feel like it's our duty to help him by supporting his site. I also will not be able to help with your question, I just wanted to let you know why everytime someone mentions Steam Workshop the community points towards KerbalX instead.
  2. Airlock, doorway, camera lens, eyeball, whatever, it's a circle that opens in a neat way. Here's the gif I referenced while building. Here's the terrible youtube vid. I really did start with just a ring. It's still in there, but it's no longer the root part. 'Did a mockup first. 'Chose a root part and got a general shape started. Saw what could fit inside. Tried to get 1 door to work first before I continued. Here's some of the guts. Had a few false starts on the mechanics of it, had to quit and sleep on it a few times. Thought about it while at work. The heavy cubes are counterweights to help some of the doors with Kerbin's gravity. It was really quite particular to get the doors to close square, without much gap, and without sliding past each other (still happens rarely). Having a giant hole in center means no auto-symmetry for most things, just hand-placement. Ring actually does spin just like in the gif - should be able to see it in the video. 8 door panels - 2 rows of 4. No toothed gears; I spin the ring with an airbrake, also in the video. Since these parts are no longer solid, stuff should really fit thru the door. In fact, the opening of the iris is as big as this ring's hole. I have not put anything through, or taken it to space, so if anyone does, please reply. Not sure the craft has much use. I know @Majorjim! would like to see my efforts go towards space and vehicles with purpose and utility, so I'm gonna mark this down as "fancy space station door" to qualify. KerbalX
  3. Don't suppose we can talk you into a teaser .gif?
  4. Upvote for pushing KSP to the max.
  5. Downloaded. I'll take 'er out for a spin this weekend.
  6. I've got a functioning prototype, so it won't be long till completion. Villians with evil bases and all HAL computers get first dibs.
  7. klond

    Zac's Space Junk Selects

    Nice photos. I like the Cargo Vessel II, the way the front end is put together. And the Landship is a futuristic bus in the best way.
  8. klond

    A thermometer font

    A little photoshop required
  9. klond

    A thermometer font

    Thanks. Here's the alphabet from the top picture. https://ufile.io/mo4xf Also Spaceball One - quick and dirty
  10. klond

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wasn't today exactly, but @Castille7 helped me take the Star Wars opening crawl to space and capture this vid since my computer said no. v
  11. Q: Why did you do this? - A: I don't know. Feeding a mild OCD maybe. I like the look and simplicity of segment displays and wanted to see if I could make a font in this style. Fortunately in the KSP world I'm not constrained by actual segment limitations, but I did self-impose some rules. -Keep part count low -Make sure it's readable -Keep all angles at 45/90 degrees -Snap all the things -Add a little style Here's what I came up with Each letter has a perch so I can move and adjust a whole character at a time. How do we manage a project? Well, I open the alphabet craft, make a new starting mount beside it. I give each line a start point, and each word a point on the line. Then I copy each character on to a line. So each line, word, and letter has it's own point so I can shift items efficiently and consistantly. Then at the end I delete the alphabet I used for copying, center the whole paragraph on a probe, and save as a new file. Lots of copying and adjusting. Well I needed something to write. How about the Star Wars crawl? I didn't mean to jump on this bandwagon, but I wanted text that was space-related and this is what I thought of. The Star Wars text is now a probe that can orbit! @Castille7 took it to space for me (since my computer was having problems with the part count) to get some gnarly screenshots. I did the 2010 Space Odyssey screen (possible movie spoiler?). Wasn't too bad since the spacing was even. No one double-checked these so I'm hoping for no typos. Anyways, just wanted to show yall.
  12. Glad you're still working on stuff. Nice to hear from you again.
  13. It makes me think of this, even though it's totally the wrong plane. North by North Jeb. lol
  14. I'd wanna be far left or right, but on the inside so I can see the engines and the people on the other side. Nice job making a long smooth curve outta straight peices. If you ever wanna rename it, it kinda resembles a certain australian aboriginal type throwing stick of sorts.
  15. I hit 11,xxx with @Squiddy's Javelin. Might be capable of 12k. You know it's got power if it can launch vertically.