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  1. klond

    Which of my early landers looks the greatest?

    New folks buy this game every day (I would hope). Let's make sure Mr. Doodling here understands that there are folks that ain't been everywhere yet. Leave some discoveries for the discoverers.
  2. He got the old parts in the pic. I don't like that they changed the snap point on the new ball. I guess they did throw us a bone and kept the size and shape the same.
  3. klond

    Which of my early landers looks the greatest?

    When you're writing or editing a post use that eyeball symbol in the bar above. Stuff you put in there is hidden until clicked. Wanna try it?
  4. Why do we build stuff? Because we can. Like some of my other useless craft this is more just to say, 'Welp, it's possible.' I'm not proud of all the floating parts, but having it stretched out made troubleshooting easier and I didn't want gates hitting each other. I spend lots of time with google and wikipedia learning about logic gates, truth tables, half and full adders, and how to make gates out of other gates. So this thing takes takes two single-digit binary numbers, adds them together, and gives a sum in base 2. The logic gate NOR is universal and can be used to replicate all other gates. All gates can probably be made in KSP, but I've only used 2 of the easiest for simplicity. I have NOT gates and OR gates, which combined make NOR, so we can perform all functions with combinations of these 2. See mom, video games and the internet are good for me. The are only 2 actuators, buttons 1 and 2, for the 2 airbrakes you see. They manipulate the input to the first NOT and OR gates and change the bottom display. The top display is calculated through the gates. Not sure if these pictures are gonna show enough but here we go The gates have 2 states, 0 or 1. 0 (inactive) is horizontal and 1 (active) is up 30 some degrees. Craft is set to default to 0 and 0 for inputs by gravity. Because it's mechanial you can't just run a wire to anywhere, so I had to find a configuration to get the last OR to work. Maybe in the future I can try to make different gates, or add more digits at the same time. Eat your heart out, Minecraft. KerbalX
  5. klond

    Which of my early landers looks the greatest?

    I like the 2nd one, the Marching Minmus. It looks like something most folks would naturally build in their long careers as rocket designers. Also arch should be under a spoiler. I ain't seen it in person yet. Gonna put it on the short list now.
  6. Well ya know im gonna love it . The verners, with the high tolerance and gentle curve on top, make great material for big tires. The minimalist, function-over-form style is also something I’ve embraced. Trying to figure out steering geometry is fun. It looks like this car is complete, but you could still mess around with camber, caster, and whatever they call it when you tilt the steering backward. Maybe suspension is in your future? Good work.
  7. @Azimech, good to see you. Like you pointed out, DMagic's post hit the bullseye. I understand the change though. They're gently pushing folks to use proper landing gear instead of random parts. We had a hard time back when the aerodynamics were changed, but over time, and with group effort, we summited that hill. We'll get through this one too. I don't think 50-15 RCS tolerance is gonna be a total dealbreaker, but I cannot test anything yet. Too many relatives have come to visit this week. Also, I don't wanna switch versions in the middle of a project. I'll test out some stuff soon.
  8. @Castille7 and I are working on Part 2 of the Construction Site. Part 1 is located here. I was inspired by a truck @Phantomic completed with suspension that had a grabber as a center pivot. Instead of suspension I used the grabber for articulation on a front end loader for Castille7's construction site. Future Construction Site videos will probably have other awesome heavy equipment like trucks and cranes and scaffolding and whatever else we can come up with. (There's actually a dump truck waaaay in the background there). Stay tuned.
  9. It's an Ekrano-carrier! Poor runway. 880 parts ain't too terrible tho.
  10. Nice valves! 'Doin me proud.
  11. You're right, sorry I got a bit off topic. Too excited about the multi-axis thing. If your goal is 'most power for least amount of parts/weight' then multi-axis is a good compliment to your fuel cell argument. I was thinking about the math for 2-axis again. A line in one vector and a perpendicular line in another vector would make a right triangle. If both lines were 100% power and A sqr + B sqr = C sqr I would think then a probe core at a 45degree angle for 2-axis should use 200% electricity and give 141% power (so 41% more). I wouldn't mind doing multi axis myself, and for videos, but putting a craft on kerbalx then trying to tell peeps how to spin it up properly, I'm not sure it would go super well. Better to keep it simple then. Sorry if I'm still off-topic, but this was presented early in the first post and I'm still stuck on it. Hard to disagree with your fuel cell arguement; you provide strong evidence, especially if you're already using fuel tanks as bearings.
  12. Thank you for pinging me. I am very interested. I watched Bradley's vid you linked. What a good find! Not sure if exploit is the right word, but this is abuse that I can get behind, especially since more torque uses way more resources so it doesn't feel as cheaty as say leg-powered stuff. I'm not a math guy, but I did some testing for kicks. One RTG With one RTG and 1-axis I can run 2 reactions wheels at 100%, and a 3rd at about 87ish. With one RTG and 2-axis (a 45 degree tilt on the core, re-centered for balance) I can run 1 reaction wheel at 100% and another at 44% With one RTG and the core set for 3-axis like in Bradley's video I can only do one wheel @ 96% I don't know if these numbers lineup with the math. How do the numbers come out theoretically for 2-axis? I didn't measure power, but you can see the red arrows getting smaller as theorised and power requirements growing as I have to drop wheels and lower their power. Each axis added allowed me to drop a .05t wheel, but I'm not sure the loss of power was worth the weight savings. I guess it would depend on design requirements. I have one tiny plane that may benefit from this discovery. Anyways, fantastic idea Mr. Bradley and nice write-up Kronus.
  13. klond

    Stock Spruce Goose 1:1 Replica

    The 3rd picture is my favorite. The curve on the top of the wings is beautiful, especially where it meets the fuselage. You got all the tail pieces nicely rounded at their edges. Ever think about trying one of those mods where you can weld pieces together?
  14. klond

    K&S Construction Site - Part: 1

    Boy we've done a few projects together now - kayak races, street fair, windturbine repair, bridge stuff, etc. Castille7 and I have done everything we can to make this single-player game a co-op game. Thanks for all the hard audio/video work. Your silo totally functions and the job site looks great. Driving skills, we'll, let's leave that up to the viewer .
  15. Oh, you could do some leaf springs. Never tried it, but I've seen peeps make crossbows and stuff by stringing together a bunch of small things, as long as they're not auto-strutted.