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  1. Aww, those were so nice to tuck inside stuff if you needed hidden propulsion. I guess I'm ok with a new turbo-engine tho.
  2. Aw, it don't quite fit. This is getting off-topic, but all my dudes are here. They did fix a Grabber issue. Now you can steer on grabbed-craft, free pivot or not. Opens up the building of flexible rovers.
  3. The toroid? Yeah, totally a naval life preserver or life raft. The new donut is hollow.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    Tried to replicate Curiosity's suspension. Here's the results.
  5. I did a combo lock, but not with the toroidal(sp) tank. I do remember experiencing wierdness with that tank tho. It has a gauge sticking out one side - is that where the slot was?
  6. My latest effort has been to re-create the suspension on the Mars Curiosity rover in stock. I've gone through many versions and further tweaking lately isn't adding anything so it's time to publish. This one's for you, @Majorjim! K, it's not quite a replica, but we're focused on the suspension. The rover splits into many (13? 15?) separate craft. Here's a terrible drawing of the relationships of the different craft. Pairs of elevons push and pull on the wheels on each side via RCS balls. It's the only way I could think of to control a craft that's detached. When the wheels are pushed out, landing legs glitches them forward, center is neutral, and sucked in is glitched reverse. The wheels had to be big enough to keep the gear teeth off the ground. The legs had to be positioned to not touch the ground AND follow the wheels as the suspension moved. All the pivots had to have tight tolerances to function properly. Making the craft larger/heavier also was working against me as stuff flexed in an unwanted way. I did have to add weight to the rear wheels to keep from dog-legging from weirdness I couldn't figure out, which was only amplified by the low gravity. The rear suspension is independent and detached from the front to realistically mimic Curiosity. So how can it be manipulated? When the front end is shifted left/right a separate craft in the rear is also pushed and THAT pushes and pulls the rear 4 wheels. And those wheels have landing legs that follows them. I tried to make a terrible diagram but couldn't. So essentially, stuff floats in tubes that rotate on an axis and that stuff is shifted left/right by elevons. The rover turns by making one side go forward, the other reverse. I took an early version to the Mun to test. It did not go well. qzgy and selfish_meme suggested testing on Kerbin by lowering gravity. Fantastic! I'll design it specifially for Duna like Curiosity. A week or two later I took a version to Duna. Duna is not Mars. The two places I visited where very flat. But getting to Duna was an awesomely difficult challange for me. Highly recommended. This version I took had probe cores on every craft. I was hoping I could switch to other craft and return. Nope. This is one-shot kinda thing . I don't actually recommend taking it to Duna, but here's a video so you can see the suspension in action. Gravity set to .31, which I think is close to Duna's. Not sure how enjoyable this craft is going to be to others, but it's available for reverse-engineering on KerbalX
  7. Yeah, but it's nice to have something new and round, even if low impact. I'm sure we'll find a use for it, like in ball joints or maybe even just for ammo
  8. I am not @ 1.4 yet, but I wanna try the new parachutes very badly. Is the new tank (dumpling) truly round (hint hint)?
  9. Now that I'd be willing to try! I can picture the Duna trip's success rate increasing already.
  10. I still get that awesome feeling of achievement when there's success from effort. Getting to orbit hasn't gotten old yet since I do it so infrequently. I have tried Vessel Mover to get ships from the runway into the water , but couldn't get it to work. Thanks for following along. Stay tuned to see if I can get 4 tons of rover to Duna right-side-up. Only been there twice and it was glorious.
  11. NASA type rover update - Mun tests So I hit version 5.8ish and felt pretty good. 'Drove vehicle to the local pool for suspension testing. Great! Time to make a rocket for Mun test next. Ok, now I gotta make a rocket that won't wobble to death or spiral out of control. There we go. Don't laugh too hard. 20 reverts and many mistakes later we get orbit (feelsgoodman). Over the course of a couple hours and a bunch of quicksaves/quickloads ended up getting 2 full rover copies and 1 wrecked one to the Mun, all in darkness, which is good for testing I guess. Couldn't see jack squat tho, lol. Oh, and my first trip I forgot to put lights facing down so um I'm guessing the height above ground and it didn't go so well. After I crashed hard, well then I knew the elevation of the surface.. That part felt a little cheaty. Shouldn't there be a sensor for this other than visual, like 'depth under keel' for a boat? K, got one of the rovers undocked and out of the cradle. Note here: the version of the craft I took to the Mun had the power of each wheel as low as I dared set it. Low enough it won't drive on Kerbin. Didn't matter - sold my soul for leg power and you-know-who came calling. So of the 2 good rovers, none lasted more than 1 minute and were just terrible under low gravity. I'm going to fork that version and keep a copy because it drives so nice on Kerbin. I'll make a video sometime. In the meantime the other version fork continues, and looks more like Curiosity's suspension every day. Maybe Duna's slighty higher gravity (says the wiki) vs the Mun will help the suspension work more correctly. Designing stuff to work on other planets is hard.
  12. Oh man, that is satisfying to watch.
  13. Kerbal Corvette

    Welcome to the forums!
  14. Yeah. Feature bloat is making it worse too. On the plus side it think it's gonna be pretty lightweight for it's size. The funny part will be watching me try to get off Kerbin. Conversion to leg power is going well. In this picture we're looking from the front at the front left wheel. Wheels got bigger. If we push the wheel out it spins forward, centered for neutral like in the picture, and tucked-in for reverse. Steering will have to be differential-style. Had lots of time Saturday to work on it. We're at version 4.3 and all 6 wheels are installed. Working on making sure left and right side are identical and researching random leg explosions. Wheel size isn't final. Still have no idea on suspension final position and a ton of other little problems like lighting, antennas, power when off-world. Very excited that I can actually put it on the ground for initial drive testing. The struts are all horizontal right now so it kinda looks like a crawler or like a scorpion with no tail. More in a couple days hopefully.
  15. I saw "no cockpit" and totally didn't read the RC part, missing the point of this post entirely. How about this one. The flying 70's-style coffee table.