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  1. Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    I mean that the whole project is possible. We have all the tools. Might have to stretch the definition of 'work' a little bit.
  2. Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    Damn straight! Reach for the stars! This is possible.
  3. when hovering over a part in build mode the game claims the cubic octagonal strut is .001t and the thermometer as .005t. Sounds backwards but that's what it says.
  4. Caption is above intended pic instead of under. My bad.
  5. No. On the last few versions of KSP you can hold Shift and get it gives you ALOT of offset leeway. Holding shift also gives you alot more steps in both setting positions and rotations with snap on. OMG so much trial and error. But it's also a community effort. I got all my bearing designs from here! I'll snap a cubic strut straight and square with the world (Absolute setting, love it - it's pretty new), then put 4, 6, or 8 thermometers on the sides, then hold shift and slide them into position with snap on. If it's a low-speed bearing, like a ball joint, you can tighten the tolerance by twisting the thermometers (shift-rotate) one or two little ticks. I'm getting excited just talking about it. This one is my new fav tho. Bigger but lighter. Sorry to hijack your thread. Hope this helps.
  6. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    After you trim the motor (Alt-Q or W) to desired speed, hit "[" or "]" a few times to re-focus to the main machine body. That will have reaction wheels too, but for spinning around the center of mass by sliding along the ground. Someday maybe dual tracks will be possible and we can do it the right way.
  7. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    The rear axle has reaction wheels with radioisotope generators. If you switch craft focus to the rear axle after staging you can trim the reaction wheels. Hope this makes sense.
  8. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    @SkunkTwerks Thanks for giving her a test drive! After reading your post I had to load up the rover and have a look at it again. It's been a few weeks. I see what you mean about the shape of the RTG - totally looks like a gear. I wonder what the frame outline looks like from a game collision perspective. My intention was just to use it to just fill the space in the center if the cog so the balls didn't fall down inside. Maybe it's helping a tiny bit . The bearings on each end help a little with propulsion, but the majority of the effort is transferred by the multiple pairs of antennas on the center cog that cradle the RCS ports as the go around, which then get peeled off by another antenna on the frame. I had a lot of problems early with the balls wanting to continue around and getting jammed up. It is still pretty crazy how fast the whole thing turns. No guarantees anywhere outside Kerbin.
  9. K&S Kayak Racing

    Note that my guy @Castille7 chose an actual river for the film site. With film crew travel time, delivery of movie props in custom made planes, re-delivery of said items after mishaps and engineering mistakes by his -ahem- movie prop helper guy, video editing, sound editing, I'm sure that he did 90% of the work. It was fun helping and watching the progress of delivery and the ordeal of getting everything setup just right.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Chocolate hazelnut pressurized tanks.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    'Got official government authorization for my Probodobodyne QBE spy satellite Of course it's only going to actually be used for [REDACTED].
  12. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    Hello fellow engineer. Keep at it. Let someone know if you get stuck, and also post if you have success. Grab some craft files from kerbalx and do a lil copying "inspecting."
  13. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    Yes it does ride a little rough right now. There's gotta be something a little more realistic too. I had lil cubic struts on there first for their lightness, but they contacted the ground edge-on and it required more power, like having a square wheel. But we're approaching the limit where more power makes balls pop out of their sockets sometimes. Also it's got to slide a little so I can turn. So compromises were made. BUT Verners might make a nice foot, overlapped or alternating. I'll try something different on the next go - might be a while. The hope is to have 2 seperate tracks independant without a crazy part count. If someone else wants to give it a go too, please do!
  14. This is for @Majorjim! and @Redshift OTF, whose tank track projects I have picked up and continued. Here was version 1. The tank has been rebuilt with less parts and is far less prone to breakage. Even performs well too! Included in the video below is @Castille7's lava rock sample test bed he so kindly supplied for me. KerbalX
  15. 2-6-2T Steam Locomotive

    Well I aint as young as I used to be . - Ok, lets do a bridge quick or heck, just smash em together for the slowest accident yet.