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  1. This is my favorite video of our so far. I think @Castille7 is really improving in his video editing and I applaud his effort in providing a multitude of audio effects in making a hilarious pro-robotics video that I know took much time to produce. I love it.
  2. That's a dope car, and I can appreciate your long-standing dedication to KSP automobiles. @Castille7 is the video guy, I'm just his builder. I'm sure he'll hook you up, but videos are few and far between. I'm just returning from a long time away from KSP, but I'll have him add a vehicle in where we can.
  3. Great, I could use the help. Collaborations can be fun. Send pics if you have any luck. Here's the original from above. link Needs tweaking. Here's a lighter weight version with a more curvy programming. Lower RPMs though. link I mapped throttle to controller play speed. No staging. Press 1 to start the show. Slowly ramp up speed. I think there are certain sweet spots in the RPM range, like hitting a harmonic. @dnbattley You were right about big flywheel, totally helps smoothing everything out. If anyone makes improvments, please share. I will also keep dabbling.
  4. Alright, look at this! I want to know more. I'm surprised the stayputnik's can handle the heat. I like your gear material choice, but I'm not sure they're perfectly round yet. Hopefully we can get some action shots soon. Keep at it! --- Here's my WIP, and my workaround for the piston's slow speed - manipulate the force, not the position. I have not tweaked this yet, and I bet there's more room for even higher RPMs, through both parts choices and programming. Let's get this in a plane. If anyone else get's high-speed results tag me. @Azimech stay positive my friend. Also, I hope you are well.
  5. I went the other direction on my blimp. I had big lettering on both sides, 700 some parts, lagged bad on my pc - felt icky. Deleted all the lettering and advertising and lighting, got it down to 300 parts, where flying it was fun again, then I called it done.
  6. It feels the same, but now that you say it, I really didn't see the crazy bouncing of the landing gear. We'll need to put one under stress and see. Hey, now that they're one-piece they can survive timewarp (I'm guessing). Cuz it's summer here I'm not doing as much KSP. I'll get back into it come autumn. I do like this thread.
  7. Yep, still valid on 1.7.3. The ol' blimp still floats and I can spin stuff with legs too. Still gotta separate the craft old-style. Wait. We don't need to separate craft! It works for spinning a prop with legs. Gonna try a k-drive now. Can't frikken believe it.
  8. I don't believe that that's a synchrocopter though No, it is not. The blades are horizontal and do not interfere, one offset above the other in a way that could only work here. Yes and it's frikken amazing! No need to separate from parent craft either. I updated the One Juno Turboprop on v1.7.1, right before propeller blades came out. If you use a rotor as a bearing you get a free RPM meter on right-click. It'll help you tune props when flying. There's also far less reactionary torque vs a rotor-motor so you don't need contra-rotation to have a usable machine. Good stuff. I thought I could use a powered rotor-bearing as WEP, but in my case it hurt more than helped.
  9. As work was being completed @EpicSpaceTroll139 mentioned something about a differential or internal gearing to make function what you're describing. I was not prepared for this additional functionality so I went with what I had. I am still unsure if it's just a simple differential or something more complex. If you have any links to material or pictures I am still curious. And welcome to the forums!
  10. Thanks. It's on the ole kerbalx if you wanna take it apart. I used 4 k-drives (thanks @erasmusguy) so ya it's 5 different craft. One big one right on the center of mass that pivots so it stays straight up-and-down (with Radial Out). That's really the kicker - so it can nose-up without moving backwards. 2 more, just in front and back of that to change buoyancy and pitch, and the last one I had to put SIDEWAYS in the tail for turning/steering cuz no sane amount of SAS was gonna turn this lead zeppelin.
  11. Lookin good my friend. 'Been working on a robotics car but I don't just wanna slap a motor on each wheel, I need something more, so I'm fiddling with driveshafts and 4wd and crap. I got to this point and figured someone, somewhere will want speed and power at a right angle in a small package without craft separation. There's 5 sets of u-joints at 18degrees for 90degrees total. 4 and 3 sets are possible for lower parts count, but janky-ness increases. 2 sets at 45degrees doesn't work well. A 6th set changes the total angle from 18 to 15 and that didn't seem worth it, so here we are at 5.