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  1. 'Stopped in to say hello and found this video that tickles all my fancies. What a treat.
  2. I have been called! But life and work has squeezed out my KSP time. Good luck everyone.
  3. Don't worry about the why. Keep doin you so I can keep admiring these beauties. Looks like a lot of work. I can't tell from here if tweakscale is involved, but I like that the car and the kerbal are proportional. Impressive.
  4. As a fellow blimp builder, I love it. Nice and big and fully functional.
  5. IDK! 'Will find out soon. We'll still go through with it anyways, just for the pics.
  6. 'Been away for a few weeks. Had thyroid surgery but I'm all healed up now. @Castille7 and I are plugging away on a floating oil rig / drillship. 'Wanna see if we can figure out how to get ore off the ocean bottom. Meanwhile I think he's still cranking on the next (5th?) installment of his construction site series.
  7. He/it looks pretty cool in the getting-up transition - almost like he's ready to sprint at the starting gun.
  8. Thank you. I was wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. That's too bad cuz I like their 2400 degree max temp.
  9. Going off of all the info and photos in this thread, plus a few hours of testing, I want to share some info. I built a lil drone plane. The body is made of intake ramps. At one point I had over 200 drains and 27 intakes. I still had trouble getting over the mach hump. Frustrating. So I copied boomchacle's plane in a smaller version. I think I remember seeing a chart where the shock cone intakes were the best at high-speed AND high-altitude by far. I hit 2900m/s before the core overheated but it took awhile to get to that speed by skimming the top of the atm
  10. We should do this while we can (1.9.0) cuz I got a feeling this will feature/bug will be buttoned-up quick.
  11. Yes! I forgot about this. On early blimp versions I had upwards of 100 large reaction wheels to turn the blimp while being supported in the air by k-drives. This extra part count hurt me at the time and I ended up using sideways k-drives and jet engines to turn instead. Something def. going on there.
  12. Thanks for posting. I'm not sure I'm ready for a discussion this deep right now but I want to share what I have. Although I have little evidence to back up my claims. On the subject of mass effects on legs @Bubbadevlin I think was the person to point out to me/us a year or two ago when he made a big leg-powered fan VTOL that leg forces are indeed in direct relation to craft mass. The answer at the time was to separate the propeller/turbine from the main craft (as one would do on a turboprop), but put the legs on the spinning part so that the main craft could be edited without effectin
  13. Yeah the KerbalX page had the the little taste of video I was craving. You can lean these bad boys over pretty far.
  14. DC9-like regional jet. 6.662t minus some fuel. 282*(~6.5\2) = 916.5
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