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  1. That is very nice. Just as a suggestion, since you seem to be churning out the quality work at the moment, how about a viewing dome? I would love to see one of those for my space station, but i would prefer you to polish the ones you have already made. thanks for the awesome pods.
  2. I had just finished three days of sending supplies to my space station using the Orbital Construction mod so I decided to launch a very large station towards the mun. My station sat on the launchpad for about three seconds, dissapeared, got torn to pieces by baby krakens (It says this occasionally happens on the mod site) and ended up at an altitude of 120 trillion meters and achieved about a quarter of light speed.
  3. With that speed you must have been in deep space, where the kraken lives. My ship got eaten by baby krakens after I tried a warp jump.
  4. I could definitly use this for all my sattelites, since the sunbeam laser has such a short range. Maybe you could tackle the accuracy problem by making the missile break into tiny parts so it can hit it more easily.
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