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  1. I take your classical music (which I like), and then turn it into Pink Floyd Animals: Dogs, and you become one. My rock/classical music hill with an irradiated uranium bunker, and I build another mountain, a lot in fact so I am surrounded, the creation of KSC 2 ???
  2. Granted, but it lasts 10 seconds + 1 planck time (the time it takes for light to cross 1 planck meter) I wish for another galaxy in ksp, even though i can't interplanetary travel yet, yes I know I fail, but I'm close to it.
  3. Banned for destroying the world.
  4. I build my own hill on top of your hill, now it is a mountain. Your hill has been crushed My mountain.
  5. Banned for using the word banned twice in a sentence when not banning someone because they used ban two times in a sentence. Future reference, check Vol. III Section 51 Article 2 Passage 4 Line 22, "Thou shalt bannedith thy recipient to thy ban because low, thee bannee haseth posted in a succession of two times the word ban!" Therefore, thou art banned becauseth the holy scripture from Vol. III Section 51 Article 2 Passage 2 Line 22 sayeth so.
  6. Granted, but it is the worst TV series that you have ever seen. I wish for my dog to stop scratching herself because she bleeds and has no hair on her. ;.;
  7. Banned for not knowing which is the right witch to use in a sentence.
  8. Granted, but it has mad cow disease. I wish that the sky fell.
  9. Banned because you are not be in the rainforest.
  10. My ship is in current testing, pics by tomorrow, hopefully. EDIT: Design 1 is super flawed. Lots of kerbal deaths.
  11. Green eggs Card Games or Board Games?
  12. Granted, you wished for nothing, and I already gave my speach on page 47. Your wish is I want to become nothing Granted, but to become nothing, you will not have to be everything which is impossible, so once you can do that be my guess. I wish for nothing to become something whenever I want it to become something.
  13. Perhaps seriously thinking about space colonization? It will begin in 2100 a bit, read this book. http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Future-Science-Shape-Destiny/dp/0385530803 Great book and it should answer everyone's questions.
  14. That is really nice, last time I built a station it did not look nearly as good as that, bravo, craft file and mods please?