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  1. Same problem. Even if I hit http://cdn.spacedock.info/NecroBones_209/Modular_Rocket_Systems/ , there is no 1.12.7 zip there. Only prior versions. You can bypass this problem temporarily bydoing this: 1) Tick off "Refresh modlist on launch" checkbox in CKAN settings, then close CKAN. 2) Open registry.json with text editor like Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++. 3) Find and replace "https://spacedock.info/mod/86/Modular%20Rocket%20Systems/download/1.12.7" with "http://ksp.necrobones.com/files/ModRocketSys/ModularRocketSystem-1.12.7.zip". 4) Launch CKAN and install updated MR
  2. Did a quick test and looks like everything is back to normal. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks . Looks like I'm very lucky when it comes to esoteric bugs. Last time I found bug in ModuleManager, that was triggered because of bug in KSP graphics engine and left MM cache inconsistent . That time only several people on forums experienced it and it took a bit of time to find out wtf is happening.
  4. Done. New file at same link. I enabled/disabled ASS during short flight just in case. Just in case, this is fresh vanilla install from steam.
  5. Icon animation is working for everyone? I tried full stock install, but icon also lost its animation there. Because of this there is no way to tell whether ASS is activated. Here's my log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5836960/KSP.log
  6. https://github.com/ClawKSP/KSP-Stock-Bug-Fix-Modules/issues/2 I will leave this here so non-GitHub people can also see this. Its a CKAN issue about adding StockPlus.cfg into zip file, because CKAN can only work with archives.
  7. Spotted this mod today: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119716-1-0-ForScience%21-v1-0-Your-science-autopilot-%28May-5th-2015%29 . Maybe you combine effort somehow?
  8. Squad changed how app launcher button registers. Many mods were hit by this change.
  9. toadicus, have you decided something about EvaManager? I remember you said that you need to decide how you want to package it. It is still not installed with CKAN, which becomes more and more widely used here.
  10. It is on CKAN already. I can see couple of versions in registry, but somehow they don't appear in any categories in GUI. Idk how to fix it. Also, CKAN won't install EVAManager.
  11. Looks like all chutes cause huge drag on revert. Also, I see many duplicate RealChute config icons in space center.
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