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  1. TheOrqwithVagrant

    [1.4.x] Impact! - impact science and contracts -v1.6.5

    I just crashed one of Dres's asteroids (class C) into Dres... and instead of generating an impact, it reached 'g-limits' and just 'popped' when it hit. Neither landed bangometers nor the orbiting flashometer registered anything. I was quite disappointed. I strongly doubt this is Impact!'s fault - mostly putting this here as a 'warning' to others that their hard work to de-orbit an asteroid may not produce any useful data for this mod's science instruments.
  2. TheOrqwithVagrant

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    The new disposable pads are great, but I have an issue where trying to build anything that has a Clampotron Sr causes the new 'ship' to spawn some ways away from the source vessel, rotated 90 degrees. The build also never finalizes (The pad doesn't explode), and the 'spawned' part is neither part of the original ship, nor an independent vessel - in fact, its position will lock to any EVA-ing kerbals and move around as the kerbal does, attached with an invisible strut. Finally, tearing down the build causes the universe to implode. Not a big deal, really - I just add any necessary docking ports after-the-fact with KIS - however, it took a little while for me to narrow this down to the inclusion of clampotron sr. so I'm just reporting this here in case someone else runs into the same issue.
  3. Do we need to add Rubidium as a propellant now?
  4. Just unlocked antimatter tech for the first time in a career playthrough - god DAMN does that positron reactor kick butt for propulsion. I wasn't prepared for quite that big a jump in performance, and the 'propulsive core' of the ship accelerated so hard it literally just shot up *through* the ship, destroying all parts above it and blowing the whole thing up quite spectacularly. Good thing it was an unmanned test launch...and that KSPIe doesn't 'model' the result of an antimatter containment breach with 'realistic' results yet... XD
  5. Apparently the part is obsoleted, but it still works, and you can restore it to the tech tree by filling in the techRequired and category fields in the part.cfg.
  6. Caution - SolarWindArrayCollector is missing in this release. I had two 11-million+ kerbodollar craft whisked out of existence after upgrade (savegame backed up, so no permanent damage). Be cautious when upgrading if you're using this part in your builds. I'm *guessing* this is an oversight, since removing the part isn't mentioned in the changelog. Also, the atmospheric scoops continue to be missing from the tech tree (this has been the case for a number of releases), though the parts exist and work, but it will prevent loading of ships constructed with it in career, since there's no way to research/buy the part. Not sure if this is intentional (I think the 'atmospheric processing' functionality of the refrigerator units renders the scoop somewhat obsolete?), but if not, it's easily fixed by filling in the TechRequired and Category fields in the scoops' configs. I use aerodynamicSystems/Aero, since that's where Karbonite's scoops live. As a small note, I absolutely love KSPIe, but I don't know any other mod that causes craft deletion after point upgrades to the degree that KSPIe does. It'd be nice to have some kind of warning about parts being renamed/removed.
  7. Well yes, I know - but various 'not ready yet' configurations and combos have worked quite fine at times in the past. I'm just confirming this is not one of those times (Kopernicus certainly made it clear you should expect an apocalypse if you load your old savegames), and moreover reporting more specifically what the breakage with this particular mod combo can be expected be. Particularly since this is one of those time where the way it's 'malfunctioning' is somewhat amusing.
  8. Just a word of warning about 1.4.4 - I had everything working fine with 6.4x scale on 1.4.3, but 1.4.4 definitely breaks things. It breaks... interestingly. The planets are still re-scaled, but not orbital distances, or speeds. I was messing around with sandbox, and trying to launch a rather experimental craft, got to 1000km and discovered I was in orbit despite only having reached a fraction of what I expected orbital velocity should be. In retrospect, the Mun did look unusually big in the sky from KSC... XD
  9. TheOrqwithVagrant

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    For what it's worth, I find it hard to imagine running KSPI *without* RealFuels. The two work excellently together, and KSPI provides a partial ISRU architecture for RF. My 'perfect KSP' is 6.4x scale w. outer planets + KSPI + RealFuels + FAR (and *most* other realism mods) + MKS/USI. I can't recommend this combo enough for 'veteran' KSP players.
  10. TheOrqwithVagrant

    [1.4.x] Impact! - impact science and contracts -v1.6.5

    The virtual horizon calculation is what I was wondering if Sigma Dimensions might be screwing up - flashometer craft was definitely in view; I was looking backwards at it from the impactor all the way to impact. Distance was less than 50k. One thing pointing against this sigma/rescale is that I also can't get the flashometer to work on asteroids, where I usually just have the flashometer 'trailing' the impactor by slowing it down relative to the target once the impactor has been released. Again, distance was well under 500k, and the flashometer right behind the impact. The thing about multiple craft having the same name IS interesting - nothing shares the name of the impactors or probes, but I do have other craft with identical names in flight. I'll try fixing this to see if that makes a difference.
  11. TheOrqwithVagrant

    [1.4.x] Impact! - impact science and contracts -v1.6.5

    The flashometer isn't working in my current game. I *suspect* it might be due to sigma dimensions on a 6.4x scale (out of the many mods I run, the rescale seems most 'likely' to interfere with this). Is anyone else having trouble (or success) with the flashometer in an up-scaled system? FWIV, the bangometer works fine.
  12. FreeThinker, that's not it. The closed cycle "nuclear lightbulb" engine now suddenly works like a *thermal nozzle*. You have to put it behind another thermal-power generator reactor to work at all, *even in zero g*. My closed-cycle gas core power ships en-route to interplanetary targets are now crippled in space Moreover, the closed-cycle nuclear ligthtbulb is *supposed to work at sea-level in 1G, even on earth*. Why this sudden nerfing?
  13. To anyone who has ships whose reactors/engines shut down due to overheating and now won't produce thrust (despite looking like theys should) - I got this issue shortly after playing with the .6 update. I examined the save file, and found that the affected reactors all have double isEnabled entries with capitalization difrerences (IsEnabled/isEnabled)- one set to True, and a lower one to False. Removing the non-capitalized entry made things work again. I made the savegame edit after reverting to .5, just to be clear.
  14. I'm not sure this is a 'generic' error, but there's definitely something off with CO2 production from Hydrate processing. My methane plant on Minmus is currently basically useless due to this, currently. According to resource info Hydrates are supposed to produce %25 water, %5 CO2 - after processing enough Hydrates to fill my 8000L water tanks, I had produced less than 2L of LqdCO2... Looking at Extractor.cfg, I notice CarbonDioxide, unlike Water, has 'DumpExcess' == True. I've noticed in some situations, resources don't 'make it' to tanks - I have a Moho base that thinks water storage is full and refuses to process more hydrates unless I manually transfer water from the 'buffers' to the storage tanks. Perhaps something similar is happening to CO2 - it's not 'making it' to the available tanks, and gets 'vented' even though there's available storage somewhere on the base?
  15. I avoid part clipping as much as possible. In the case of my current explodiferous interplanetary ship, the heating has consistently started where small craft have been docked with clampotron jr.