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  1. I seem to be having the same J menu issue where I hit j and nothing happens, but I do not have AoA tech intsalled, im using the latest possible version of B9Procedural on 1.3, I could add my log but Its a mountain of mods and its probably one or more causing that issue.
  2. It doesn't look like theres an up to date version of AJE but Ill try it out, has somebody else picked up the project or is there a new version I havent seen? Thank you for all the helpful tips and comments, ill look into all of it <3
  3. I just want to fly as fast as normal aircraft would fly, and if I want to build a supersonic craft, i can have that differentiation in the build. But if Im gonna build a plane similar to a B-52, Id rather it not go supersonic, thats all.. just how I want to play. Ill give it a shot, thanks. The B-52 has a max velocity of 622mph, its not built like the ones you mention, those are lots of swept wing, high velocity craft.. the B-70 alone looks like a concord. Edit: Im not looking to make supersonic bombers as much because every time I build anything resembling a common airliner it still goes supersonic unless I give it crazy weight. EDIT EDIT: The thing is, my aircraft are hitting the soundbarrier super easily and I cant figure out why, even using some stock engines.
  4. Right but when Im making a heavy bomber(similar in size and weight to a B-52,) Theres no way it should be doing mach 1
  5. Im using some B9 engines I believe, theyre similar to standard jet liner's engines like you might see on 747's or 737's And as for the concord's acceleration, I cant seem to find an accurate source.
  6. Hi folks! I seem to be having a really unusual problem, no matter what I'm building, no matter how heavy it is, my heavy spaceplanes always seem to go supersonic(Hitting mach 1 in less than a minute!) And while thats neat, its not really fun and is frankly killing my enjoyment of the game. Now, I do have FAR installed and tons of other mods with spaceplane parts, but I dont recall any known jet airliner with standard turbine engines capable of hitting mach 1. Is there some setting or mod I missed that might be causing this?
  7. Diamond Daron is a company that has remained on the sidelines for sometime in the corporate arena, choosing to remain clear of direct involvement in anything outside it's own R&D. But one day, the mysterious company's recluse and impossibly wealthy owner and CEO decided it was time to bring light to their creations. Diamond Baron is a unique company, possessing assets all over the world, some say, they might even be capable of being their own political entity. What is definitely known however, is their craft are no joke. Introducing, the K series! Check back on this thread for updates, possible craft files and maybe some design challenges!
  8. Set the cockpit further back, lengthen the nose, and I think you'll be good.
  9. Guess I'll have to change group name? http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/16772-North-Star-Aerospace-Grand-Opening-Salamander-Prototype You can have North Star, Im deciding on changing mine to Diamond Baron. Just next time take care to do a thread search.
  10. Thanks, I'll look into it. Ive been fleshing out my two currently "functional" VTOLs int he last two days, both operate very differently. But for the most part can fly at a modest pace of 150-100m/s, however landing still presents a challenge as the only way to land is to land them like a normal fixed wing, because even minimum power seems to generate still to much lift for them to gradually descend at a vertical angle of less than 45....
  11. Hello people. perhaps some among you could drop some pointers on keeping VTOLs from generating too much lift in specific places. For instance, one of my VTOL craft I call the Drake uses multiple delta wings four of them create the main wing in a sort of rounded triangle, two form the horizontal tail wing, and a third forms the vertical tail wing. The design worked well at first, aside from generating minor lift with just two VTOL fans place along the belly of the craft. As a result it did produce quite a bit of lift in the front. I theorized that it was because the two sets of wings on the main body were producing enormous amounts of lift, though it didn't effect much as i was still able to control the craft and nose down to achieve forward movement. However just last evening when i went to test and tweak the same craft, during test flight the lift being produced in the front was so intense that even at minimum throttle needed to achieve lift, the craft was flipping backwards or rising straight up at 90 degree angles.
  12. update: Oddly enough, the Salamander seems to fly much better with TWO canard wings instead of one on it's VTOL rotor pylons. And even takes off at a better vertical angle too. Now, kep an eye out for the NSA-001B version of the Salamander, as well as two versions of my new up and coming craft the NSA-002 Drake!
  13. To be truthful, the aircraft is about as stable as a mental patient. Im refining it as we speak, but for it to fly for a period of time requires constant course correction and compensation of nose lift/tail lift.
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