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  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself! Cars are overrated anyway, especially compared to rockets.
  2. I hope it lifts the performance hit of the recent updates. In ye olde days I could build into the 800 part range before my fps went under 20, now if i go much past 200 the fps goes under 10
  3. [IMG]https://doc-14-0k-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/3smbt8jofk0vld5h0qjg71tl244qgvjt/3e3vd4ap1f6rp8c4adr5003i7jelcu8u/1448316000000/07243547627763895324/07243547627763895324/0B3DgbASIpATzME1TNlJvbFFlT1U?e=view[/IMG]
  4. [quote name='Norpo']Alright, I made a ModuleManager config for setting (most) of the engines to their auto-balanced counterparts. I have no idea if it's compatible with mods (or technically, even stock, but it [I]should[/I] work okay...) [B]Link to download [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7gudaxmdi0dl3w5/AABSKxA9HNOkW6dJiU6ul550a?dl=1"]here.[/URL] [/B]A dependency is ModuleManager, of course, not bundled, but if you use mods you probably already have it in your GameData. [SIZE=2]It also comes with a Python script that I used to make sure all the numbers were the same. Enjoy! Also,
  5. yeah... kind of hoping they add some sort of procedural heat shields that you can easily add to the underside of spacecraft (especially spaceplanes), for a weight penalty of course. I would imagine it could be made costly as well in career mode, if you swing that way. It would even eliminate the need for having multiple types of heat shields if there were just a "one size fits all" option. Might be kind of hard to integrate into a part, but maybe it could be a tab up at the top with action groups and kerbals. Call it "Surfacing", and they could even add other types of surfaces for enhanced eff
  6. [quote name='Norpo']Alright, I'm working on a ModuleManager patch right now; it shouldn't take [I]too[/I] long. ~2 days maybe, if I get the time, but let it be known; It's being worked on! I'll have to manually set a few engines to disobey the equation just to get around some limitations (The Twin-Boar, for instance would also take into account it's fuel-tank weight, making an absurdly powerful engine...), but that shouldn't be too hard. :)[/QUOTE] sweet! [quote name='More Boosters']You do realize that your formula greatly favors vacuum engines right? For
  7. You are both correct. The engines need balancing for mielgato because he wants there to be, and they dont need balancing for someone who thinks they are balanced. Squad knows that they cant please everyone, which is why we have such fantastic modding support. [quote name='theend3r']LV-T45 having more thrust than LV-T30 doesn't make any sense when the only difference is the added gimbal.[/QUOTE] They are actually more different than that. The LV-T45 has more mass. If you reduce the LV-T45 mass to that of the LV-T30, you end up with a thrust of 220.313 KN. Conversely, an LV-T30 scaled
  8. [quote name='Wallygator']My opinion is that unless we (which only includes me as a consumer) start using the calculus, a proper solution shall not arise. [/QUOTE] I am taking a college level calculus course atm, so if we were to come up with something, I could probably keep up as long as it doesn't get too dicey [quote name='Norpo']I could make an ModuleManager config that does the changes here in the "applicable engines" table if anyone's interested... ...One thing I noticed about these changes, though, is that the Swivel now has a higher thrust than the Reliant, and had a mu
  9. [B][U]Preface[/U][/B] By no means is this thread meant to be interpreted as a complaint about the game's core mechanics. I have no expectation that Squad will change the game based on this thread or those relating to it, or even read this thread at all. The goal of this thread is to provide a means of discussion for people to help each other tailor their own KSP installs to meet their personal tastes. My goal is to help everyone have more fun with KSP, regardless of their opinion on current engine balance. I am not calling upon the community to mod their own versions of KSP unless they wa
  10. i am aware of this tactic, and ive used it myself quite a bit in the past. in this case however, the payload is far too long for base connections to be sufficient. the only fairing solution would be to somehow attach struts from the payload directly to the fairing walls, which is impossible. that and i also found it much easier to simply attach a 2.5m nosecone to the top of the payload On a side note, I find it rather odd that a very large majority of the community seems to have shifted towards pure career mode play, especially since the game had a large and adoring community even before care
  11. you know, like each part having strengths and weaknesses. the classic example of balancing harmony are the LV T45 and the LV T30. one gives you high TWR and thrust, one gives you control. its this virtual yin and yang that make or break balance in not just ksp but any game really. the new engine gives you all strength and no weakness, but who am i to complain if people are having fun? hell, i had a blast building that station and will certainly build more like it.
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