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  1. Good job. And isn't chuffed like...one of the greatest words ever? I'm mean seriously...its just great.
  2. My opinion can be summed up with a meme: Not sure if want. Seriously, I have strong conflicting emotions on this. Part of me is like, "Cool Ender's game movie" and the rest is like they are so going to screw it up.
  3. You shouldn't. You stepped on a landmine that shouldn't have been there. Mechjeb is unfortunately a touchy subject because there are those, as has been seen, who dislike it and want the world to feel the same as they do, which bring out those that want to defend it...and yeah... As I said in my earlier post, it is a great mod, but it is not infallible. And that's okay. I can't count the number of time I've caught and save it from a mistake...or stopped paying attention to a design I thought was safe and ended up with an early landing.
  4. Looks a lot like the Polish flag with their coat of arms
  5. I had no idea this was still active, I might just log on tonight then.
  6. Tauge


    Guys...guys...stop thinking with logic and start thinking like a movie executive. How does a computer work? Black Magic How does an airplane fly? Black Magic How does my toilet work? Black Magic How does anything happen? Black Magic So to answer all you queries, the answer is Black Magic.
  7. ...When you finish your transfer burn to Jool for your Laythe landing mission, and realize you don't have enough fuel to get home because, while you made sure that you upgraded your Duna lander to get off Laythe, you forgot that all that extra mass needs more fuel to push the lander out to Laythe. No worries though a tank of fuel will be sent in the next window...and they should have enough fuel to dock with it..............I hope.
  8. I'm a pretty big proponent of MJ myself, but it makes mistakes all the time, many are due to its lack of fine control. I've seen it shake rockets apart, flip them end over end, miscalculate burns to planets and moons. But all that being said, it is still an excellent program, and makes it easier for me to play the game like I like to (like a mission control rather than a pilot)
  9. Tauge

    At last

    Docking is likely the hardest thing to do in this game. My first attempt took me nearly an hour(just the docking attempt none of the rondevous) and I wasn't sure how I did it when I was done. Eventually you'll get it, then you'll be creating huge space stations ISS style...just because.
  10. I would strongly suggest learning to use Gimp. It is a wonderful and powerful tool and you will always be happy to have it and the knowledge to use it on you back pocket. But paint is fine too.
  11. I will probably use the flag I've used in some of my online gaming in the past. I'm posting a phone right now but will upload it later. The general design is similar to the flag of North Carolina or Texas (pure coincidence). The vertical field is dark blue, similar shade to the Texas and North Carolina flags, with the NATO star on it...cause it looks cool. The two horizontal fields are yellow and black. I can't recall if the black or the yellow is the top field.
  12. Am I broken in that my first reaction was a very Indiana Jones: "They belong in a museum!"? Still very awesome.
  13. NASA educational outreach has needed some tlc for a while now. Skunky, just for your own information, even if they like it, they may be reluctant to work with tou. Educational outreach just had its funding slashed due to the budget sequestration. So it getting them interested...might be one of the less pleasant experiences in your life.
  14. We could do that if you want. "Shut up you 12 year old. You Mom is..." I got nothing. Sorry can't even pretend.... This community is pretty good. The only one that I've been in that was better was a small gamefaqs community on the snes forums so long ago. But then we got older and drifted apart....But this is a good forum...
  15. I use FireFox out of inertia. I just haven't moved to a new browser despite the fact that I'm not real happy with it anymore. It just isn't as good as it used to be.