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  1. EDIT: Yup, that worked, for some reason it wouldn't let me do that last night when I playing. Today clicking the node and dragging worked fine. Odd.... Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, need some help with sat placement: In reading across the tutorial here: This paragraph has me confused: The second and third satellites are the hardest, because you need to synchronize them both with your previous satellite(s) and with Kerbin’s rotation. Launch each satellite into low Kerbin orbit. Use the map view to select the previous satellite in the network as the target. Set a maneuver node that reaches an apoapsis of 777 km; a rendezvous marker should appear, telling you how far your satellite will be from the target at apoapsis. Adjust the maneuver node’s position until this distance is close to 1947 km. It doesn’t have to be exact. I'm not following the bold text bit. How does one adjust the node so that the distance from the target will change at the aposis? I mean, I know that I can set the Apsis by dragging the pro grade icon, but that just changes the alt of the aposis, not the distance from the target it is.
  3. Me too, it happened when I first installed into .22, as it was due to MJ locking various features to tech tree progression. I'm having trouble getting the config changes that worked in .22 to work in .23 though... Update: I can confirm that MJ does have all the auto-pilot features in sand box. Could someone remind me how to remove the tech tree blocks? I know it's buried back in the thread, but I'd rather not have to hunt (IIRC, there were also some conflicting instructions) . I'm sure others would like to know as well.
  4. This is a known issue. Look on the first page (first post) and go to the latest Dev build section. The latest Dev build has been (very quickly!) patched to work with .23
  5. Isn't a similar Tone based system used for docking in real-life space missions? I thought the ISS used this system to Aid in shuttle docking (beeping faster= getting closer)
  6. Edit: the latest dev version of MJ 2 (2.0.8-68) fixed this problem. Has anyone found a solution for the Auto-staging of parachutes that are by themselves in stage zero? I've tried disabling Auto-staging (even when I'm not using any MJ functions), I've also tried locking staging to 1 stage before the parachutes, and still no-joy. Here's some screen-shots: Note that the Chute has it's own Stage. With one press of the space bar, the upper craft should separate (note the de-coupler) and ignite it's engine. However, with a press of the spacebar, Stage 1 Deploys (correctly) and then Stage 0 automatically deploys as well.
  7. What does TGA formatting do? More efficient loading (ie, less memory usage) of texture?
  8. Holy cow, why is this over 350 megs installed!? Thats almost as much as the KW pack
  9. Second the space saving measure. KSP has precious little RAM to work with, given it has to load all it's parts at launch. B9 managed to get their foot print way down, while adding more parts using this method.
  10. OS does have an affect here. 32 bit oses see 3.33 gigs of ram. Period. That means if a user is using more that 1.33 gigs of ram before launching KSP, then ksp doesnt get its full 2 gig memory allocation. 64 bit users, who presumably have 4+ gigs of ram, are more likely to have at least 2 full gigs available for KSP
  11. Yup. Because the gaming industry is stuck in 2005, its still catering to 32bit users. Which is inexplicable, as windows 7 comes with both 32 and 64, and you can get 8 gigs of ram for $50. That would solve soooooo many problems for a game like ksp... The b9 pack is a great example. It would be no big deal to run mods this large with access to 5 gigs of ram.
  12. What just hit the spaceport then? Theres a "complete overhaul" over there...
  13. OK, so let me make sure I understand this: 1. From a circularized orbit, 0 degrees inclination, use the regular MJ Auto-land, as if I was bringing in a Pod based craft. (With KSC set as the target) 2. Once I hit the dense atmosphere (the middle shade of Blue, between the Dark Blue and Lighter blue?) do I: -2a. Turn off the regular Landing Auto Pilot, and engage the Spaceplane guidance Auto-land (with the "Show ILS" option checked?) -2b. Leave Landing Autopilot on and also engage the SpacePlane Gudiance Auto land? It appears that both can function at once. 3. Once in sight of KSC, it's expected to be at ~5k meters altitude (I've had this happen several times as well). Continue on course, while commanding MJ to drop to ~2.5k meters. 4. Fly over KSC, descend to ~2.5k Meters 5. Once at that altitude and now having overshot KSC, turn 180 degrees, and make a westward approach/landing? Well, I'll give it a try. Thanks
  14. Has/Is anyone using MJ 2.0.8 to land the Buran from Bobcat? I can't figure out how to go from orbit to the KSC runway using Autoland and/or Space-plane guidance. The MJ 'manual' seems less than helpfull here... Did a thread search for 'buran' and didn't find anything, so sorry if this has been discussed before, but I did try looking!
  15. Install it Thats it actually. Both 1.9.8 and 2.0.X will play nicely together in the same install. "legacy' jeb parts will keep 1.9.8, and the new (smaller) AR202 case will contain MJ 2.0. Your current Legacy MJ parts will still function with legacy Jeb.