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  1. New tutorial video uploaded!
  2. I have tested this on KSP v1.1.3. Having trouble with an older version? Edit: Just tested in v1.2 and it worked fine.
  3. Yep, I'm Hooligan Labs! Want to play my other experiments? https://hooliganlabs.com

  4. Thanks, I thought this was handled by the MIT license I selected on the Curse website. I have resubmitted the mod, should be approved soon. Yep, that's me. I think something happened since I haven't posted since the forum switched, made a new name. Here, I re-upped my logo. Always love screenshots. Once the mod here approves pictures should be up. Is the rule generally still to put big pictures in *spoilers* to help people with slow connections?
  5. Click here to download AR Docking from CurseForge! Tired of staring at the NavBall while docking? Don't want to get a mod that docks automatically for you? Try Augmented Reality (AR) Docking! Add this part to project an arrow from your ship to the targeted docking port. It will also display an arrow with your relative velocity, "right" and "up" relative directions, and an arrow pointing what way you need to adjust your velocity to line everything up. Included in the download is the part, source code and a Hooligan Labs flag! *** Tutorial Video *** *** More Tutorial *** Attach the AR Docking Part to your vessel. Only one per vessel needed. It takes up a small amount of space and has weight, but does not require power. Approach the vessel you want to dock with as normal. Right click it to "Set as Target". When you are close enough to see it then an arrow will extend from your ship to the target. If the target has multiple docking ports you can right click and select the exact port you want to dock with. The arrow will then point to that docking port. As well as the white arrow indicating direction, there is a also yellow arrow which will come out of your ship to indicate the relative velocity between your ship and the target. These arrows will first come from the center of your ship. Right click the port that you want to dock with on your ship and select "Control from Here". The arrows will then come from that docking port. The arrow may still not be easy to see. It probably is because you are moving away from your target, so the relative velocity arrow points "into" your ship. Start moving towards the target to see the yellow arrow. There are 5 total arrows... Long white arrow from your docking port to the target docking port. This turns yellow when the docks are moving towards each other. Short yellow arrow indicating relative velocity between vessels. When pointing towards the target your ship is moving towards it. A blueish arrow indicating the direction you need to change your relative velocity to align it with your direction of travel. A yellow arrow pointing your vessel's relative *up*. This is to help with docking maneuvers. Like above, a yellow arrow pointing in the *down* direction. Here the direction and relative velocity arrows are lined up and thus the same color. The relative direction arrow disappears. Due to orbital mechanics it is normal for your relative velocity to drift out of alignment over time. Keep correcting it. Keep in alignment and don't go too fast... and you will dock! *** About the Author *** Hello, I'm posted a lot of mods years ago such as Hooligan Labs. I'm very proud of them, even though I literally learned object oriented coding while making them! A friend uploaded an updated version of my Airship mod here: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/hl-airships-v3-0-0-for-ksp-0-25?gameCategorySlug=ksp-mods&projectID=220395 Since then I have been working hard to try to start my own game company. I love KSP, especially it's fans, so I made this hoping it would attract this kind of fun science-y people: Cosmic Crew for Android Other stuff I've been up to is at my website, https://hooliganlabs.com