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  1. The "Test Weights" mod died as of v0.20. Fortunately The Cardinal made another set - Dummy Weights.
  2. The rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated! Good to see KW Rocketry back as usual.
  3. This! I made this suggestion as an addition to MJ2 about 3 months ago on the main MechJeb2 github but I guess it was missed or something. Here it is https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/issues/141. Another mod named Fusebox has recently provided many of those stats in a separate plugin but I think it just feels much more natural to have those stats in MechJeb. Anybody else thinking some thing similar?
  4. Hey Winter Owl! Im loving the Shuttle development series so far so keep it up. Those B9 Turbojets you took off the "Roc" are meant for high speed/high altitude work. I think B9 and co were thinking "Concorde" when they made them. Since you said you dislike the stock sepratrons here's something you might like better. Forum post - Wolf Aerospace Perfectrons. They're an integral part of my launches and I swear by em.
  5. zzz I love the look of these parts and thus BUMP.
  6. For the moment I've gone back to using the large warehouse in Orbital construction. Future stations are probably going to need multiple warehouses but I dont think the amount of rocket parts is a problem yet.
  7. I agree completely. And sumghai just to be clear I know this was not your fault. In fact the timely arrival your new IACBM's have made the otherwise frustrating loss of a brand new craft actually worth something. I'd gotten into the habit of placing a light of some sort above every active docking port for terminal guidance. These new IACBM's not only save parts but look and function way better than anything I've ever setup before.
  8. I'm really loving this mod. The look (thanks fusty!), the attention to detail sumghai applies to each part, the potential for adaptation to future KSP features and game elements make this mod one to keep for me. Everything was great. And then Orbital Construction changed. My newly constructed OCD (Orbital Construction Dock ) had just one warehouse which was fine before the OC update. The whole point of this small station was to construct vehicles that are to large or awkward to launch normally. The first of these relatively small vehicles I tried to construct needed 50 tons of rocket parts. 16
  9. @sumunisto KSP has serious problems with large pretty textures at the moment. Being a 32bit program KSP can only run with a limited amount of memory (something like 3.4gb of ram). Since the game loads all assets into memory on launch large textures eat into this very quickly. Everybody's computers spec's are unfortunately irrelevant to this problem. It gets worse with other mods that use textures. Sorry but your going to have to make a choice between high resolution textures and parts mods. Try removing textures your not likely to care about and/or parts you dont use very often. The trick is
  10. KSP is a single player game and the enjoyment each player finds in playing with or without certain mods is entirely subjective. That said I'm with Mihara, ISA is not worth keeping in my game if it performs as described by many others. Fortunately I have no life and I've gotten pretty good at balancing my mods. I'm currently running 45 mods including KW Rocketry, Universe Replacer, and ISA X4r1 (I'm only counting mods with textures). I've trimmed some mods and done many of the things others have suggested to get my game running around 3.2GB. For this effort I rewarded with a KSP that only crash
  11. I think its the recovery from the great april disaster. The Kraken's Revenge! Theres a gap in this thread from the October 2012 recovery to April 2013. The other thread has the download link and more recent discussion so maybe lock this one?
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