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  1. Here is my 3 man lander. It was hell to make it able to withstand re-entry and landing on kerbin, but everything was solved with more parachutes.
  2. zoxygene plugin is fun. basically a solar powered life support system. It adds quite a bit of difficulty, the parts are very heavy. Also, you can kill your crew on a munar transfer by accidently doing it in the shadow of Kerbin where your solar panels won't work. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/8949-PLUGIN-PART-0-16-Zoxygene-%28Life-Support%29-mod-v0-6-1-%2812-07-28%29
  3. I presume that nova means stock parts. People can mod whatever they like into the game. Anyways. We're done here. All that is to be said has been said. We appreciate suggestions, but this one in particular is done to death.
  4. Good News everybody! The Rocket fuel is combustible! The tanks start popping at about 1:50
  5. I am slain by your ability to pull quotes! *Slumps over, dead.*
  6. Cthulhu does not dwell in space. If you read "The Call of Cthulhu", you learn that the city of R'lyeh (where Cthulhu sleeps) is located somewhere in the bottom of the South Pacific. Being that Kerbin does not have a South Pacific, there isn't any way to reasonably work the Cthulhu mythos into KSP. Nor is there any reason, as Cthulhu was killed by a boat not a rocket. Just between you and me, H.P. Lovecraft made some pretty surreal books, but they aren't very good writing.
  7. I did not want to bring the concepts of microgravity and planetary physics to a discussion about why we see the sky as blue on the ground and black in space. It's off topic. It all comes back to relativity, really. Relative to those of us who have to stand under 1G all day long because we can't get into orbit, anything that appears to float in mid air is in "zero-G"
  8. The sky turns from blue to black! It's all about perspective. From the ground you are looking up through all the atmosphere When the sun is out, light reflects off the atmosphere, and the sky turns blue! At night, there is no light from the sun to bounce off the atmosphere, and the blue sky disappears, and you can see the stars and all of space. When you're just high enough, you can get a photo like this, showing the blue sky and the blackness of space. Most airliners fly at 30,000 feet or so, or 9.1 kilometers high. You have to go quite a bit higher for the sky to start turning black. The space station, is about 402 kilometers high (This is still within the atmosphere technically, but its black like space and has no gravity so who cares.) The SR-71 had a maximum altitude of 25.9 Kilometers, and at those altitudes, you can see the transition between the sky and the blackness of space. The atmosphere, The blue sky that keeps us all alive is shockingly thin.
  9. Listen very carefully to the rangemaster about how to avoid breaking paint balls in the barrel of your gun. The range guns are never as good as you\'d like, so don\'t gunk up your barrel and make it any worse then it already is! You\'ll have some bruises, but it\'s a great time. I second wearing thick clothing if at all possible. I don\'t think you\'ll need a cup. All the ranges I went to have minimum range restrictions and check to make sure players who bring their own guns don\'t have their pressure up to dangerous levels. Also, bet your friend a dollar he cant eat a few paint balls. They\'re 100% non-toxic and edible (the rangemaster will back you up on their edibility). The look on his face when he bites down on one will be fantastic One more thing. Don\'t forget to lead your target.
  10. [mod]I'm going to leave you with this and remind you that the Nazi's murdered a whole lot of people. Some of those murdered were even my relatives. [/mod] [mod] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwins_law [/mod] EDIT: I want you to sit down and think real hard about if you really believe that having a post deleted online is the same as systematic Genocide. Have a nice day. Love and friendship and all.
  11. I remember the overthrust light. I remember an atmosphere that ended at 32 Km. I remember solid rocket boosters that got heavier as they burned.
  12. Some sort of full immersion game. Direct neural interface so it seems real. I\'d probably want the game to involve piloting Shirow Powered armor. A Guges D like this would be just fine.
  13. Pull the broken one out of your computer (with it turned off of course) and try and open it up and fix it yourself. It will be a fun adventure, and if you cant fix it, it was broken to begin with and you were going to replace it anyways.
  14. PC or laptop? Both should be removable from the machine, then it\'s a matter of taking a screwdriver to the drive to carefully take the top cover off. then you can usually just remove whatever obstruction is there. desktop CD drives are cheap, might as well just get a new one.
  15. [mod]EvE is by no means an easy game to play. It is quite ruthless. You are welcome to enjoy, or not enjoy playing the game, but please lets stay away from flame wars over it. This is not the spot for personal rants about what you think is wrong with X Y or Z game.[/mod]
  16. Physics doesn\'t work that way. Velocity IS locked to orbital altitude. The common way to meet up with another object in orbit is to time your launch so you end up in orbit at the same altitude and velocity. Once you are in the same orbit, If you are trailing behind your target, you lower your ships orbit a bit. The lower orbit will make your ship go faster then your target, and slowly bring your closer to it. If you are ahead of your target, you raise your orbit, and your ship will slow down, allowing the target to catch up to you. It can take a VERY, VERY long time if you don\'t spend some time figuring out how to time your launches to put you somewhere close to where you want to be. Orbital maneuvering is very counter intuitive. At times you might need to burn away from your target to get closer to it. Also, Mechjeb does have tools to assist you in these sorts of things.
  17. Thankfully, All the models of physics are incomplete and don\'t mesh together correctly. Until we get a grand unified theory, FTL, warp drive, teleporters, and even a god or two could be hiding in the gaps of our knowledge. Keep dreaming! And hope for some astounding new discovery that will enable us to go FTL.
  18. If all your graphics settings are on lowest, there isn\'t much you can do. You could try forcing shader model 2, but it will be ugly and might not do anything at all. Before you do that though, you might want to try the settings file that Mr_Orion made. It has a very low detail setting that might help. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=13682.msg207992#msg207992 The flight scene always takes a bit of time to render, even on my core i7 and nvidia GTX570. You should be looking at framerates during flight, not when the scene is still loading.
  19. I tell Scammers that I would indeed like the million dollars that is stuck in the escrow account, but first I will need 100 dollars to get 1000 dollars out of my own escrow, so I\'ll have money to pay for the money in their escrow account.
  20. Water bug isn\'t a specific bug. You\'re going to have to narrow it down to a species for us. Is it any of the bugs on the list here? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heteroptera#.22Waterbugs.22
  21. Try this craft file instead! It\'s your craft, with a few more struts on it. See if you can make it break now [mod]I'm going to move this thread to the "General discussion" section because I'm pretty sure it's not a bug after looking at xanthie's craft. If it turns out to be a bug after all I will happily move it back to the dev section and wear a dunce cap for a week. [/mod]
  22. The Rocket ASAS has a bad habbit of using full deflection and slamming the control surfaces and gimbals back and forth rapidly to maintain a a straight trajectory. If your space plane is using a rocket ASAS, the resonant wobble from it can easily tear the ship apart at 2x in some situations. You\'ve got 2 options. You can use the space plane avionics package, which acts much the same as ASAS, only you can actually steer the plane while it\'s on and it doesn\'t do that wobble thing. The second option is to use a lot more struts until things stop shaking off your plane ;D EDIT: just looked at your craft. You need more struts holding the front engines to the hull, and the rear wings to the front hull as well. (you can see the hull section the rear wing is attached to is sliding about on it\'s collider like it\'s about to fail) If you add some struts I think it will get rid of your problems.
  23. Actually, the links I\'ve posted says that changing all the water at once is bad for the fish. You\'re supposed to swap a quarter of the tank water out per week, using a siphon to clean up poo and dirt as you drain it. They also talk about the right temperature and PH you need for the water. It doesn\'t seem like betta\'s need a filter or aeration system. You need to do your homework completely.
  24. Google knows how to care for a betta fish. Came back with these two as first results. http://www.mybettafish.org/betta-fish-care/ http://www.aquariumguys.com/betta-fish-care-article.html
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