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  1. What would be more productive other than the mod maker downsampling his textures (something you can do yourself). This person has essentially found a solution and tested it for you. What kind of solution are you looking for?
  2. I don't know why I never downloaded this before, but my new .90 career is leaning very hard on these parts. Thank you very much, they're gorgeous.
  3. Hey very cool idea. This should be an actual option within the game. I'll give this a test tonight, though I probably won't end up using it in my space program as I finally enjoy career mode.
  4. I've been scouring for resources on the details of the programs without necessarily diving into the source code yet (since I doubt I'll understand that). What sources have been most useful to you so far?
  5. How did I not know this was a thing. THIS IS THE BEST THING
  6. I'm experiencing the same thing right now. I've even tried via the right click menu to change the scale and it's already at 5m, the highest setting and about as big as a chiclet.
  7. Holy cow that's amazing. Could you perhaps share your papercraft files?
  8. How the heck did I just now find this mod. Great work!
  9. Haha, even if someone comes along and fixes things HE'S DOING IT WRONG! Thanks for the fix Addle! Works great on linux 32 or 64 bit.
  10. sumghai, check out my pull request on github. I based all part costs off of their stock equivalents plus a premium factor. I'm not 100% happy with the results so check it out and let me know. Things I don't immediately enjoy: Karmony Warehouse modules are really cheap. Mostly due to a lack of SAS/Reaction Wheel. I stopped counting hatches as an extra cost on things other than the 6 way hatches and node mkIII's. I haven't played with each of these parts yet (sorry). Mostly due to me not using KAS much.
  11. Whoa, does that mean flexRacks aren't vaporware at the moment?
  12. Oh boy it's so badass! Fit's such big parts, loving the EWBCLMNOP Helldiver, great work!
  13. Gorgeous update! Thank you for all your work on this, I can't wait to overuse these parts. The IVA looks fantastic and was what I was waiting on.
  14. The KSO texture pack for FusTek is gorgeous. Can NOT wait for the super25. You are the man Helldiver!