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  1. This weeks I´ve been studing because of my exams, I´ll finish it soon. Then I´ll continue working with this mod fixing some issues and with the next pack of missions. Thanks
  2. You have to control planes from crew cabin. I have to make a "computer core" inside the planes in a specific orientation to spawns it correctly, that why you have to control it from the cabin. - - - Updated - - - I already test it and this weapons are available, notice that I changed the required tech to obtain it (relative to stock BDarmory).
  3. Hi !, was not really a bug, but because I was reading my code again did some changes so it´s better for you to donwload it again. The problem is that He-3 is not really common. You can see a big spot of He-3 and land there, but when you run surface analisys maybe it would be dissapear, because He-3 in the same Bioma but in other part of the planet. It was not my foult, Kerbal 1.0 is in this way. You have to use Narrow band scanner map to search for He-3 again after surface analisys. I did it minutes ago and it´s work.
  4. It´s a good idea !!, but I don´t if it´s possible. I´ll think about it
  5. Yes, in the next release I´ll include air-to-air missions !! About do my mod in career mode.. it´s difficult because the game not allow contracts in sandbox mode. If you have some idea about that tell me please,
  6. I´m glad to say that "Ghost ship" issue was totally solved in 1.0.3,. thanks nightingale!!
  7. "Ghost ship" issue was totally solved in 1.0.3,. thanks nightingale!!
  8. NightIngale is working about the problem of "ghost vessels", and it wil be solve soon.
  9. Thanks all!! I tried IA module, but is still a bit stupid, but I can use it for air combats. Usually the problem is about to spawns "actived vessels"
  10. Please, I need your oppinion about new military missions for my mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119770 Thanks
  11. Thanks, but FASA for all contracts or only my mod? And please, vote in this poll about future addons in my mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119770