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  1. Wait cant that ship allys use said missile if they have a tac link with said dead ship?(how do you think a unmaned drone ship gets its drones out?)
  2. What you hit it with a 2.5!? Wellllllll if some one can make a ship that can take one of them then ive seen it all
  3. And i have yet to see said ship in battle as it looks like it has a under armour but if it has not got that id see it being kill/scaped from smart missiles with pedetonaters(what ever it is) (Ps. The E-claas looks like one of my first ships made for combat :/ )
  4. I must ask why use armour if even the smallest weapon systems can pen it? Cos i can get a ton more weps up in the same wight as small unmaned drones then a armourd and crewed ship?
  5. @daemoncaptrix: is it ok if we do it on kerbin? Hyper edit seems to do werd stuf to the PC i use
  6. Im good for one but i have no ships/land craft that are armed atm:/
  7. Yay more grate art!!!!!!!
  8. So border patrols meet and are giving a green light to engage. That seems likey:)
  9. Still your fighters out size any ship i have made for there role as they are in the 3 to 4 ton range and are a 3rd the size of them unless i count my only working SSTO as one as its around the size of your new ship(thanks to B9s S2-wide parts) but is not armed or armoured
  10. Zekes your fighters are too damn big. but thats coming from some one who makes fighters the way you need em for wet navys and not for space ones. (ps. how is it that most fighters are drawf'd by your ones? I'd have to make a damn warship to meet them in size)
  11. TARDIS coz its the tardis ppl UNSC infinty class Vs SR2
  12. Tie? Ditto turns in to a zoroark and they both fant(i have no pokemon knolge btw) S117 v freeman(both with full loadouts)
  13. Sadly true The user below me is using a dell