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  1. I cant find the mod, but i see it on alot of videos, could someone link it?
  2. Use the Kethane mod, it mines fuel from planets. I have a large base on the mun
  3. Oh i know, i learnt that with mech jeb
  4. Erm, well Ludvey went to look round space on our way to Duna and his jetpack fuel ran out and he is now 11km from the ship D:
  5. So i had been waiting for about 45 minutes to get a intercept with Duna because i was using a Ion engine, i finally get it, i warp and then i come to my ship strewn around space
  6. I have seen quite a few youtubers with them, just standard sunglasses, can someone link me to a mod for it?
  7. Well, i was landing on the moon, but my mum called me so i quickly turned on mech jeb to land for me, that was a bad idea, i came back to the ship in smithereens, most probably my fault for leaving it up to mech jeb and landing on the dark side, it seems that I had landed on top of the crater i was aiming for so i put mech jeb to use a little to low and it couldn't save itself D:
  8. Oh fail D: I was changing them when i was using a spaceplane
  9. I have to then manually change it back, which takes alot of fuel D:
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