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  1. if somone cod corect my errors wod be fine. i am not that good in english
  2. yes i now it is alot of thos araund but i haven seen this ide before... it cod be like warp from startek were i say i war 100x the other olayer will se me go in to a hole and on the map it will lock like i am going in a 100x speed. but when i tur in back 1x speed i will move on 1x speed. thiss will make. ao time warp will work.. ofcorse this removes some of the riality of the game but hay it small green men.. it wod atlest be playable and enjoiable fore everyone it was yout my ide hope you like it:cool::cool::cool:
  3. Granted but you cant eat them i wish i cod be a pro modder
  4. it cod be a que so if i klick at lunch it wod stand you are 2of8 that means you have one at the ramp and 7 afther you ore have say 3 lunchpads at difrent places ore a lunch pad to everyone so i can say i wod like lunchpad 1.. rename it to ISA and lunch then my frend log on and say i wod like lunchpad 2 and cal it NASA.. then say my tird frend join and he wana join my space program it coms up nikkri want to join your space program yes:no i klick yes he join my space program and is awalible to lunch from my lunchpad this will be god fore co op and multiplayer were you can cooperate togheter and work agenst echother say nake word war kerbal sorry my bad english
  5. this is soo cool now it is just geting it to space and acembeling it
  6. so ture i just gona ceap wayting so i can get your asume mods
  7. Could you please watch your grammar a little bit?

  8. Banded fore Baning the user abow you