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  1. Wait a second. Are you Valhalla-Studios from deviantArt? I am chilling.

  2. PfL Shall continue, however it will be under a new process, details coming later.
  3. Oh you know, the usual. *points at all the mods and admins orbiting my head with Banhammers at the ready*
  4. Closing PfL at 00:00 tonight, you have that long to come up with a VERY good argument for me to stay and continue
  5. I decided to go with this idea I've had floating in my head for a while: (note, the freyaness on the right is tentative until I finish the freyaness on the left. drawing perfect reflections can be difficult)
  6. You're new here, so Hello! Welcome to Postcards from Laythe! Should be back to it tonight, just about done sorting all 7,718 files I have stashed away in my various documents folders. And planning my new spacestation design which hopefully will make an appearance in an image
  7. Persian? No idea. Freya was my choice and is German/Scandinavian, Dariya and Nadari were chosen by Trekkette, you'd have to ask her And for programs I use a mix of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0, Paint Tool SAI and Blender for the occasional 3D enlightenment. ------------- Sorry I haven't been working on PfL over the past couple days, I've used the internet blackout to work on my hat and to organize a file containing over 10,000 images gathered over the span of 6 years Once I've got all that organized I can sort out my sketches and get back to work
  8. I'd go with the former, Laythe's geo-synch altitude lies outside it's SOI. But don't let my technical nitpicking stop you, it's rare to see art this good around here (although engineering can produce some mighty fine art of it's own). I absolutely DEMAND that you continue this sort of work. On that note, which program did you use to paint it?
  9. When a Semi-official chat/forum system is picked I'll be putting a link on the main post
  10. Approved and endorsed! The shadow on the clouds to the left has me a bit confused though
  11. Retirement: Don't worry, not right now Although PfL is my most popular project, it isn't the one I wish to be remembered for when I die. It's already grow way beyond what I had intended to create, and although that isn't a bad thing it is troublesome. I'm just one artist and I can't really keep up with demand, so I've made a list of images I've wanted to paint for this series and thats my goal: 45 images total, 5 pages on the PfL site gallery. After that I'll leave it open for Trekkette's fanfic if it is still running at that point, but I personally will be devoting my time thereafter to my flagship project, Galaxy of Oz. So this leaves about 20 or so images left to paint, I'll get the WIPs up as soon as possible
  12. The steam group is still buggy because Valve can suc- [CENCORED RANT]. The IRC thing seems nice but it's VERY 90s, I'm not sure if my uber-advanced brain is compatible with the antiquated technology xD As for the upcoming PfL news, no, it's not more lore
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