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  1. UPDATE 1.3: Added a red flare I fixed the wierd cutoff on the warm flare, and added a new one aswell. Have a look at the updated album above! You only really notice it ingame, the flare was kinda cut off. If you brighten up the image, you will see it much better:
  2. Oops, i'll take care of it, thanks for the feedback!
  3. You just saved the future of the content producer community. Awesome work!
  4. Yes, I still can't believe how he manages to master the game like that.
  5. Hehe, I'm also creating content (short movies) about KSP. Maybe you have heared of me, maybe you don't. ^^ My personal favorites are Nexter's Lab, SWDennis, Nassault, Robbaz and of course Danny2462. If you want a little impression of my work, CLICK HERE.
  6. UPDATE 1.2: Added a cold flare The album doesn't seem to refresh, you can currently only view it on imgur. EDIT: I created a new album and added the new images. Enjoy!
  7. This addon replaces the stock sunflare with an ANDROMEDA SUNFLARE. (Disclaimer: Requires the latest version of scatterer) There are multiple (currently three) custom flares included, here is a small list: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Have a look at the small album I put together to get a better impression! Do you like what you see? Well, you can get this flare on SPACEDOCK: http://spacedock.info/mod/461 The mod works with the latest version of KSP (1.1), and requires the latest SCATTERER version.
  8. We have already hit over 3 thousand views in less than one day, that's amazing. Thank you, people!
  9. I'm more than happy to hear that, thank you!
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, and thanks for choosing me, @SQUAD! (double-post?)
  11. I hope you all enjoy the video, thanks for picking me!
  12. I'm not sure if this is a cinematic, but i'll just leave this here.. (It's more like a movie ^^)
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed! Well, the reason behind this cliff hanger is that I still have to sketch the plot for the encounter out. (Stay tuned!)
  14. Do you have any questions? Any ideas for future videos? Or constructive criticism? Leave them down below, I'm more than happy to answer your questions. Yours, Bluesubstance
  15. EVA mode, without it I couldn't create proper videos. ^^
  16. I've known the game since late 2011, and bought it when 0.15.1 came out. Later, in mid 2012 I discovered the forums and created this account. I can't believe it's been so long already. ^^
  17. Well, you've reached over 5000 posts in around one year, so maybe in a little less than one year. (But where's the game? :c)
  18. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @SpaceplaneAddict maybe?
  19. Meanwhile on Kerbin, Bill is designing a blueprint for a ship to destroy the kraken.
  20. Oh why hello there, good sir. Im here to promote the release of this fancy game and yes, I just spilled my wine all over my uniform. Could you get me a towel? You are sitting in a red sports car and have a bottle of acid, three pounds of plastic explosives and a password to the nearby nuclear powerplant.
  21. Banned for wearing a big hat. It wouldn't even fit underneath that space helmet!
  22. 6/10 Feels a little empty, but + for remembrance of KerbalStuff.
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