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  1. Today I tried your mod and I am amazed! Keep going
  2. I just landed on Duna and there I saw my first solar eclipse http://i.imgur.com/UseXA.png Here you can find a picture And here a nice video I made
  3. Curiosity, Sojourner, Viking probe, and the Phoenix lander I can't await to have even just one of them Name ideas for the rover: Pioneer Interplanetar Rover , or sth. like that.
  4. I listen to soundtracks of games, cause I don't like music with singing people some examples: (Mostly used for launch) (Mostly used when I work with satellites)sometimes metroid-prime music is an option too First time I landed on Laythe ground I was listen to this: But I also listen to some other music: (When something is going very, very wrong ^^)
  5. Did you see that Ike has an geostationary orbit over Ike? The ball the arrow points on could be Ike
  6. Ich melde mich gerne als Testpilot für Raketen, oder Jets je nach verlangen der anderen
  7. So, I think it's my turn now I send a satellite called "Ragnaroek" to a low Minmus Orbit I used my "Debris-Free" flight method, so there is only one stage in orbit (but it will orbit the sun soon ) Here you can see the satellite from a distance view: http://i.imgur.com/PfG4J.png And a feature preview : http://i.imgur.com/Scptj.png You can see, it is ready for a visit by you I was unable to download MechanicalMouse Ind. Ver. 0.9, so I used 1.0 And I had problems with my rcs-tank, so some vessels are deleted sry And please sign me in for another flight
  8. Hollywood is nothing against this, cause this-is-EPIC
  9. I like the video, especially the shake looks good
  10. Because the NovaPunch download is unavailable, a new user isn't able to join you. I have this problem too... Is there a possibility to solve this problem? EDIT: I found a NP i downloaded a time ago so, please sign me in for a flight
  11. I had the same problem and only had to restart the game
  12. Sooo, nach änderungen, wegen denen ich einen neuen acc anlegen musste, heiße ich jetzt nicht mehr KeuropeanCenterforSpaceTechnologies (der war n' bissel zu lang ^^) sondern KCST Um mal aufs Thema zurück zu kommen: Ich stimme Moger in allem zu, das einzige problem wegen minmus ist das man wegen 2 Dingen aufpassen muss: 1. Seine Bahnneigung (dürfte aber kein Problem darstellen) 2. Seine relativ geringe Anziehungskraft, da muss man ein wenig achtsam mit dem timewarp arbeiten, aber ansonsten geht auch das, btw. wenn dein orbit es bis zum mun schafft, sind es für minmus nur noch rund 150m/sek, also ein Witz ^^
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