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  1. thank you so much! this was one of my favorite mods for fooling around! I used this in my kerbal basketball video.
  2. I was waiting for something like this. Thanks!
  3. Wow i just came here after being away for a while to say how cool this is then I see everybody freaking about a new release! Can't Wait. And now i can't get the sexual innuendos out of my head of what mrrpamplemousse said...
  4. Funny to put all lazors down and reverse the tractor beam. Very efficient liftoff.
  5. So I have seen quite a few satellites, I am aware of the power plugins and have the powertech plugin. Do I need the electrical energhy one as well.But my question is what is the point of these, can you actually do things with satellites? Thanks!
  6. wow this looks cool i downloaded the kethane stuff a few days ago barely knowign how to use it. the videos added are a real help!
  7. Hey, just registered, relativity new to ksp and this is my first attempt at a moon landing. Thank you for providing this ship.