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  1. Thanks for the reply. Can I remove this SETI and leave the actual Tech Tree mod in place or can they only be removed together?
  2. I installed the CTT mod because I liked the idea of probes first. Now I have some nodes in my tech tree that are green by default, have no icon on them, have a name but have no parts in them and are out of place as well (clipped together with another node or have no arrows going to them). I also have some nodes that look normal but are actually empty. Some of the parts are missing form the tech tree entirely such as the large parachute and the panoramic control pod. Can anyone help me fix this? Otherwise the tech tree seems to be working fine and I have no difficulties researching the nodes (t
  3. These would crop up for vessels that you put in orbit on previous contracts. If you take the contract some random parts of the vessel in question will be damaged and you have to take an engineer there to repair them. This will give you an incentive to revisit old satellites that you just put up and forget otherwise.
  4. I just pretend the early satellites are TV sats or something and are owned by the corporation that contracted me to put them there.
  5. I'm not turning anywhere. The craft is stable going straight up until the 9-10 km mark, and then it just flips around uncontrollably in a random direction. I even had a not perfectly balanced craft (radial parachute and antenna on one side) flip over towards a DIFFERENT side than the overweight.
  6. Doesn't matter how the craft looks or how fast it's moving or if it has sas or if it has fins anywhere. Around that height it just randomly starts to pivot in a seemingly random direction and it starts doing flips. Sometimes I can stabilize it sometimes it just doesn't respond to anything. Reaction wheels don't seem to help one bit.
  7. Since resource mining was shelved indefinately, it feels like a big waste of work to let all the resource maps the devs have already showed us go to waste. If you remember the screenshots form around 0.19, there were over a dozen resources scattered on planets. I thought, what if instead of mining these, they would become individual sources of science. We have budgets and contracts now, and I think it would be a great way to enhance the science system and at the same time allow for lots of contract opportunities if these resources would become different sources of science. So you might get a c
  8. ...than this is what you've been waiting for. This game is in early alpha and on Kickstarter right now. It needs all the help it can get! It combines In depth ship design and crew management with freeroaming Rougelike gameplay. Check out the Trailer: Here's the latest free demo: Link
  9. The mission reports link is not working. The thread itself is still there though, so it's just a link problem. I'd also like to see something on Gilly, but everyone should add whatever they want.
  10. Hi everyone! I thought I'd give a helping hand to those who would like to expand orbital operations around EVE in the future. My addition is the "IES Serenity" She's a heavy duty interplanetary transport carrier, capable off taking fuel and equipment to Eve and returning to Kerbin. Regrettably, because of long work hours and an unpleasant visit from the Cracken half way to Eve, I didn't have time to actually unload the cargo, and because of that she is currently a little over the 100 part limit, but is situated at a relatively high orbit around Eve, so she shouldn't bother anyone who doesn't w
  11. I once had a probe that was moving towards Jool, when suddenly it started moving out of the solar system with a considerable fraction of light speed. The movement vector was a perfectly straight line. It was awesome!
  12. Though I agree that somehow the infinite retries should be avoided, subtracting money for a quickload is definitely not a good idea.
  13. In what will surely go down in history as one of the boldest strides in science and engineering, the Prime Minister of The United Kerbal Republic has given the go-ahead for the Wotan Project. The Kerbal Space Administration will build and launch a three man expedition to Duna that will return safely after more than a year of doing science on the red planet. Though it's everyone's dream come true, the prime minister did request a hefty budget cut that required a last minute redesign of the Wotan mothership and its subsystems. Instead of a single use station design that would stay at Duna even a
  14. There's no way to do that. Holding on to something that's moving several hundred meters per second is impossible. The drag would literally tear your arms right off. Only Schwarzenegger can do it, and only in movies. The Kerbal falls off because he's experiencing massive atmospheric resistance. Like being hit by a train.
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