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  1. I'm not afraid of working, I'm afraid of not sticking to it until the end. I also have a mental idea of a way to emulate real time multiplayer, which should work. Roflcopter keep an eye out in this thread for the next 1-2 weeks and I'll tell you if I'm in.
  2. Wow guys, would it really be that interesting to have this working? I started kermageddon revamped which was supposed to be better, and it was as far, but it was totally forgotten due to how busy we were with real life too. I won't promise anything else anymore, but what kind of thing would you guys like to see, other than realtime multiplayer? Would this still be a good app?
  3. Hosting a server 24/7 would not be possible, that would mean spending money from my part I'll see to this during this weekend, or during this week, i shall bring news this week or this weekend maybe.
  4. Yoo, i have started working on the compatibility to 0.17, and on the auto host tool to save people some work, but i just did not have enthusiasm...because i dont know if my time will be worth it.
  5. What do you mean KSP C#? Are you talking about plugin development for KSP? If so, cant be sure what to say as i have never coded in C# with KSP's SDK / libraries. Kermageddon was coded using only C# and .net framework, therefore C#.net
  6. C# is very easy So is C#.net! It will not take me a lot of time to adapt Kermageddon to 0.17, and creating a host tool will be quite fast too, so expect news tomorrow or tuesday.
  7. Alright, im currently a tad busy with school, omsi modding (tryina see if i can learn that by myself), and I will take some time to work on Kermageddon Expect news.
  8. Due to the lack of interest, i think this is it. Considering dropping support for Kermageddon, due to no interest in a .17 version, nor in an auto host application.
  9. Is there any interest in having this be compatible with 0.17? Since there was no special interest, i feel no will to continue working on this, so what do you think on this being compatible with 0.17? Also what would you think of me developping a little application to bundle with this, to automatically create a server for you?
  10. The addon is indeed alpha, but i am quite sure it can not cause lag to your game, unless the game also underperforms, without Kermageddon! The ram and CPU usage by Kermageddon is quite minimal
  11. Can not see why Kermageddon would cause the game to underperform, incase the game performs normally without it, it idles while you are playing, consuming around 15mb of ram..
  12. darkwolfpaw54, Kermageddon too works by savefile merging, no idea how the alternatives work though. Unsure if you mean to say it lags on Mac's? Dont know if its the emulator which causes that... whatisthisidonteven, realtime multiplayer would be possible if there were a way to force the game to load the savefile each second or so to say, without loading the current vessel, so you are not restarted, without modifying the code. There would also have to be a way to force the game to save, in all connected clients, each second, and to re upload/download each second xD Anyways i would like to ask, how is it to use Kermageddon? How well are you doing with it?
  13. Didnt get the last part, you use Kermageddon or Kessler? Just asking! P.S. gna add that tutorial for MAC on the OP! Thanks for investigating onto that
  14. Hey there, beforehand, may i ask you, have you tried it? The program does have a GUI, and it does start the game for you, players who are not hosting a server only need to open kermageddon, insert server credentials, and press "START", Kermageddon does the whole thing And i am very grateful for your sugestions and considerations, you betcha me and NoobLevler are going to look at them, and see how well we could do that!! , but the Missing Parts does not cause Kermageddon to stop working, if you dont have the mod, the ship doesnt appear! That was a great post Mr_Orion!