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  1. Whoa there! Calm your hormones kid!
  2. Yeah. RELEASE!!!! *pulls out club* This might get ugly boys.
  3. Nice rocket. Try A Pod, and 4 fuel tanks and an engine. That makes orbit
  4. Guys, Stop it. Now. *Takes out wooden spoon*
  5. Oh, the last one got locked. Here Skunky. Here Cap\'tn Skunky! Come lock this one!
  6. Welcome to the KSP Forums! Happy Launching! Arrr! Capt\'n Millst0ne
  7. How about a picture of the rocket?
  8. I love how people make huge rockets when there are tiny designs that can lift a sat easily.
  9. millsw

    Age Poll

    Turning 14 really soon
  10. Right here. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=3684.0
  11. Does anyone here like buzzards?
  12. I will if someone actually buys me a decent modeling program!
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