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  1. The SPH should be scaled up about twice normal size, can you confirm that it is the same size with and without the mod? I laid the Rockomax Jumbo fuel tanks end to end to 'measure' to confirm this locally. Very happy to hear that.
  2. Different window resolutions, it turns out, did not work with the method I used to place the text. If this was what caused your issue, it should be fixed in the updated version in the original post. It has been tested locally using 1366x768, 1360x768, 1280x768, 1280x720 and 1024x720. My first thought is that this could be caused by a conflict between Editor Tools and a previous version (since the previous mod's dll was named EdTools, simply copying the dll for the updated plugin, EditorTools, would not overwrite the older version). Can you confirm that there is no EdTools.dll in your Plugins
  3. The thread concerning EdTools (originally by deadbeef) seems to be lost, and most information about it and any modifications to it are spread throughout the forum so I made this one. There were a few issues with the mod in 0.20 concerning the angle-snap behavior and one or two aesthetic details that needed to be resolved, but this version should work with 0.20 without issue. The ability to pass command line parameters to KSP to skip to vab/sph/flight has been removed to facilitate using KSPs new KSPAddon function, but if there is strong desire to see this re-added, let me know. Features Swap
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