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  1. Please revitalize this great mod, who was the best rover mod in my opinion. Best looking, simplistic and very useful
  2. great mod! please don't abandon it
  3. if its possible, please remove this mod click through blocker as a dependency for your other mods, it creates issues than solve any
  4. i love this mod since the day I was born EDIT: omg I made LandingLegs to work again based on this "ASET_LandingLegs-TEST-13-02-2017" wont sink anymore, can start retracted and they expand when need it, works perfect now..I think, but the moder should take a look on this and if anyone need it copy-past this inside ASETLandingLeg.cfg
  5. mai traiesti vere ?

  6. Sir, it is me again. I had solved the problem with a lucky hit from the first attempt of removing suspicious mods and just passing buy to give you the list with suspicious mods. I really dunno who is the guilty one but one of them it is. I keep folders with installed mods, removed mods, ect so it was easier for me to do this Sherlock Holmes job. Maybe will help you in future if other ppl will come with similar problem. thank you for your help and for your wonderful mod. Keep up the good work
  7. you're right, tested clean and your mod works wonderful, sorry for bothering you witht his problem. now I have to find what mod cause this and prevent my kerbals to move from vessel to vessel with your mod. do you have any ,,suspects,, from this list ?
  8. tested again, clicked everywhere but nothing you can move kerbals from C-KWANT to any other modules, but you cant move them back at all, no matter what I do the game keep saying that that is the source part which is not and target switching locked, and the vessel status is locked. on the other two parts U-CA and U-HA-9 you cant transfer them at all in any direction, because target switching locked
  9. thx for your replay. o/ indeed you're right, I was using Connected Living Space Mod and I saw on their forum that other ppl may have the same issue with different mods, but after I removed Connected Living Space, still nothing, between C-KWANT and KIR-M now you can move from C-KWANT to KIR-M but back you can not and it keep saying this and now between U-HA-9 and U-CA Crew Module now it keep saying "status locked" but I don't see any button to unlock or open hatch, also between them I'm using SO-SPA decoupler
  10. hey there I came to say that this is a wonderful mod but I encounter some problems and I dunno if it's me or this mod but i'm ussing CSA Contares NAM and CSA Contares RUS 1. between C-KWANT and KIR-M you cant transfer any kerbal no matter what and 2. same between U-CA Crew Module and U-HA-9 only if i decouple U-HA-9 you can get inside U-CA Crew Module from top witch is weird.. need some help with this, pls
  11. i'm not that good with english as much i would like to so i could explain better, but I was playing a new science career in 1.4.1 and using this as a main mod and tried to build a tiny network relay with 5 sats, put them in a perfect orbit and ussing couple antennas of this mod, most of them was like OVER-1, KD-2, A-66, J15-D, MSC Dome, all of them communicate with Kerbin, but none of them communicate between them, there was no connection between them at all, so after I removed this mod and build my network relay using other mods dishes, everything was fine, It showed a connection between my new satellites now i really dunno what's going on
  12. sorry, i was misunderstood maybe after I misunderstood from your last comments about this mod something like that you will never update this mod again, so I wrote something like ''Please, i'm begging you update this mod, don't let it die" SRRY