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  1. I have Steam for some games. I prefer to be patient, wait an hour or so to let the fuss die down, and use the store. Steam is too big a pain in the long run for something as fun as KSP.
  2. 1.) Re-entry that is more than cosmetic. 2.) Fairings and Drag. 3.) More and Different Parts. 4.) More places to go. In much that order.
  3. Nope. They have said this ain't gonna happen so many times! The only reason they did let us know that today was release was to see just how much traffic their servers could handle.
  4. The veggie-lovers might have to try something new, it seems.
  5. Then attach them as an 'escape tower' type feature. Then, you are not likely to be boned at all... and could even bone that offensive Mun crater in the process...
  6. THIS is a statement founded in wisdom. If you don't survive the burn, then it don't matter how 'efficient' it was. The Apollo 11 landing was hardly optimal or efficient; Armstrong said that it was typical to land their test lander on 15 seconds worth of fuel- the equivalent of 'landing on fumes.' Armstrong himself landed with about 25 seconds of fuel remaining. Don't be afraid to run your designated landing tanks absolutely dry if that is what it takes to get yourself to the deck safely and in one piece.
  7. First thing... Jeb + seat * tall SRB / parachute = WIN Second thing... My standard first-run Minmus mission: a one man lander to the 'L'-shaped equatorial mare, approximately halfway between 'point' on the southern side and the narrows to the north. Planted a flag to give me a target for follow-on missions to establish a permanent base. Next major goals: Mun landing Duna rover
  8. Same-same gents... the slowdown is MASSIVE, to the point of interfering with my ability to fly on occasion. Quad Core Athlon 620 Radeon 5700 x2 Crossfire It's not the system- KSP 0.19 worked fine.
  9. Think I'll give this one a pass. I've always been a fan of Trek, and liked the first remake for what it was... a unique story with an original plotline- even if it was an impossible and unrealistic one (the whole 'cadets forced into action and one becomes captain' thing, not the 'spacehips and aliens' thing). Now that they have merely decided that they are gonna rehash the entire franchise, trying to remake every single movie with the same main characters, they have lost me. If I want Khan, the perfect one already exists.
  10. Tried the 'Easter egg nose cone' on one... the fit was a bit tight... the puny A we were testing it with didn't have enough 'kick' to pop the chute out. The poor little paper towel tube body couldn't handle the pressure, though, and it had a 'spontaneous existence failure' about 50 feet up. Subsequent rockets used industrial grade cardboard rather than 'whatever was laying around.'
  11. I did this as a kid too, and am also rediscovering it along with my father as he shows some of the youth at church how much fun it can be. We actually completely scratch-built many successful rockets using materials as simple as: strong cardboard, garbage bags, coke bottles, plastic caps from spray-paint cans, and PVC pipe. Our biggest one was almost 4 feet tall, had a 32 gallon trash bag as a parachute and a 3 liter cola bottle as a nose cap... it used D12 engines and survived a dozen launches or more before being retired. I love building them- so far I haven't built any mew ones, but I'd love to get back into it, money permitting.
  12. EVERY new Version (not patch) is 'Fresh Start.' I don't transfer saves... too much trouble. Besides, it's fun to start from scratch- every new save is a lesson learned.
  13. You need something that says "Kerbals at work; Enter at your own risk."
  14. 'England and America are two countries divided by a common language.' - George Bernard Shaw There is a similar belief between Spain and Mexico. Like the English, Spain believes their former colony has 'run down' or 'degraded' their mother tongue into a lesser beast. That belief, of course, does not go over well in the now independent- and occasionally more powerful and influential- colony; they believe that they speak the language in a perfectly acceptable manner.
  15. Epic. Absolutely EPIC. Awesome ship construction, and some darn good writing. Will be following this and your new thread from here on out. Wonder what all the mystery is about...